Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1207 – Yan Qingcheng’s Bitter Experience

Chapter 1207 – Yan Qingcheng’s Bitter Experience

Yan Qingcheng’s Bitter Experience

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Four incomplete corpses were lying on the ground. The air was filled with a nose-stinging stench of blood. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow seemed very fine with it, but Yan Qingcheng and her companion were showing unpleasant faces.

“Are you alright, Qingcheng?” Jiang Chen comforted Yan Qingcheng.

“Big Brother Jiang, it’s great to see you here.”

Yan Qingcheng regained her composure and left Jiang Chen’s embrace. Her face couldn’t help but turn red when she thought about being in his arms, but as she had had lots of experience as the Big Miss of Yan City, she recovered pretty fast from an emotional breakdown.

“Big Brother Jiang, this is Sister Huang Ying.”

Yan Qingcheng introduced the woman in black to Jiang Chen, and then spoke to her, “Sister Ying, this is Big Brother Jiang that I mentioned before.”

Huang Ying neared Jiang Chen and saluted deeply, “Thank you very much, Young Master Jiang for saving us. I can never repay your kindness to me. If Young Master Jiang didn’t save us, I wouldn’t be able to imagine what consequences Sister Qingcheng and I would face.”

“There’s no need to be this polite, Sister Ying. Since I saw your situation, I have to take care of it. Besides, you are Qingcheng’s friend,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“I have heard a lot about Young Master Jiang from Sister Qingcheng. After today’s incident, I can confirm that Young Master Jiang surely is a rare genius.”

Huang Ying smiled faintly. She had a dignified demeanour, like she was once a young mistress of a major power. However, none of them knew why she ended up here. Jiang Chen didn’t ask because her condition wasn’t very good. It was apparent that she had been forcefully keeping her body from falling down while suffering serious injuries. If she wasn’t treated soon, the repercussion would be unthinkable.

Not just Huang Ying, Yan Qingcheng too was suffering heavy injuries. So, the current priority wasn’t to debrief them, but to heal them instead.

“Sister Ying, Qingcheng, both of you have been wounded quite badly. I should treat you two first,” said Jiang Chen.

Then, he place his hands on their wrists and channeled tremendous amount of wood spiritual Qi into them like a fountain.


The sudden rush of wood spiritual Qi had given them maximum comfort. It was like a dried lake suddenly receiving a ma.s.sive amount of rain.

Yan Qingcheng seemed fine. Although she still was astonished, this wasn’t her first time knowing Jiang Chen. She knew that Jiang Chen was a miracle and that he had plenty of abilities and trump cards.

However, Huang Ying’s facial expression and the way she looked at Jiang Chen changed completely. Before this, she only heard about Jiang Chen’s stories from Yan Qingcheng, and the battle just now was fought by Big Yellow, which meant that she hadn’t gotten the chance to witness Jiang Chen’s true abilities until now.

However, she had lost her calm during the healing process, she was crystal clear of how serious her injuries were. Her injuries were fundamentally impossible to be healed in such a short period of time, even by consuming some miraculous pills, but Jiang Chen only used his spiritual Qi to instantly ignite the vigour in her body. Whether it was internal or external injuries, the healing process could be observed by her naked eyes.

“Don’t speak.”

Jiang Chen warned when he saw Huang Ying’s mouth opening. Immediately, Huang Ying shut her mouth and refocused on the healing process.

The wood spiritual Qi was surging into their bodies extravagantly. At this moment, Huang Ying felt even more surprised because half of her injuries had already been healed in just a few minutes. She knew very well now how important and beneficial this spiritual Qi was.

What an amazing young man! If I didn’t experience this personally, I wouldn’t be able to believe it.

Huang Ying couldn’t help but sigh. Then, she thought of how Yan Qingcheng had praised Jiang Chen in front of her. It turned out that Qingcheng was right.

Ten minutes later, Jiang Chen removed his hands off their wrists. Yang Qingcheng and Huang Ying adjusted their breathing before opening their eyes. After being healed by the wood spiritual Qi, both of their condition had been completely restored. Whether it was their expression or Qi, they all looked vibrant.

Huang Ying bowed to Jiang Chen and said, “This is truly a miracle. Young Master’s means is undoubtedly profound.”

“That’s of course. Sister Ying, you don’t know about Big Brother Jiang’s other abilities yet. Now that Big Brother Jiang has come to the Evil Abyss, this place is destined to have a b.l.o.o.d.y storm,” said Yan Qingcheng with confidence.

After leaving Yan City, her temperament had changed a little. She wasn’t acting like a haughty Big Miss anymore. Furthermore, she had met the one she longed to meet. So, instantly, she had turned herself into a humble and empathizing lady.

“Qingcheng, how did you come to this place?” Jiang Chen asked.

This was what he had been most curious about. Yan Qingcheng was born and raised in Yan City. There was no way she would be dragged into the Evil Abyss. It puzzled him that the famous Big Miss of Yan City would get stuck in a place like this.

“Big Brother Jiang, not long after you left Yan City, I have advanced to the early Heaven Immortal realm. Then, I decided to leave Yan City and head over to One-Line-Sky in search for you. Unexpectedly, I have encountered a spatial storm half-way in my journey. The next thing I knew, I was blown in here,” replied Yan Qingcheng.

She shuddered when she recalled all the encounters during this period. As the Big Miss of Yan City, she had always been provided a comfortable place to live. The Evil Abyss was too dangerous for her to stay.

When she talked about leaving the Yan City in search for Jiang Chen, she kept one line in her heart – she couldn’t forget Jiang Chen. That was the main reason she wanted to find Jiang Chen, she wanted to pursue her own happiness.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh. This was another girl full of infatuation. He knew very well the feelings she had for him, which was also the reason he left Yan City as soon as possible. To him, whether it was Yan City or Yan Qingcheng, both were merely a pa.s.ser-by in his life. He had concluded that they would never see each other again from the moment he left Yan City, but fate obviously wasn’t in line with his thought, letting the two of them see each other again in such a dangerous place.

As the Evil Abyss was full of danger, he couldn’t allow himself to watch Yan Qingcheng suffer alone here.

“It seems like the Evil Abyss is connected very closely to the outer world and there may be even no separation between the two. This domain should be beyond the law of s.p.a.ce, otherwise, the spatial storms wouldn’t exist,” said Big Yellow.

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