Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1273 – The Growing Sphere of Influence

Chapter 1273 – The Growing Sphere of Influence

The Growing Sphere of Influence

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They were terrified to the extreme. They couldn’t help being impressed and shocked by the man who just walked out of Evil Abyss alive. As Jiang Chen had saved their lives, a strong feeling of grat.i.tude filled their hearts. Taking into consideration that they were all disciples of Skycloud Pavilion, it was necessary for them to stay united in such a place.

“As you’re all disciples of Skycloud Pavilion, I should save you all. This ancient tomb is full of danger. Every one of you has to be careful,” Jiang Chen said; then turned his gaze back to the path ahead.

“We’ll become Senior Brother Jiang’s followers from now on.”

w.a.n.g Yang said, changing the way he address Jiang Chen to ‘Senior Brother Jiang’. He was an early Divine Immortal core disciple that had a very high position in Skycloud Pavilion. With his status, he shouldn’t address a Heaven Immortal inner sect junior as ‘senior brother’, but Jiang Chen wasn’t an ordinary person. In the world where only the strong ones were respected, everything was decided based on the strength of the person. Furthermore, Jiang Chen had just saved their lives and this had convinced him to accept Jiang Chen as their leader.

“You guys just made a very wise decision, knowing that following Jiang Chen would at least guarantee your safety,” Fu Hui said with a smile.

Being a close friend of Jiang Chen, he would naturally feel more dignified and had a sense of superiority towards others.

*Hua La La…*

At this moment, another wave of sound was heard, setting the nerves of everyone on edge. No doubt, those were the sounds of flapping wings. It sounded so creepy that everybody’s soul started to tremble.

“Senior Brother Jiang, another big flock of black corpse ravens are coming.”

w.a.n.g Yang said with a face full of worries and fear. The further one got in the path, the stronger the black corpse ravens become, which made them even harder to deal with. Considering the fact that the ravens were invincible due to their ability to resurrect, it rendered all of them helpless.

But when they saw Jiang Chen’s composed face and recalled the scene when Jiang Chen killed those black corpse ravens, it eased their tensed emotions. They believed that they would be safe by staying beside this perverted genius.

“Just the right time.”

Jiang Chen revealed a smile at the corner of his mouth. To him, the more undead ravens and the stronger their cultivation base, the better it was. Now, the twenty-first level of the paG.o.da had begun to condense and his cultivation base was approaching the half-step Divine Immortal realm. As long as the number of black corpse ravens was enough, it wouldn’t be a problem for him to advance to the half-step Divine Immortal realm and the paG.o.da to fully condense the twenty-first level.


Tremendous amount of black corpse ravens rushed over, at least hundreds of them. Jiang Chen swept through the flock and discovered a few ravens that were at the Divine Immortal realm. The leader had already reached the scary intermediate Divine Immortal realm. None of the human experts in this area would be able to fight these this flock of flying creatures.

The blood on the birds’ beak was still fresh, which indicated that plenty of human experts had been attacked and died under the sharp beaks of these ravens.

The black corpse ravens let out a harsh scream. Each pair of their red eyes were glowing with merciless light: that was the Qi of death.


In front of such a powerful flock of black corpse ravens, Jiang Chen remained indifferent. He let out a cold humph and struck out a huge palm – the True Dragon Palm. A giant dragon claw enshrouded all the ravens. Intense flames ran through the dragon claws, turning the scene into a sea of fire.


This was an extremely spectacular and terrifying picture. None of the black corpse ravens could escape from Jiang Chen’s dragon claw. One by one, the ravens were incinerated and dissipated. Even the mid Divine Immortal raven succ.u.mbed to it after making a few struggles.

Hundreds of black corpse ravens were wiped out by Jiang Chen in a matter of minutes. After obtaining the energy of these ravens, the twenty-first level of the paG.o.da began to s.h.i.+ne and new dragon marks were forming in Jiang Chen’s body.

This scene dumbfounded everyone at the back. Whether it was the experts of Skycloud Pavilion or the rogue cultivators, none of them were able to keep their calm. Such a scene was something that they hadn’t even dreamt of. It was too horrifying. At this time, everyone stared at Jiang Chen with reverence, as if Jiang Chen had become a G.o.d. In their hearts, Jiang Chen was no longer human, but an omnipotent and G.o.dly being.

Because only G.o.ds could do all of these things. How could an ordinary human possibly achieve all of these? w.a.n.g Yang felt that he was having some difficulty breathing. He had no idea how scary Jiang Chen had become when he saw that even the mid Divine Immortal black corpse raven was killed almost instantly by Jiang Chen.

“Abnormal. He’s truly an abnormal being, no ordinary person can do such a thing.”

“He is an unrivalled genius and also a person with great fortune. Otherwise, he won’t be able to get out of the Evil Abyss. The future achievement of this man will be limitless. These seven days of expedition in the ancient tomb is going to be chaotic because of his presence.”

“We will follow him till the end. In this way, we will be able to ensure our safety in this ancient tomb.”

“I feel that he’s totally capable of setting up a major power in One-Line-Sky and I will be the first to join his sect.”


No one wasn’t surprised; they couldn’t help it. They had never seen such a mystical person before. Many of them even felt that Jiang Chen should establish his own sect and that would certainly attract lots of people.

Unfortunately, Jiang Chen didn’t have the slightest bit of interest in those things. What he wanted right now was to improve his cultivation and strength. He had lofty ambitions and One-Line-Sky was merely a stop on his path. Once his scores in One-Line-Sky were settled, he would leave and head to the endlessly vast Ethereal Immortal Domain.

“Let’s go. The road is reaching its end. If I’m right, there will be no more black corpse ravens after this path.”

Jiang Chen said, he then led the group of people ahead in a quick speed. Along the way, they could see plenty of corpses killed by those ravens, and some experts currently besieged by those birds. Without hesitation, Jiang Chen killed those birds and saved all of them, causing the number of people that followed him to increase. None of them who had witnessed Jiang Chen’s means could hold their shock. Jiang Chen’s sphere of influence was getting bigger and bigger.

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