Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 124 – Let’s settle the score

Chapter 124 – Let’s settle the score

Chapter 124 – Let’s settle the score

In Guo Lei’s mind, Jiang Chen was dead. The disciple from the inner circle wouldn’t fool him on this matter. Thus, since Jiang Chen wasn’t here anymore, and Han Yan was in secluded cultivation, he, Guo Lei, would be the king in the outer circle, and no one could step on him. Now, someone had the guts to burn his courtyard in broad daylight, this was just ridiculous.

Guo Lei alone with the other three moved towards the courtyards with extremely fast speed and anger. After a while, they arrived at their destination. The flames had attracted other disciples in the outer circle as well, and they were all crowding towards the scene.

When Guo Lei brought his men and arrived at the courtyard, he found that a lot of disciples had gathered. When some of them saw Guo Lei, they tried telling him about Jiang Chen’s presence, but when they saw the arrogant expression on his face, they gave up the idea of telling him.

Guo Lei was a bully, therefore, not many disciples liked him. It was just that they didn’t dare voice their opinions on this. Besides, Jiang Chen had come back today, and since they didn’t dare offend Guo Lei, then they would definitely not dare to offend Jiang Chen. What happened today was pretty clear, Jiang Chen had burnt the courtyards to signal that he was looking for Guo Lei, and so, the rest of the disciples just sat back and kept their hands away from the conflict.

“f.u.c.k, which b.a.s.t.a.r.d set fire on father’s courtyard?! Is he trying to court death?!”

The furious Guo Lei kept cursing. He looked like he was about to chop the culprit into a thousand pieces upon finding out who he was.

There was a mini square right in the middle of the residency area. When Guo Lei and his men angrily entered the square, they b.u.mped into Jiang Chen who was coming from the opposite direction.

When the angry and arrogant Guo Lei and his men saw Jiang Chen, they almost tripped and fell down with faces filled with shock. It was as if they had seen a ghost.

Guo Lei’s reaction was slightly better than that of the three other men. All of them knew about Jiang Chen’s approaches very well, they too had witnessed how Jiang Chen had killed Li Wu Ling. Offending this demon was not a fun thing.

“f.u.c.k! Wasn’t he supposed to be dead?! Why is he still here, alive and kicking?!”

Guo Lei couldn’t control his emotions and cursed. Although he was a pretty brave man, and didn’t seem to care much when mentioning Jiang Chen, now that he was really standing face to face with Jiang Chen, the feeling was completely different. He was scared.

“What should we do, senior disciple Guo? Looks like the one who burnt down our courtyards was Jiang Chen! He isn’t dead, and he is here to find us…”

One of the disciples had a helpless expression on his face. When he thought about what they had done during the last two days, and how they had harmed w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng, with their understanding towards Jiang Chen, he surely wouldn’t let them go this time.

“d.a.m.n, there’s no way we can run, don’t tell me he is going to kill us…”

“Jiang Chen isn’t dead… From now on, there’s no place for us to stay within the outer circle anymore…”

The other two disciples were so scared they felt like they were about to die. When facing the ferocious Jiang Chen, there was no way for them to stay calm.

“Useless fools, why are you all so scared? No matter how strong Jiang Chen is, he is still an outer circle disciple, and we were ordered by a senior disciple from the inner circle to deal with w.a.n.g Yun and the rest! This is the Black Sect, not a place where Jiang Chen can decide everything! Besides, he is only an outer circle disciple, don’t tell me he is going to act against the rules?”

Guo Lei said with a grin. He wasn’t really scared like the other disciples, because he had the support of an inner circle disciple.

“Who is Guo Lei?”

With a sharp vision, Jiang Chen stared at the four men in front of him.

“I’m Guo Lei! Jiang Chen, how dare you burn down our sect’s courtyard? Are you really that undisciplined and out of control?”

Guo Lei took a step forwards. Right now, there was no way for him to get away, and he could only face this head on. However, when he really stood face to face with Jiang Chen, he found himself lacking self-confidence.

“So, you’re Guo Lei? Perfect! Looks like you’re a clever man, so I suppose you already know why I was looking for you. Let’s settle our score today.”

Jiang Chen said with a sneer.

“Senior disciple Jiang, these three men were the ones who beat up Huang Zheng!”

Someone jumped out and pointed at the men behind Guo Lei. The three of them had a change in expression, and they felt unnatural.

“The four of you, kneel down.”

Jiang Chen said coolly.


Guo Lei shouted out. With his eyes almost popping out, he stared at Jiang Chen and said, “Jiang Chen, who do you think you are? Why do you tell us to kneel down? Let me tell you this; they might be afraid of you, but I, your father am not! You’re just a newcomer, who gave you the audacity to instruct me?”

“Big Yellow.”

Jiang Chen still carried a sneer. Big Yellow leapt forwards and pushed Guo Lei onto the ground. Guo Lei was at the peak of the Mortal Core realm, but when facing Big Yellow’s attack, he didn’t even have the chance to react and defend himself. Big Yellow was just like a mountain that sat on top of him; no matter how much he struggled, he just couldn’t get him off.

Guo Lei’s face had a terrified expression. However, Big Yellow didn’t care about that, he just opened his mouth and forcefully bit down on Guo Lei’s shoulder.


Big Yellow was extremely ferocious. With his sharp teeth, he ripped out a huge chunk of muscles from Guo Lei’s shoulder, making him start bleeding unstoppably from the wound.


The scream coming from the extreme pain spread across the entire residency area, and it sent a s.h.i.+ver down the spines of all who heard this terrifying scream.


