Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1204 – The Desperate Females

Chapter 1204 – The Desperate Females

The Desperate Females

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The pa.s.sageway wasn’t very long. Although it was regarded as an unusual spatial zone, it didn’t exist independently from the Immortal World. The closer one got to the Evil Abyss, the more discomfort the dark and gloomy Qi caused.

As the chilly Qi ahead was getting thicker, a gleam of light was seen. It wasn’t a strange situation to Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, as this wasn’t their first time travelling in a spatial pa.s.sageway. It indicated that they were reaching the end of the pa.s.sage.

“Almost there.”

Big Yellow’s face was filled with excitement. The two of them hastily exerted force to control their bodies. They had already experienced the impact at the end of the spatial pa.s.sageway many times. If they weren’t careful enough, they would be hurled out by the spatial storm.


Upon reaching the end of the pa.s.sage, an immense force acted upon the both of them, throwing them outwards like a cannonball. Luckily, they had already been prepared for this. They forced their hurtling bodies to a stop in mid-air and landed steadily.

They were shocked as they scanned around the place. The sight of the Evil Abyss was very different from what they had imagined.

In their imagination, the Evil Abyss was a terrible place. Judging from the gloomy Qi before they reached the Evil Abyss, they thought that the situation in this place should almost be the same in the Devil World.

What they saw in front had blown their minds away. The place where they landed was a wilderness that was covered with weeds and withered vines and old and cloud-piercing trees. The fact that plants could be found everywhere indicated great vitality.

It should be late at night right now, but the sun was still s.h.i.+ning brilliantly in the sky.

“Why does this place seem no different from the outer world and nothing like a human purgatory, except for the lingering killing intent? It even has a sun, moon and stars.” Big Yellow seemed slightly astonished.

“It seems like we have some misunderstandings about the Evil Abyss. The starry sky here should be related to the outer world, which explains why the condition here is almost the same outside. Here is just another world of its own. However, this also showed how dangerous and scary this place is. Since the Evil Abyss isn’t about the environment, then it must be about the atmosphere. Apparently, the evil and killing intent here will make anyone s.h.i.+ver.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. Although there was nothing strange on the surface, the people that lived here was what made this place dangerous. This was a land filled with killings and evils. It had raised Jiang Chen’s alertness and also antic.i.p.ation on this place.

“This should be the boundary of this place.” Big Yellow looked around once more and spoke.

“We don’t have to care about what area it is. The rule now is to be safe. Come on, let’s go over there to see what’s inside,” said Jiang Chen, and then he flew skywards, towards the deep wilderness.

The fact that it was at late at night now didn’t affect either Jiang Chen or Big Yellow because the time of the day was no longer their concern.

“This Evil Abyss sure isn’t small. It has to be at least millions of miles large. Typical spatial zones are normally not this big. It seems like there are plenty of evil forces here.”

Big Yellow sighed. This was something that not even Jiang Chen had expected. They initially thought that the Evil Abyss was just another typical spatial zone with a few hundred thousand miles, tops. The size of the current spatial zone was similar to a big domain in the outer world.

Suddenly, Jiang Chen’s pupils focused downwards. He could sense several human Qi below.

“There are people walking below. Let’s head over there and check it out.”

Jiang Chen said and proceeded to conceal his Qi and flew towards that direction, followed by Big Yellow from behind. They had just arrived at the Evil Abyss and as such, they basically knew nothing about the status of the place. It would naturally be good if they could gather some information from someone else.

Below were two fl.u.s.tered silhouettes, with one at the front and the other behind, running in high speed. Both were females dressed in shabby clothes and with pale faces. Apparently, they were suffering serious injuries. Their eyes were filled with despair as they felt the Qi behind them was getting closer.

They were left with no choice other than running. If they were captured by the person behind them, what greeted them would be a fate worse than death.

Both of them had a similarity—their beauty. The one in blue looked very attractive and beautiful, as if she was the most beautiful female in the world. Their cultivation had already reached the early Heaven Immortal realm. At this level, they could already travel in the air, but they didn’t dare to do so, given their severe condition. With the help of the lush of trees and vines, there was still a chance for them to escape, but if they flew in the air, they would instantly be overtaken.

“Hehe, you two girls, you can’t get away from me. You should just yield obediently.”

A ghastly laugh was heard from behind as it continued to approach them.


The girl in black spewed out a mouthful of blood. She was so badly wounded that she couldn’t support her running anymore. She could only walk by relying on the help of the blue-clad girl.

“How do you feel, Sister Ying?” The blue-clad girl showed a face of concern.

“Sister Qingcheng, run on your own. I can’t go any further. I will only slow you down. Quickly run now. I will stall those beasts for you.”

The girl in black shook off the blue-clad girl’s arms, ready to deal with the pursuers.

“No, if you get caught, you will suffer horrendously. I can’t let you die for me.” The girl in blue shook her head and said sentimentally.

“Go now!” The girl who was called Sister Ying roared.

“Haha! Sentiments… unfortunately, neither of you can get away.”

The voice was getting closer. All of a sudden, four experts emerged. All of them were Heaven Immortal experts wearing black clothes. Two were mid Heaven Immortal experts while the other two were early Heaven Immortal experts. Even if those two girls didn’t suffer any injuries, they wouldn’t be able to deal with these four opponents.

Seeing what happened, the two girls were in total despair. After fleeing for so long, they still couldn’t escape the evil grip of these people.

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