Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1338 – The Battle Between Geniuses

Chapter 1338 – The Battle Between Geniuses

The Battle Between Geniuses

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It was difficult to get rid of the Qi of origin of the Evil Abyss, as it wasn’t the same as any ordinary devil Qi. Any ordinary expert would be able to see it. Not even Liu Qingshan could eliminate this Qi of Mo Ying.

However, as soon as Jiang Chen launched a line of flame at it, everything was burnt into ashes along with the Qi of origin. This alone made everyone feel so far behind that they could only watch from the back.

Meanwhile, the instant the declaration letter was incinerated, Mo Ying immediately sensed it.

“Good, Jiang Chen. You can burn my declaration letter so easily. It seems like I have underestimated you. Interesting, I would like to see if this so-called genius is really that strong.”

Mo Ying revealed a hint of a cold smile. From the moment Jiang Chen destroyed the declaration letter, it proved that Jiang Chen was qualified to become Mo Ying’s worthy opponent.

The next day!

Over a large mountain range, between two cities, two armies were standing opposite each other. The huge army of the Evil Clan was mighty. Each of the demonic devils seemed incomparably st.u.r.dy. Devil Qi was billowing from this densely packed army. No one could exactly tell how many they were.

From the aspect of size and Qi alone, the human army seemed a whole lot weaker. The size of the human army was as small as ants while standing before the demonic devils. But in the world of cultivators, size didn’t matter. What was more important was one’s combat strength.

Both armies hadn’t started the war yet, but the atmosphere had already grown very tensed Murderous intent was soaring from every one of them, as if waiting for the sign to strike.


Mo Ying took a step forward, moving dozens of meters forth. His demeanor was majestic while his black hair fluttered in the air as he shouted at the human army. “Who’s Jiang Chen?! Stand out from the crowd.”

Today was the battle between the genius Mo Ying and Jiang Chen. Although it wasn’t any kind of great battle, the result would directly affect the morale of both armies. The importance of this battle was already self-evident.

“Little Chen, this devil looks difficult to deal with. There’s a very strong evil Qi from his body. He’s incomparable to any ordinary late Golden Immortal expert.” Tyrant whispered and sounded concerned.

“That’s right, Sir Commander. Mo Ying is no ordinary demonic devil. He’s too strong. You have to be careful.” Liu Qingshan said.

“I know what to do.” Jiang Chen revealed a hint of a smile, and then strode forward to Mo Ying’s front.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Mo Ying studied Jiang Chen, seemingly disappointed. The appearance of Jiang Chen wasn’t the same as what he had imagined at all. This Jiang Chen seemed too vulnerable and his cultivation was only at the late Divine Immortal realm. During normal times, he would never bother to pay any attention to this kind of figure.

But now, it was different. He wouldn’t dare look down on this puny late Divine Immortal human anymore as many of his people had died in this puny man’s hands.

“That’s right, I’m Jiang Chen.”

Jiang Chen shrugged. Despite facing the mighty Mo Ying, his face didn’t show any change except for the relaxed expression and confidence.

“You do have the guts to stand out and face me. I have to say that you are overly confident. Sometimes, having too much confidence may not be a good thing, however, I can also relate to it because you have yet to know my scariness.”

Mo Ying said plainly, sounding as if Jiang Chen was already a dead man. In his point of view, the gap between the two of them was just too wide. Even if Jiang Chen had the ability to suppress him, Jiang Chen would never be a match for him. Besides, he was eager to find out what were the skills of Jiang Chen.

“Likewise, otherwise, you wouldn’t dare stand here talking to me.”

Jiang Chen replied. The combat intent in his body began to soar. He could already feel the power of Mo Ying, which was precisely what excited him. He longed to fight with such a genius. Putting aside the result of the battle, what he enjoyed in such a battle was the process.

Jiang Chen’s words stunned Mo Ying for a while before bursting into laughter.

“A human with great arrogance. Even more arrogant than me. However, I will make you kneel before me later, and you won’t be able to show your arrogance anymore.”

Mo Ying’s voice was crisp and filled with anger, no one had ever dared to speak such words in front of him before . Jiang Chen was the first to did so.

“You speak too much nonsense.”

Jiang Chen shook his head, admitting that this Mo Ying had an exceptional quality of a true genius – extraordinary arrogance. This stirred up Jiang Chen’s interest. The first one who got Jiang Chen’s attention was Nan Bei Chao.


Jiang Chen didn’t want to waste anymore time with Mo Ying on words. His body shook, instantly transforming into his half-dragon form, seeming more majestic and terrifying than before. His combat intent soared up high. The Qi radiated from him gave everyone the creeps.

“I had never thought that you have such a transformation technique. It seems like it could increase your combat strength significantly, however, this is still not enough to make you strong enough to fight me.”

Mo Ying felt slightly shocked by Jiang Chen’s physical transformation, but this didn’t make him afraid of this human genius.


Mo Ying roared hoa.r.s.ely at the sky. With a leap, he flew skywards. Devil waves surged out of his body, turning into a dark cloud that outlined a battlefield.

“Come on, Jiang Chen.” Mo Ying’s Qi was monstrous. His voice rumbled across the sky.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. The dragon wings behind his back fluttered, flying into the high sky, standing opposite of Mo Ying. He struck out his palm. The terrifyingly huge True Dragon Palm was formed instantly. It was an enormous blood-red palm coated with brilliant flame.

“Good, Jiang Chen, good…”

Seeing Jiang Chen’s attack, Mo Ying was astonished once more, brus.h.i.+ng away every last bit of underestimation he had for Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s strength was even more powerful than his imagination. What shocked him was the Qi of Purest Yang unleashed by his opponent as it suppressed his devil Qi. That brilliant flames was the natural enemy of his devil essence. Even though he was Mo Ying, he had to be suppressed to a certain degree by this flame, causing him to not able to exert all his combat strength.

But this wasn’t a reason for him to fear Jiang Chen. In the face of Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm, he struck, launching two palms forward. A tremendous devil palm emerged. It looked like a devil claw that came from the gloomy h.e.l.l, exuding the incomparably cold Qi.

The devil claw seemed extremely heavy. It integrated with huge amount of Qi and energy as it rushed forward to meet Jiang Chen’s True Dragon Palm.

*Hong Long……*

The sky above trembled violently. Countless destructive energy spread to all directions.

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