Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1324 – Tianji Zi’s Crisis

Chapter 1324 – Tianji Zi’s Crisis

Tianji Zi’s Crisis

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“Humph! Dugu Sheng, believe it or not, I’m also looking for Jiang Chen and was going to expel him.”

Tian Muyun’s tone was resonant. This remark instantly caused a great uproar, especially among the higher ups of Skycloud Pavilion. None of them expected that Tian Muyun would make such a decision. Even the experts of the three major powers were stunned. As the Patriarch of Skycloud Pavilion, he should greatly treasure a genius like Jiang Chen instead of expelling him from the sect.

“Can I know why Pavilion Master wants to expel Jiang Chen?”

Tianji Zi asked with a frown. He was a forthright person. If there was anything that he wasn’t satisfied of, he would say it on the spot. Even when it was Ouyang He back then, he wouldn’t hesitate to voice out his opinion.

He was certain that Jiang Chen didn’t commit any irreconcilable mistake. Sending Jiang Chen into Evil Abyss was already the greatest punishment Tian Muyun had sentenced Jiang Chen. How could Jiang Chen’s master ever accept it when his beloved disciple was being expelled out of the sect?

“Back then, I sent him to Evil Abyss for him to experience a tough-training. Instead, he came back from Evil Abyss and stirred up troubles. In spite of what he created, he didn’t return to Skycloud Pavilion. This indicates that he was not only putting you, his master, in his eyes, but also me, the Pavilion Master. Keeping such a disrespectful person alive will only intensify the problem. Therefore, I have decided that Jiang Chen should be expelled from Skycloud Pavilion. From today onwards, Skycloud Pavilion has nothing to do with Jiang Chen anymore.” Tian Muyun shouted.

He only had two reasons for doing so. First was to draw a line between Jiang Chen and Skycloud Pavilion, and to temporarily alleviate the pressure given by the three major powers to Skycloud Pavilion. After all, what Tian Muyun lacked the most was time. As long as he was given sufficient time, he would have no problem advancing to the Immortal King realm.

The second reason was that Tian Muyun really hated Jiang Chen from the bottom of his heart.

Even though some were able to figure out the first reason, they wouldn’t be able to guess the second reason.


As soon as Tian Muyun’s words faded, it caused a commotion. The experts in Skycloud Pavilion became restless, especially the core and inner sect disciples who had a good impression of Jiang Chen imprinted in their heads. Those who had been saved by Jiang Chen were very grateful to him. So, what their Pavilion Master decided tilted their acceptance. In any case, Jiang Chen had helped Skycloud Pavilion earn prestige during the trip to the ancient tomb.

“Why did it become like this? Why did Pavilion Master expel Brother Jiang? Brother Jiang doesn’t seem to have done anything wrong. Pavilion Master has already sent him to the Evil Abyss. Brother Jiang relied on his own capability to walk out of Evil Abyss alive. The reason Brother Jiang isn’t here is because he doesn’t want to bring any more trouble to the pavilion. I had never thought that Brother Jiang’s bitter efforts would be exchanged for such an outcome.”

“Haven’t you all seen it through? Pavilion Master is afraid. He’s afraid that the three major powers will attack us. So, he had to draw a line between Skycloud Pavilion and Jiang Chen, however, such an act is really demoralizing. Jiang Chen is after all a first-cla.s.s genius in One-Line-Sky. Such an act is equivalent to admitting defeat and lowering the Pavilion’s own status.”

“Being expelled from the Pavilion. That’s too disheartening. Brother Jiang hasn’t done anything wrong and he should be defended by Pavilion Master instead. I had never expected that Pavilion Master would make such a decision. He is scared of the three major powers, but we aren’t. If this incident spread, this will only show that our Pavilion is lowering its head to the three major powers. From then on, we won’t be able to raise our heads anymore.”


Tian Muyun’s decision had undoubtedly caused every disciple to look sullen. Their discontentment didn’t just come from the compromise. Jiang Chen had already established a root in their hearts and had left a great impression. To them, Jiang Chen was their pride instead of Tian Muyun. Jiang Chen was their idol, the person whom they really respected. Now that their idol was being treated in such an unfair way, they naturally wouldn’t be comfortable about it.

The response of the disciples below made Tian Muyun angrier, feeling that his place was shaken by a newly-recruited genius. This increased his hate for Jiang Chen even more!

Not only the disciples, but also the higher ups and elders felt that Tian Muyun was going too far. Daoist Yufeng had an unpleasant look, but at this point, only he has the power to voice out.

“Pavilion Master, please think twice,” Daoist Yufeng reminded.

“Yufeng, this has nothing to do with you. I will never retract my decision.” Tian Muyun waved, not giving Daoist Yufeng face.

Upon seeing what had happened, the others went silent as well. Tianji Zi’s facial expression turned incomparably gloomy. Anger was written all over his face, however, he understood that there was no way for him to change Tian Muyun’s decision. As a matter of fact, he already understood that the Pavilion Master somewhat hated Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was just too excellent, so excellent that it stirred up the envy inside Tian Muyun.

“Tian Muyun, even if you have already expelled Jiang Chen and isn’t in Skycloud Pavilion anymore, we can never let this matter rest,” Huangfu Yaotian said.

“Oh? Then what do you all want? Jiang Chen isn’t here. I can’t make him appear out of thin air even if you insist. However, don’t ever think that I, Tian Muyun, will be scared of you all. Even if the three of you attacked together, I won’t hesitate to respond accordingly.”

Tian Muyun had a look of indifference. It showed that he had a very high confidence, and given his current strength, he would never be afraid of them.

“Tian Muyun, we must get rid of that Jiang Chen. That monster has killed my son. We have to get our revenge. Since he isn’t in Skycloud Pavilion anymore, find ways to draw him out,” said Yun Zhonghe.

“How could I draw him out?” Tian Muyun asked curiously. If there was a way to draw Jiang Chen out, he would be glad to know what it was.

“Very simple. As long as you hand Tianji Zi over, we will contain him. By then, I don’t believe that Jiang Chen won’t appear.” Dugu Sheng said, locking his eyes onto Tianji Zi.

This had been a part of their plan. If they couldn’t find Jiang Chen, they would have to use Tianji Zi to draw him out, or even use this chance to get rid of Tianji Zi as well. This way, they could kill two birds in one stone. After all, Tianji Zi was a Golden Immortal who was proficient in the Great Divination Art, which posed a great threat to them.

“Impossible. Don’t even think about it. This has nothing to do with Tianji Zi.”

Daoist Yufeng got infuriated. This was an unreasonable demand. He would never agree to it.

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