Those who witnessed what happened immediately gasped. This dog was too fierce, without saying anything, he immediately seriously wounded Guo Lei. They all knew that Guo Lei was doomed when Jiang Chen said he wanted to settle the score between them. Guo Lei was already dead meat.

“This dog is so horrifying, Guo Lei is at a peak Mortal Core warrior, but in front of that big yellow dog, he simply has no way to resist!”

“This is brutal! Jiang Chen is really someone he shouldn’t have offended!”

People were sighing. When they looked at the miserable Guo Lei, those who followed Jiang Chen had satisfied expressions on their faces.

Big Yellow had only ripped of a chunk of muscle from Guo Lei, he hadn’t killed him. For a peak Mortal Core warrior, a wound like this was not worth mentioning compared to what w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng had suffered. However, it was enough to terrify everyone.

Big Yellow got off of Guo Lei, then he stared at the other three disciples who were trembling with a fierce look. The trio were so scared that they immediately kneeled down.

“Please spare us, senior disciple Jiang!”

The trio was incredibly frightened. Before standing face to face with Jiang Chen, they simply had no idea how fierce and terrifying Jiang Chen could be.

“Spare you?”

Jiang Chen let out a cold snort, “Now, let me settle the score with you three. Guo Lei, tell me honestly, how much many Mortal Restoration Pills have you collected during the previous two days? If you dare be off by just one, I’ll cripple one of your arms.”

Jiang Chen’s gaze was fierce, and anyone who stared into his eyes felt a chill down their spine. Guo Lei’s arrogance and pride had disappeared. He pushed down on the shoulder wound with his hand and kneeled down like the other three disciples. He knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t joking or trying to scare him, if he didn’t give him the real number, he would meet a miserable end today.

“There’s a total of 8,000 Mortal Restoration Pills.”

Guo Lei said.

“Eight thousand. Good. Now, I want you to pay ten times that amount, give me 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills now as a token of your apology. I won’t accept even one less.”

Hearing that Jiang Chen asked him to pay 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, Guo Lei and the other three disciples felt like they had been struck by thunder and almost fainted. Eighty thousand Mortal Restoration Pills was a huge amount of wealth, and none of the outer circle disciples would have such a ma.s.sive amount of Mortal Restoration Pills.

“Senior disciple Jiang, these eighty… eighty thousand Mortal Restoration Pills… We really don’t have so many… We were wrong senior disciple Jiang, please forgive us!”

Guo Lei said in a begging manner.

“That’s right, senior disciple Jiang, 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, we really don’t have so many… Besides, we don’t even have all 8,000 Mortal Restoration Pills with us, most of them were given to the inner circle disciples…”

Another disciple said. He tried mentioning the inner circle disciples, hoping that Jiang Chen wouldn’t be rigid.

“So now you try to act pitifully in front of me.”

Jiang Chen said with a sneer. He had seen with his own eyes how w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zheng had been wounded. If this place wasn’t the Black Sect, these four men in front of him would have already been killed by now.

“I want 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills, the full amount! If you can’t choke them out, then you can pay with your own lives. Big Yellow, kill them.”

Jiang Chen’s words sent chills down their spines. Then, they saw Big Yellow walking towards them, his teeth showing. After recalling how brutal Big Yellow was, the faces of these four men immediately turned pale, and they were scared to the absolute limit.

“No, don’t kill us! I’ll find a way! I know what to do!”

Guo Lei was incredibly frightened. His shoulder was still bleeding, and the fear he felt towards Big Yellow couldn’t be compared with anyone else’s fear.

“Jiang… senior disciple Jiang, most of the Mortal Restoration Pills we collected were given to the disciples from the inner circle! If senior disciple Jiang really wants them back, I can go find senior disciple Cai in the inner circle!”

Guo Lei said. He had been planning in his mind, in his current situation, there would be no way for him to run away from Jiang Chen. Therefore, he could only get help from a inner circle disciple to deal with Jiang Chen.

“Who is this senior disciple Cai?”

Jiang Chen asked.

“Senior disciple Cai Dong is from the inner circle, we were ordered by him to do all of this! The news about you dying in the Myriad Demon Mountain also came from his mouth!”

Guo Lei didn’t dare hide anything, Cai Dong was the man backing him from the inner circle. Right at this moment, only Cai Dong could save him.

Jiang Chen’s eyes turned cold, he didn’t know if this Cai Dong was related to the man in black who tried a.s.sa.s.sinating him in the mountain, or if they were the same person. Jiang Chen turned around and told one of the disciples, “Go to the inner circle and find that Cai Dong, ask him to come here right now. I want him to settle the debt of 80,000 Mortal Restoration Pills.”

“Understood, senior disciple Jiang!”

The disciple’s face was filled with excitement. Senior disciple Jiang was really dignified. It looked like he was about to play something big this time, and he even wanted to pick a fight with an inner circle disciple.

Guo Lei was startled, as he had never expected Jiang Chen to react this way. He thought that Jiang Chen would calm down after hearing that this was related to an inner circle disciple. However, out of his expectations, Jiang Chen had really dared to challenge an inner circle disciple.

But, Guo Lei felt relief at the same time. Since Jiang Chen thought so greatly of himself, this would be Guo Lei’s chance. When Cai Dong comes here, he would be saved and protected. However, things weren’t as simple as he thought, Jiang Chen had yet to finish with him. What happened next would just make him feel regret.

“So now, even Cai Dong from the inner circle is going to be dragged into this mess.”

“Jiang Chen is going to settle the score with an inner circle disciple, this is so amazing!”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, this matter is far from finished! I heard w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zhen were seriously wounded!”