Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1329 – Sweeping Away the Demonic Devils (2)

Chapter 1329 – Sweeping Away the Demonic Devils (2)

Sweeping Away the Demonic Devils (2)

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The situation of the battle in front was very intense. Jiang Chen couldn’t remember clearly what the original name of this city was. To him, every city was Fragrant Sky City, and it was his territory. The original name of the cities was meaningless.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The demonic devils danced chaotically and were everywhere. There were thousands of them and given the numbers that the human forces had, they surely wouldn’t gain the upper hand, but the humans had a slight advantage over the devils, and that was the formation, something which demonic devils didn’t have. In a large-scale combat, formations often played a very important role. Just as now, despite the number of the devil army being ten times more than the human forces, the grand formation deployed on the city could temporarily fend off the demonic devils.

Besides, the humans possessed combat weapons, powerful combat weapons which could be used to fill in the gap between them and the demonic devils, including their gap of strength and difference in physical strength.

Even so, under the frenzied bombardment of the demonic devils, the human experts were constantly being defeated, and thus, they were growing weaker. This was also why a few cities had already fallen. The Evil Clan regarded human race as their mortal enemy. They wanted to uproot the human race and reclaim their land, which was why they struck so fiercely. Plus, these devils had a blood-thirsty nature.

For a moment, the humans were losing on their defense. Blood-curdling screams and angry roars of devils constantly reverberated above the city.

Jiang Chen arrived at the battlefield and just walked nonchalantly, like he wasn’t here for battle but for sightseeing.


Seeing a human, a dozen powerful demonic devils instantly rushed towards Jiang Chen. They bore sharp fangs that were stained with human blood. They were bloodthirsty and belligerent. They regarded humans as preys. One of the demonic devil was holding a b.l.o.o.d.y heart, and then stuffed it into his mouth and began chewing it. The scene was disgusting and creepy.

“A bunch of garbage that shouldn’t exist in this Heaven and Earth.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were full of disgust. This group of demonic devils was like the incarnation of evil. There was a strong Evil Qi on their bodies. It was hard to imagine what would happen to the human race if such a ma.s.sive army was released to the true Immortal World. No one could tell how many human experts would die a tragic death in these demonic devils’ hands.

Jiang Chen suddenly felt that Yang Bufan was indeed a great individual. He was able to suppress the rise of such a ma.s.sive clan. Yang Bufan’s name should be recorded in history, so that a monument of him would be built to honor his existence and contribution.

Jiang Chen struck. He would never show any politeness to these demonic devils. A huge dragon claw descended from the sky. It was a hundred feet long. A dozen of ferocious demonic devils were all enveloped by it. There was no exception.

*Hong Long……*

An earth-shattering rumble was heard. Jiang Chen’s attack was too powerful. This group of demonic devils couldn’t resist it at all, there was an insurmountable gap between the two of them. Even though each of them had very powerful physiques, there was no way they could survive Jiang Chen’s strike. All of them were smashed to pieces. They all died instantaneously.

There was a gust of invisible storm that swept away the devils’ remnants and essence of blood and Qi.

The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da began to s.h.i.+ne and trembled lightly. Whenever it reached this moment, it was the most exciting moment for the paG.o.da.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Jiang Chen’s attack attracted a large number of demonic devils. For a moment, more than 50 demonic devils pounced towards Jiang Chen’s side. But all these devils were going to die as well.


Jiang Chen’s war blood was stirred, and immediately, he transformed into his dragon-form. His speed was extremely fast. He rushed towards the group of demonic devils. His pair of incredibly sharp and solid dragon wings severed the devils at the waist as he flew back and forth. After a few rounds, more than fifty of them were killed by Jiang Chen. Due to the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da’s existence, none of the devils’ corpses were left. They were all sucked away in a breeze.

“Save us, City Lord!”

A cry for help sounded from a distance. Jiang Chen looked towards the direction and saw Chen Hui being besieged by five powerful demonic devils. Currently, Chen Hui seemed incomparably fl.u.s.tered. He had already lost one arm. Just as he was about to give up hope as there were too many ferocious devils, he saw Jiang Chen. That exhilarated him very much. Seeing Jiang Chen at this time made him even happier compared to seeing his own father.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly. With a flash, he appeared in front of Chen Hui. Chen Hui was surrounded by the powerful demonic devils and was about to lose his stance. It was only a matter of time before he faced his fate – death.


Jiang Chen sent out a palm. Five demonic devils were turned to mist of blood instantly. Chen Hui couldn’t help feeling shocked when he witnessed Jiang Chen’s great change, and was awed by Jiang Chen once more. Although he had been looking up to Jiang Chen, he wouldn’t have thought that Jiang Chen could reach such a terrifying extent within a short period of time.

Back when Jiang Chen was in the outer region, he was merely a late Heaven Immortal expert. In just a few days of time, Jiang Chen had reached the peak of intermediate Divine Immortal realm. If Chen Hui wasn’t seeing this for the first time, he would never believe it.

Chen Hui had reasons to believe that such miracles could only happen to Jiang Chen. He would never be convinced if the person wasn’t Jiang Chen.

“City Lord, you are finally back.”

Chen Hui almost cried upon seeing Jiang Chen’s majestic return. If Jiang Chen still did not appear, this city would surely fall.

“Chen Hui, go into the city and rest first. Leave the rest to me.”

Jiang Chen patted Chen Hui’s shoulder, and instantly channeled a large amount of wood spiritual energy into his body.

“Thank you City Lord.”

Chen Hui’s body shook, he then saluted Jiang Chen and left.

Jiang Chen paused, looked around the battlefield and realized that the number of demonic devils was just too many. Relying on such a rate of ma.s.sacring, he didn’t know how long it would take him to finish killing them all, it would most likely take him a lot of time. In the face of such a large-scale war, the Edifying Light could truly display its power.

Furthermore, Jiang Chen saw a mighty demonic devil with a cultivation base of intermediate Golden Immortal realm in the highest sky above the city. The devil was engaging in an intense battle with an intermediate Golden Immortal human, but apparently, the human was on the losing side, even though he seemed to be able to persist for a while. Jiang Chen was going to make all the demonic devils kill themselves by using the Edifying Light. After that, he would deal with the demonic chief himself.

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