Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1303 – The Inescapable Net

Chapter 1303 – The Inescapable Net

The Inescapable Net

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The female corpse smiled. A dead person had actually smiled. This was an extremely scary scene to all, but in Jiang Chen’s eyes, it was so beautiful and harmonious. He didn’t have the least bit of fear.

Jiang Chen knew that the female corpse was smiling to him. Similarly, the smile was rather familiar.

“Xiao Yu, tell me, what is going on? Why are you lying here?”

Jiang Chen turned emotional. He strongly believed that this female corpse was related to him, but he couldn’t conclude if this corpse was really Yan Chenyu because it had existed in this place for a very long time and Yan Chenyu had only ascended to this world recently.

However, the connection within and the incident must have something to do with Jiang Chen and Yan Chenyu. Otherwise, the corpse wouldn’t retract the pressure of the Immortal Burying Coffin and smile to him.

Jiang Chen stared at the corpse, but her smile had long since disappeared and she didn’t respond to Jiang Chen’s clamor. Everything went silent and that pretty face turned strange and unfamiliar.

“Immortal Execution Order.”

Jiang Chen regained his sense, s.h.i.+fted his gaze to the bronze token carved deep with two large words, Immortal Execution. Despite it only being a token, none of them dared to stare at it directly.

It wouldn’t be possible to find the reason behind it within a short period of time, but Jiang Chen couldn’t miss the Immortal execution Order. After falling into a trance briefly, Jiang Chen’s composure recovered. His eyes glittered. He stretched his hand slowly to grab the token.

“He’s going for the Immortal Execution Order. This b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to take the Immortal Execution Order for real.”

“Immortal Execution Order is the biggest treasure here. We can’t let him have it. Once he gets that token, we will seize it away from him.”

“That’s right. We must not let him take away the Immortal Execution Order. If Skycloud Pavilion gets this token, they will soon conquer the entire One-Line-Sky. At that time, the three major powers will be in real danger.”


The geniuses of the three major powers turned frantic. A wave of murderous intent began to emerge. The atmosphere in Skycloud Pavilion’s side was tense. Finally, someone was about to get the most valuable treasure in this ancient tomb.


Jiang Chen’s large hands fell on the token. Despite its small size, it weighed millions of pounds. Jiang Chen had no idea what kind of material was used to make this token, but he grabbed it easily in his hand. He was certain that the fact he could obtain the Immortal Execution Order so easily was very likely because of the female corpse.

*Hong Long…*

Just as Jiang Chen took the Immortal Execution Order, something unusual happened. All of a sudden, the altar shook violently, seemingly about to burst at any time. Then, a ray of golden light rushed out of the altar and formed an icy door in the void.

This was a different icy door that led to an unknown and long path.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

The Immortal Burying Coffin shook and sprang upwards into the icy door along with the female corpse.

“Xiao Yu!”

Jiang Chen shouted, rushed into the doorway but was rebounded back by some kind of enormous energy. Then, the door shut tight and the Immortal Burying Coffin vanished.

*Hong Long…*

After the ice coffin disappeared, the altar became even more restless. Fractures appeared in it, seeming to break at any second.

“Not good, the altar and the ice palace is about to crumble. Let’s get out from here quick.”


“Lock on Jiang Chen. Don’t let him escape. He has the Immortal Execution Order, the wondrous rock and the magma heart.”


The sudden change alarmed everyone. If they didn’t escape as quickly as possible, it was highly likely that they would be permanently buried here. No one wanted to die, so escape had become their top priority.

However, Jiang Chen’s existence was a concern to everyone as he had the Immortal Execution Order, wondrous rock and heart of magma. To put it bluntly, all the good treasures in this ancient tomb had fallen into his possession. If they let Jiang Chen escape, no one knew how much this freak would grow the next time they met him, the advancement speed of this super abnormal being was just too fast.

*Swoosh…* *Swoosh…* *Swoosh…*

One by one, silhouettes flew out of the palace while Jiang Chen was staring at the tightly-shut door that had now disappeared along with that familiar face. Jiang Chen seemed as if he had lost his soul.

“Junior Brother Jiang, let’s go! There will be a great energy when the ice palace crumbles. We won’t be able to defend against it!”

Bu Qingfeng was already at the exit of the ice palace. He turned and shouted at the dazed Jiang Chen.

“Xiao Yu, I will find you.”

Jiang Chen clasped the Immortal Execution Order. A trace of resoluteness was seen in his eyes before he flew out of the ice palace in a ray of light.

There were a lot of rogue cultivators waiting outside the ice palace. When they saw plenty of experts were flying out of the ice palace, although they had no clue of what had happened inside, their instinct told them that there was danger inside. Immediately, they fled along with the geniuses of the four major powers.

*Hong Long……*

At last, when everyone was out of the ice palace, the place collapsed and exploded, unleas.h.i.+ng so much energy that it ripped apart the void. That was the energy of Immortal King. Their hearts palpated when they saw the terrifying scene. They imagined that if they were a little slower, only G.o.ds knows how they would die.

Jiang Chen was the last to come out. So his Qi was locked on by everyone as soon as he left. Powerful Qi waves had been released from the experts to form an inescapable net around Jiang Chen, giving him no chance of escape.

“Jiang Chen, hand over the Immortal Execution Order now.”

“Jiang Chen, as long as you give us the Immortal Execution Order and wondrous rock, I can spare you your life.”

“Jiang Chen, take a closer look at the situation. Do you think you can escape from this?”

Yun Canglan and the other two geniuses demanded. They could never let Jiang Chen go, because there were too many treasures in this young man. They couldn’t help wanting to decipher the secrets in this young genius.

“Immortal Execution Order? How can there be such a terrifying thing in the Ice Palace? What has exactly happened inside?”

Numerous people started to have doubts. Although they weren’t powerful enough to stand on the altar, they were no stranger to the Immortal Execution Order as the reputation of Immortal Execution King was too well-known. No one across the whole Immortal World wouldn’t know about this.

“I guess you still don’t know about it yet. Two things emerged in the ice place, the Immortal Burying Coffin and the Immortal Execution Order. Now the Immortal Burying Coffin is gone and the Immortal Execution Order is in Jiang Chen’s possession. But judging from the present situation, I’m afraid that Jiang Chen won’t have any kind of pleasant outcome. Yun Canglan and the others will never let him go,” someone explained.

Everyone now knew about the secret of the ancient tomb, but a good show was about to take place. The true battle among the young generation was about to begin. Although Jiang Chen had gotten huge benefits, it was still unknown if he could walk out of this tomb alive.

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