Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1234 – There are No Rules except Life and Death

Chapter 1234 – There are No Rules except Life and Death

There are No Rules except Life and Death

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“Who is it?”

The city lord’s face changed dramatically. He clamoured at the sky. Anyone that was capable of shattering his attack so casually must be a powerful expert that should at least be on par with his cultivation. Could it be that their advances on Fragrant Sky City had attracted other experts?

“Kaka… You think that with just all of you can flay Master Dog off? It should be me who will flay you all off. Jiang Chen has returned and today will be the end of your lives.”

Big Yellow burst into laughter. He already knew that it was Jiang Chen based on the sword light that contained the aura of the Heavenly Saint Sword. The fact that this attack could shatter the attack of a mid Divine Immortal opponent indicated that Jiang Chen had made another advancement in his cultivation.

All the worries in his heart were instantly erased when he found out that Jiang Chen was back. Turning around the desperate situation was always something Jiang Chen was adept at.

From a distance, a stream of blood-red light was moving at a speed faster than a shooting star, leaving numerous afterimages behind it. In a twinkle, it appeared not far away from the enemy forces. The being looked like a half human, half dragon. The majestic aura radiating from his st.u.r.dy body made everyone s.h.i.+ver, that was the unique aura of superiority, the aura of a true conqueror that not everyone had.

“It’s Big Brother Jiang!”

Yan Qingcheng was feeling incomparably happy. She knew that Jiang Chen would certainly appear at the last minute. It wasn’t his first time showing this kind of stimulating entrance. Every time, he would be able to bring new hope to their despairing minds. Although she had already experienced it for a few times, she still felt excited and surprised by it. You would never lack the sense of security by following this man.

“City Lord is back. Truly amazing, in just two days time, City Lord has already advanced to the mid Heaven Immortal realm. I have never seen such a scary speed of advancement.”

“That’s right. I remember that City Lord was still an early Heaven Immortal expert two days ago, but he was already capable of killing Lascivious Young Master at that time. Now that he has advanced to the mid Heaven Immortal realm, those mid Divine Immortal experts won’t be a match for him. It seems like from now on, the outer region of Evil Abyss will never have its peace anymore.”

Chen Hui and Li Si couldn’t keep their calm when they saw the emergence of Jiang Chen at this critical moment. Despite of the countless geniuses that they had seen, it was their first time seeing a genius that was as rare as Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen’s improvement in power had allowed them to see a glimmer of hope. If those three city lords were killed by Jiang Chen today, the outer region would lose its serenity.

Jiang Chen’s eyes were as sharp as blade. His gaze fell on the bunch of experts. Perhaps, he could get rid of all of them without the help of the demonic chief.

When he saw Big Yellow and the others’ condition, he couldn’t help but sigh in relief. If he was late by another minute, the consequences would be unimaginable. If he didn’t appear on time to destroy that attack, Big Yellow wouldn’t be able to resist it.

“The person that you all are looking for has come,” said Jiang Chen coldly.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

That city lord seemed slightly surprised, he didn’t think that Jiang Chen would be this young. Despite Jiang Chen’s beast-like appearance, he was still able to see that Jiang Chen was an incomparably young genius. What shocked them the most was that this young man was merely a Heaven Immortal expert.

“I am.”

The Heavenly Saint Sword in Jiang Chen’s hand emitted brilliance and boundless killing intent, ready to slaughter these Divine Immortal experts at any second.

“A mere mid Heaven Immortal expert? We won’t ever put you in our eyes. Don’t waste time conversing with him. Let’s kill him right away.”

Another city lord spoke. Murderous intent already lingered around his body. This only showed that anyone who could establish a foothold in Evil Abyss was extremely violent and wicked.

“Alright, let’s attack together.”

The third city lord agreed. Although they weren’t afraid of a mid Heaven Immortal expert, the fact remained that Lascivious Young Master was killed by this abnormal young man. Therefore, none of them dared to show any neglect. They might not have the courage to fight Jiang Chen on their own, but a three versus one battle gave them the audacity they needed.

“Whatever you try to do is pointless,” said Jiang Chen in an incomparably cold tone.

In Evil Abyss, there were no rules that could be talked about. Killing someone had always been a simple incident and matter.

“Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal.”

Jiang Chen started the attack first. For an instant, the sky was shaken by dragon roars. Nearly a dozen st.u.r.dy dragons emerged, hovering in the sky above the city. It looked as if true divine dragons were descending from the sky. Such an aura was incomparably frightening to most people. Even in the Immortal World, everyone knew that dragons were legendary existences, they were n.o.ble creatures revered by countless people and they existed only in myths.

The three city lords however weren’t alarmed by the dragons. Although they had never seen real dragons before, they had often seen combat skills that were similar to this type.


When they sensed the unstoppable momentum of Jiang Chen, their faces turned grim, they immediately summoned their combat weapons, instilling all of their energy into the weapons, and then lunged at Jiang Chen.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

The dragon roars were overwhelming. The three city lords had underestimated the power of the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal. Besides its varying colour, they also varied in combat strength. When the five elements were combined together, they mutually reinforced and neutralized each other.

The three of them launched their full-force attack, but it was still incomparably hard to fully block this attack. The current Jiang Chen wasn’t the same as the previous Jiang Chen after all. With 560 000 dragon marks and with the help of the Great Divination Art, he was capable enough to kill mid Divine Immortal experts.


The Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal didn’t stop after the impact. The dragon had integrated itself with the sword, charging into the enemy. A dozen heavenly dragons had surrounded the three city lords while the dragon sword aimed at one of them. Although the three of them seemed like friends on the surface, they never had any experience working together. Now that the dragons had broken their line of defence, their formation were disorientated. Instead of caring for the others, they cared only for themselves.

The dragon sword was moving too fast and its power was domineering. Combining it with the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal made it an invincible attack. The city lord that was being targeted by the Heavenly Saint Sword changed his facial expression immediately, he could already sense a strong Qi of death.


The city lord let out a miserable cry. While he was resisting the attack of the combat dragons, his eyes were watching helplessly as the dragon sword got closer and closer to his glabella.

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