Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1363 – Fighting half-step Immortal King

Chapter 1363 – Fighting half-step Immortal King

Fighting half-step Immortal King

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The half-step Immortal King demonic chief wore a robe as black as ink. Although he was in his human form, he was extremely huge, at least 3 meters tall. He stopped in front of Jiang Chen with full momentum, blocking Jiang Chen’s path ahead.

Naturally, the body of the demonic chief was enormous, but Jiang Chen’s physique was similarly majestic. The deterrent force of his dragon body was unparalleled.

“You are Jiang Chen? You’re the one who killed Mo Ying?”

That half-step Immortal King locked on Jiang Chen’s Qi and asked with a booming voice. His eyes were full of malice. His body was radiating black devil Qi and cold light, seemingly ready to shred Jiang Chen to pieces in the next moment.

“That’s right.”

Jiang Chen smiled. If it was before, he would have turned and fled when he encountered a half-step Immortal King as he was definitely no match for such an opponent, but now, everything was different. He had already reached the half-step Golden Immortal realm, which allowed him to kill any late Golden Immortal expert easily. As for killing a half-step Immortal King opponent, although it would be a bit difficult, but it depends to what kind of opponent he was fighting.

If the opponent was a human, even if the opponent was the most ordinary kind of half-step Immortal King, Jiang Chen wouldn’t stand a chance at all. If a fight really started, the only thing he could do was run, but if the opponent was a demonic devil of Evil Clan, the whole scenario would be different. Jiang Chen had an absolute a.s.surance that he could deal with such opponent.

After all, he had various means to suppress those demonic devils. Either it was the dragon transformation skill, or the True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire, they could suppress demonic devils to a large degree. Under such suppression, even a half-step Immortal King could only exert half of its combat strength.

“If I can kill a half-step Immortal King, the thirtieth level of the paG.o.da will be fully condensed and my cultivation base will also advance a little. But I’m not going to kill this half-step Immortal King yet. As the war is now very chaotic, and the demonic devils are too strong and there are too many of them, the human race is placed at a disadvantage. If I can edify this half-step Immortal King, I will be able to utilize its strength to make a vital impact to this situation.”

Jiang Chen said to himself. Although he had the power to get rid of the opponent, he wouldn’t choose to do so because edifying a half-step Golden Immortal demonic chief was more valuable than killing it. Jiang Chen wasn’t a fool, and he knew what he should do about this demonic chief.

“You have caused heavy losses to our clan. Today, I’m going to eradicate you myself, to show you the consequences of offending us!” The demonic chief spoke viciously.

“Mo Ying couldn’t beat me, you won’t be able to as well. I won’t kill you, but you have to become my slave and listen to my command to kill your own kind. This will be your outcome later on.” Jiang Chen said with a smile. His tone was full of confidence. To him, he was merely speaking the truth.

After listening to this, the demonic chief couldn’t help but frown, but for some reason, he felt that his heart began to thump. He had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means. There were still demonic devils that were edified by Jiang Chen on the battlefield, killing his subordinates. Imagining himself doing that to his own race sent a chill down his body.

But immediately, the fear in his heart was eliminated. He was very confident in himself. After all, he was a supreme half-step Immortal King expert, totally incomparable to any ordinary Golden Immortal. Even if Jiang Chen had the means to control his kind, it wouldn’t work on him.

“Arrogant human, I will let you know how to write the word ‘death’ in a moment!”

The demonic chief roared. A black fist zipped past the void, shooting towards Jiang Chen.

*Pa…* *Pa…*

The power was too strong. Large sparks of fire were created at wherever it went. The demonic chief moved at extreme speed, appearing before Jiang Chen in a blink.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly and struck out the True Dragon Palm. The huge blood-red dragon claw was coated with a layer of red flames. As the flames burnt, the surrounding devil Qi was incinerated in seconds. The residual devil Qi drifted away from the flames, unwilling to get close to it, as if it had encountered the scariest thing in the world.


Two powerful forces collided. Fiery waves rolled. The mighty half-step Immortal King staggered a step back under Jiang Chen’s strike. A part of his fist had caught fire that burnt his devil Qi, giving him a scalding hot feeling.

“Dammit! What kind of flames is this b.a.s.t.a.r.d using? It has so much suppressive effect on our race. Given my cultivation base, ordinary flames won’t pose a threat to my devil Qi, but this kid’s flames can directly burn away my devil Qi.”

The demonic chief was shocked; he quickly brushed aside the underestimation he had towards Jiang Chen. This monstrous human genius was too horrifying. If they were battling using only their combat strength, he wouldn’t be afraid of Jiang Chen, but when Jiang Chen had the flames that could suppress his power, he couldn’t help feeling stifled and aggrieved.

Such a stifling battle was most depressing. This was what the demonic chief felt like right now. He felt as if all his hands and legs were tied up.

“Like I’ve said before, you are no match for me.” Jiang Chen said with a sarcastic look.

“Humph! Don’t get too proud, brat. My attack just now was only to test you. Behold my Wheel of Evil.”

The demonic chief harrumphed coldly, then unleashed all of his Qi to strike out the ultimate technique of the Evil Clan. When the huge evil wheel appeared, it roared and charged at Jiang Chen.

“This skill again…”

Jiang Chen shook his head, realizing how pitiful the skill of demonic devils was. It seemed like the Wheel of Evil was the only skill that the demonic devils used.

However, although the Evil Clan didn’t have a lot of powerful skills, Jiang Chen wouldn’t dare to show any neglect. The Wheel of Evil was already a very scary and powerful skill by itself. Furthermore, this was struck by a half-step Immortal King.


Jiang Chen drew out the Heavenly Saint Sword. The sword turned into a dragon and slashed at the evil wheel ahead.

This sword strike had used up almost all of the energy that Jiang Chen had. The sword was blessed with the True Dragon Flame and True Thunderfire as it made the heavy slash on the black evil wheel.

*Hong Long…*

The void was smashed apart instantly. Despite the fact that the two of them had flown up high in the void, the shockwave was incomparably great. After all, the level they were at was just too terrifying. If they fought on the battlefield below, many wouldn’t be able to withstand the shockwave and would die on the spot.

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