Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1210 – Havoc in Lascivious City

Chapter 1210 – Havoc in Lascivious City

Havoc in Lascivious City

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Just as Jiang Chen opened the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, two streams of formidable power surged out of the paG.o.da, and two burly figures emerged from it. Without a doubt, these two were Ah Da and Ah Er.

“Ah! The dense Qi is mingled with evil and devil essence, which is perfect for me. I will surely going to advance soon.”

“That’s right. The environment here is too good. I’m going to make a breakthrough in my cultivation too under such stimulation.”

Ah D and Ah Er were incomparably excited, and then, their Qi began to rise, rus.h.i.+ng towards the realm of Divine Immortal. Ah Da and Ah Er were Heavenly Devil Barbaric Bulls that were violent and vicious by nature. Furthermore, because of the devil essence in their bodies, it made them connect with the Qi in the Evil Abyss.

Moreover, the both of them had already consumed the lotus leaves, pus.h.i.+ng their cultivation to the half-step Divine Immortal realm, however, its effect hadn’t been exhausted yet. When the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da was opened and they were exposed to the evil Qi of the Evil Abyss, their cultivation was instantaneously boosted to early Divine Immortal realm.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow perked up upon seeing the situation in front. Before this, they had no certainty in winning the battle. What they wanted was just to meet the Lascivious Young Master. But now, they had a favourable turn. If Ah Dad and Ah Er advanced to the early Divine Immortal realm, they would perhaps be capable enough to deal with Lascivious Young Master. After all, the both of them were twin brothers. Once the two of them coordinated flawlessly in battle, it would improve their overall strength by more than double and would allow them to fight an opponent one level higher than them. Perhaps, this would make them a worthy opponent of Lascivious Young Master. Therefore, their advancement to the early Divine Immortal realm was truly a good thing to Jiang Chen.

In the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da, Huang Ying and Yan Qingcheng were putting all of their focus on Ah Da and Ah Er.

“Never thought that Young Master Jiang has such powerful helpers.”

Huang Ying’s admiration for Jiang Chen’s means grew profusely. She could clearly sense the power of Ah Da and Ah Er, but she still didn’t think it was enough to fight Lascivious Young Master. After all, the young master was already a mid Divine Immortal expert. Even if there was only a level of difference, it was still a tremendous gap.

The stimulation Ah Da and Ah Er received was ma.s.sive. Immense amount of energy surged into their bodies. In just a matter of a dozen minutes, both of them successfully advanced to the early Divine Immortal realm. They had now become a true Divine Immortal expert.

“Master, this place is so great,” Ah Da said to Jiang Chen.

“Alright. Ah Da, Ah Er, now that you have both advanced to the Divine Immortal realm, follow me to Lascivious City and wreak havoc there. If we are able to conquer the whole city, you are free to take the benefits inside there,” Jiang Chen said.

“Thank you master.”

Ah Da and Ah Er had a look of antic.i.p.ation. For beings like them who were only afraid of a peaceful world, battling was their favourite activity. They had been stifled in the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da all this while. If they didn’t come out from it to move their limbs, their bodies were going to be rusty.

“Let’s go.”

Subsequently, Jiang Chen rose to the sky and headed towards the direction pointed by Huang Ying. Big Yellow was flying next to Jiang Chen while Ah Da and Ah Er were following behind them closely. Now that they were already in the Evil Abyss, there was no need for him to hide his trump cards anymore.

Huang Ying was slightly astounded to see Jiang Chen fly, even though he hadn’t reached the Heaven Immortal realm yet. But after that, she recalled that Yan Qingcheng had told her that Jiang Chen had already acquired the ability to fly when he was only a Human Immortal expert. So, this shouldn’t be much of a surprise. However, she was afraid that this legendary and mysterious man was going to bring an even greater shock to them.

Departing from where they were to the city was a thousand miles of a distance, but to Jiang Chen and the rest, such a distance was only equivalent to a few blinks of an eye.

The night was dark and windy. Normally, extraordinary things would happen at such a night. But in the Evil Abyss, virtually every night was similar to this.

Soon, a city became visible in front of them. It wasn’t a large city. It seemed to be only a hundred miles in size. The city wall gave the viewer the feeling of brand-new, like it was just built in recent years. Comparing this wall to the other ancient city walls, it lacked the Qi of steadiness.

The city was nameless as no plaque was found around the front gate of the city. There were also no guards and rules.

Of course, any rules and laws would be useless in the Evil Abyss.

Jiang Chen and the others had broken into the city unhindered.

“Big Yellow, start making some noise here,” Jiang Chen said.

“No problem!”

Big Yellow shook his body and spat out a huge fireball towards the long stretch of buildings below him.

*Hong Long…*

As the huge fireball landed on the ground, it immediately turned into a sea of fire. Such movement and brightness was too distracting and dazzling in the middle of the night. It was impossible that it wouldn’t attract anyone’s attention.

Big Yellow however wasn’t satisfied with one fireball. He opened his mouth and continued to spit out fireb.a.l.l.s. Every fireball destroyed a stretch of buildings, and in a twinkle of an eye, the entire Lascivious City had turned into chaos. They could hear wails from below. Those who were in the buildings were smashed to death on the spot. Those who successfully escaped were fazed by the incident.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

Big Yellow cackled pleasantly. None of them had any sense of guilt watching all these citizens die, because most of them were vicious and ungrateful beings that ought to be dead long ago. Moreover, it was just too normal for anyone to die in the Evil Abyss.

“What’s going on? Who’s wreaking havoc in Lascivious City?”

“F*ck! How dare they come here to cause trouble! Are they tired of living their lives? Kill them!”


Noises of people scolding others filled the air. Plenty of powerful figures had flown out from different direction of the city and surrounded Jiang Chen and the rest. As most of them were Heaven Immortals and weren’t idiots, they fled immediately when they sensed the Divine Immortal Qi radiating from Ah Da and Ah Er’s bodies. Anyone who was familiar with the norm of the Evil Abyss knew that no one would display threats easily, but once a person or group dared to attack, they wouldn’t hesitate to kill.

“Kill all of them,” Jiang Chen said plainly.

Since they had already come to the city, they had to make sure that the city was stained with blood.

“Yes, master.”

Ah Er acted on the command without delay.

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