Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1340 – Gaining the Upper Hand

Chapter 1340 – Gaining the Upper Hand

Gaining the Upper Hand

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The combat dragons continued to devour as their flames continued to burn. The combat dragons’ momentum weren’t reducing. They rushed towards Mo Ying as if they had longed to rip Mo Ying apart.

Mo Ying went frenzied once more. Devil waves erupted from his body and turned into mountains of evil. For a moment, the sky turned all gloomy. Such collisions lasted for a minute before coming to a stop. The final result was still the same. No victory nor defeat could be determined.

The devil genius was scary, but due to Jiang Chen’s suppression, Mo Ying couldn’t fully exert his combat strength. During the whole process, Mo Ying was pretty much stifled. So it won’t be easy for Mo Ying to kill Jiang Chen.

On the contrary, although Jiang Chen was fierce, his cultivation was limited. It also wouldn’t be an easy task for him to bring such a great figure under control.

*Hong Long……*

Next, the two geniuses continued to collide using their powerful attacks. They were both mighty and aggressive, so the collision was incredibly intense, turning the battle to the extreme and stirring many hearts, even though the bystanders knew that they weren’t eligible in partic.i.p.ating in this battle.

Once again, the sky was turned gloomy as Jiang Chen and Mo Ying exchanged powerful blows. But even after over a hundred rounds of exchange, no victor could be decided. Furthermore, the more Jiang Chen fought, the fiercer he got. Mo Ying’s power had thoroughly ignited his will to fight. It had been a long time since he felt so pa.s.sionate.

“Jiang Chen, your performance is truly shocking. I have to admit that I have underestimated you before, but still, it won’t change the fact that you are going to die in my hands.”

Mo Ying was incomparably excited. It seemed he, too, was enjoying the fight. Putting everything aside, he was even more determined to kill Jiang Chen. He could feel dread from Jiang Chen. Once such a man grew to an extent, no one would be able to imagine what the outcome would be anymore.

“Wheel of Evil!”

Mo Ying began to launch his violent attacks by using the powerful combat technique of the Evil Clan. A huge devil wheel charged out like a devil sun. This Wheel of Evil was even more terrifying compared to those who used it before, as Mo Ying was the carrier of the true Evil Qi. Anyone could feel the horror radiated from it even from a far distance. This was the destructive power of the Wheel of Evil. Additionally, the Qi exuded from it could affect the opponent’s mind.

“This is the real Wheel of Evil.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes lit up. Despite his pride, he couldn’t deny Mo Ying’s power and competence. This Wheel of Evil was fully condensed by the Qi of Evil, which meant that the Wheels of Evil he encountered before was nothing but fake.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The Wheel of Evil let out a buzzed. Devil Qi kept coming out of it. The Wheel of Evil had already locked onto Jiang Chen’s Qi and would kill Jiang Chen by hook or crook.


In the face of such powerful devil wheel, Jiang Chen didn’t dare show any neglect. The moment he summoned the Heavenly Saint Sword, the sword shook intensely as if it could feel the power of the Wheel of Evil, seemingly excited to fight it.

“Dragon Sword Unites. Break the devil wheel!”

With a shake, Jiang Chen turned into a real dragon, combining with the Heavenly Saint Sword into one. Currently, he was the sword and the sword was the dragon. An incomparably sharp dragon sword appeared on top of the dragon as it shook its head and tail, radiating its majestic aura.

After that, the surface of the dragon’s body was covered by a layer of raging flames. This was the greatest enemy of all demonic devils. Jiang Chen wasn’t a fool. He naturally had to use it.


The frenzied dragons roared and rushed straight into the Wheel of Evil. This was going to be another great battle. Comparing this to the previous battles, this was a whole lot stronger. The attacks used were the trump cards of both combatants. It seemed like each of them was resolute to take the other down.

Both armies were watching the battle with excitement. Today’s battle had opened many people’s eyes. Such an intense battle was something that they could never see in their daily lives.

*Hong Long……*

Finally, the dragon sword and the Wheel of Evil collided. Dense Qi of Evil exuded from the majestic Wheel of Evil, as if wanting to corrode the dragon sword. This was an incomparably horrifying method of offense. Once the dragon sword was corroded, it would fall into Mo Ying’s full control, just like how Jiang Chen controlled devils using the Edifying Light.

As Mo Ying possessed the very strong Evil Origin, the corrosion force from the Wheel of Evil was much greater. Unfortunately, his opponent was Jiang Chen, the existence that didn’t fear Evil and devils. The Qi of Evil was incinerated by the flames as it entered the dragon sword. Some of those that weren’t incinerated completely was straightaway refined by the dragon transformation skill. Thus, it couldn’t deal any damage to Jiang Chen.


Finally, after a while of standoff, the Wheel of Evil couldn’t resist the dragon sword’s fierce attack. It was cut into half and crumbled.

The fracture of the Wheel of Evil dealt a certain backlash to Mo Ying. His body trembled. His facial expression began to change a little and his Qi had lost its regular rhythm.

Opposite, Jiang Chen separated from the dragon sword. He was now holding the Heavenly Saint Sword, still looking as extraordinary as before. By now, Jiang Chen had finally gained the upper hand. The Dragon Sword Unites was virtually the pinnacle state of his combat strength. So he was quite shocked that it couldn’t kill Mo Ying. Of course, he still had other greater means besides the Dragon Sword Unites.


Among the human army, Big Yellow cheered loudly, followed by other people’s roars. At last, Jiang Chen had taken control of the battle. This was something they should feel excited about.

“Awesome. Sir Commander is truly terrifying! Not even the number one devil genius Mo Ying is a match for him.”

“Haha! Evil Clan is going to be finished. With the presence of Sir Commander and Evil Lord, the end of the Evil Clan isn’t far away.”

“Don’t celebrate too early. I can clearly see that Mo Ying doesn’t just have these skills. He should have some stronger skills that he had yet to use.”


The human experts were incomparably excited, but there were some who were still paying close attention to the battle, they knew that Mo Ying still had powerful skills that he had yet to show. It would be too early to conclude anything.


In the opposite direction, after Mo Ying’s Wheel of Evil was destroyed, he turned even angrier, roaring to the sky and pounding his chest.

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