Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1202 – Setting Off

Chapter 1202 – Setting Off

Setting Off

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It was everyone’s dream to cultivate the Great Divination Art, but not everyone could realize this dream. Jiang Chen, however,was a special case. Having lived two lives in the Mortal World, he had an extraordinary advantage compared to the others.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

After two days of continuous effort, the outer barrier of Ura.n.u.s Point had become very thin. Presently, every strike from the soul energy caused the barrier to tremble intensely and it seemed like it would break at any time.

Outside the courtyard, Tianji Zi glanced at the sky, and then pushed open the front gate of Jiang Chen’s courtyard.

“It has already been three days, I wonder how that kid is doing.”

Tianji Zi’s heart was filled with antic.i.p.ation. He strode towards Jiang Chen’s room and pushed open the door.

Just as he pushed open the door of Jiang Chen’s room, Jiang Chen broke past the barrier of the Ura.n.u.s Point. Ma.s.sive soul energy and divination Qi rushed into Jiang Chen’s Ura.n.u.s Point like the tides of the ocean, causing his glabella to glow brightly.

At the same time, a certain type of Qi radiated out from Jiang Chen’s body. It was the divination Qi, which was now denser and stronger than before. Although it seemed ethereal, one could sense it with clarity.

The scene that Tianji Zi saw made him stagger and he almost fell to the ground. He gaped at Jiang Chen unblinkingly. His body s.h.i.+vered and he was at a loss of words.

This scene was too familiar as he had just experienced this not long ago. The glowing Ura.n.u.s Point and strong divination Qi indicated the breakthrough in Heavenly Vision realm. Regardless of how unacceptable it was to him, he had to admit that Jiang Chen had achieved the second stage of the Great Divination Art. Apparently, his mind still wasn’t convinced that this wasn’t a dream.

“This is impossible. Absolutely impossible. I must be dreaming.”

Tianji Zi couldn’t stop shaking his head as he muttered to himself. As a mighty Golden Immortal expert, he had shaped his disposition and mind to a certain level of resoluteness, but at this present moment, it seemed as if he had lost all of his composure.

He could never imagine that this was real as he had spent almost all of his life to reach such a stage. Jiang Chen, however, only used three days to have such an achievement. Truly, this wasn’t a joke. If he didn’t saw this scene personally, he would never believe it.

In fact, even after seeing it with his own eyes, he still found it hard to believe or even accept.

After successfully breaking through, Jiang Chen noticed Tianji Zi’s presence. He took in a deep breath and opened his eyes. Instead of feeling exhausted after the continuous consumption of soul energy, he felt charged-up and vigorous. He stood up from the cus.h.i.+on and came before Tianji Zi.


Jiang Chen greeted, but found out that Tianji Zi wasn’t responding. He lifted his head and saw Tianji Zi was still in a trance, still immersed in his own world.


Jiang Chen couldn’t help but sigh in his heart. He deeply understood what Tianji Zi currently feel. Initially, he intended to conceal the truth by telling Tianji Zi that he had only reached the Spiritual Wisdom realm, to avoid bringing too much psychological blow to Tianji Zi. However, he hadn’t thought of the possibility that his master would barge in right at the moment when he made the breakthrough.


Jiang Chen called for the second time. Finally, Tianji Zi regained his senses. He now looked at Jiang Chen like how he would look at a monster and spoke in a slightly quivering voice, “You-you have advanced to the Heavenly Vision realm?”

Tianji Zi still didn’t sound convinced.

“Yes, master. Disciple is fortunate enough to advance to the Heavenly Vision realm. Master should be happy for me,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

Naturally, Tianji Zi would feel happy for his disciple’s achievement. In fact, his endorphins were currently flooding his body. Although Jiang Chen had dealt a deadly blow to him, viewing this incident from a different angle indicated his good eyesight for picking this monstrous talent as his disciple.

“Three days… you son of a b*tch used only three days to reach the stage that took me half of my lifetime. You are truly a monstrous one. Fortunately, you’re my disciple, otherwise, I would surely be driven crazy.”

Tianji Zi’s excitement had been stirred up. There was no way that he could maintain his calm as he started to see hope on Jiang Chen. He even had an intuition that he would see Jiang Chen reaching the last stage of the Great Divination Art one day. It was supposed to be unrealistic at first, but now it had become highly probable.

“It was just luck. Although I have reached the Heavenly Vision realm, I still have yet to grasp the two later stages. I’m afraid that I will need a long time and a certain fortune to make a breakthrough in the Heavenly Will realm.” Jiang Chen said.

What he said was the truth. He was already very satisfied with his current condition. As for the later stages, it could only depend on his fortune.

“You are surely a rare and an unusual genius that only emerge once every ten thousand years. No wonder even master is envious of you. Speaking of that, even this old man is beginning to envy you. Since you have already cultivated to the Heavenly Vision realm, you will surely be able to circulate this secret art in battle. It will certainly be a great help for you during critical moments in the Evil Abyss.”

Tianji Zi expressed his admiration for Jiang Chen. In his point of view, he had picked up a real treasure—Jiang Chen. He was sure that Jiang Chen’s future achievements would surpa.s.s Tian Muyun’s.

He also believed that a man like Jiang Chen would never achieve ordinary results in the future. Although Tian Muyun was a legendary figure in One-Line-Sky, comparing his talent to Jiang Chen’s was like day and night. Jiang Chen was like the son of the Heavens, a figure who would keep soaring up to the sky. So, a small place like One-Line-Sky would not be able to satisfy his needs for long.

“Master, three days have pa.s.sed. I’m already well prepared to go into the Evil Abyss now,” said Jiang Chen.

Now that he had cultivated the Great Divination Art, he was very interested to find out about the Evil Abyss. The tough-training there would be beneficial to his growth.

“That’s right. I will bring you to see master now. He will open the Evil Abyss for you. Once you enter the Evil Abyss, stay alert at all times. Although you have an incredible talent, you are still very weak and it is very hard to survive in that kind of place. A minor carelessness will put your life in jeopardy.” Tianji Zi reminded Jiang Chen like a caring elderly.

“Disciple understood.”

Jiang Chen nodded, and then called out to Big Yellow before heading towards the Evil Abyss.

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