Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1200 – What a Pity!

Chapter 1200 – What a Pity!

What a Pity!

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Spiritual Intelligence > Spiritual Wisdom

According to the records, the Great Divination Art was a supreme secret art that had been pa.s.sed down to innumerable amazing geniuses over the years, but no one was able to reach the great realm or even touched the last stage—the Divination realm.

Jiang Chen got what he deserved by forcing himself to understand the Divination Map before he even mastered the early stage of the Divination Art. Regardless of how monstrous his talent was, there was no way he could comprehend the profundity of the Divination Art in just a dozen minutes. Despite understanding this fact, he couldn’t help but venture into the Divination Map, but fortunately, he reacted quickly. Otherwise, the consequences would be beyond imagination.

However, he might not know that he was the first one who made the Divination Map circulate on itself. Tianji Zi had been studying the Great Divination Art for years, but had never tried to study the Divination Map, let alone cause changes in the map. Jiang Chen however was able to activate it on his first attempt. Undeniably, it was a miracle.

If Tianji Zi knew about this, he would certainly be shocked to death. It was somewhat too ridiculous when Jiang Chen achieved something that he couldn’t achieve in his lifetime in just a dozen of minutes.

Jiang Chen didn’t dare to put his mind into the Divination Map again. He circulated the spirit of wood and dragon transformation skill to start healing his injuries. He took exactly an hour to be fully recovered. This showed how serious the injuries he suffered was. It was definitely more serious than the injuries he suffered from battles.

If Jiang Chen was replaced by another person, that person would need at least a month’s time to recover from such an injury. So Jiang Chen surely was an abnormal being for taking only an hour to fully recover.

After recovering, he took in a deep breath and concentrated on studying. Taking one step at a time, he immersed himself into the Great Divination Art. His objective within these three days wasn’t a big one, he just hoped to reach the Spiritual Wisdom realm.

However, if Tianji Zi knew about this, he would surely laugh at Jiang Chen. It was a joke to declare reaching the Spiritual Wisdom stage in three days’ time. Back when Tianji Zi first cultivated the Divination Art, he took a year and a half to advance to the early stage. Given the knack that he had for cultivating the Great Divination Art, it was absolutely impossible to get to the early stage within three days.

Spiritual Wisdom was the symbol of wisdom. It was the combination of a person’s wisdom and spirituality. This was the essential prerequisite before cultivating the Great Divination Art.

Everyone had their own destiny and fate. Only those who had great fortune and root of wisdom could cultivate the Great Divination Art. Both were indispensable and essential conditions before cultivating this great art. Therefore, not everyone could cultivate this technique. If someone who lacked the root of wisdom and luck cultivated this technique, he would not be able to make even a bit of progress in his lifetime.

On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s fortune and root of wisdom was already evident. Along the path of his journey, he had been the symbol of luck and his potential had undoubtedly gifted him the prerequisite to cultivate the Great Divination Art. Putting it in another way, the Great Divination Art seemed to be invented specifically for Jiang Chen to cultivate. It was only a matter of time before he surpa.s.sed Tianji Zi and he believed that it wouldn’t be very long.

Soon, Jiang Chen had buried himself in the art, deeply attracted by the chants and its profundity.

During the period of Jiang Chen’s cultivation, the news about him spread around in Skycloud Pavilion like wildfire. Ever since Jiang Chen arrived in the pavilion, it had never been peaceful. It began from the uproar in the outer sect, to the Iron Dummy Array in the inner sect, the life-and-death battle with Qu Yuan, and now the Evil Abyss. Adding all these events together, they happened only within a short period of time. They were afraid that only Jiang Chen in the history of Skycloud Pavilion could stir up the pavilion so badly.

Without a doubt, Tian Muyun was the most dazzling figure in the history of Skycloud Pavilion, but Jiang Chen’s emergence had almost blotted him out.

However, it was a pity that Jiang Chen was forced to go to the Evil Abyss. In many people’s point of view, going into the Evil Abyss was basically no different from going to h.e.l.l.

“I really didn’t expect that Master Tian would sentence such a heavy punishment on Jiang Chen. It’s wasteful to lose such an awesome genius just for the sake of Elder Yang Shu’s face.”

“What else do you know? I heard that it was merely a suggestion from Master Tian and Jiang Chen was given the option to decline, but he had agreed to it unexpectedly. Truly, this is similar to a newborn calf not being afraid of tigers for agreeing to go into the Evil Abyss. It seems like he is clueless of how scary the Evil Abyss is.”

“That’s right. He’s absolutely an idiot to accept such an offer. The Evil Abyss is a dangerous place that gathered all sorts of evils. There was threat and killings every single day. Putting the ancient devil and other ferocious demonic beasts aside, even the humans inside are malicious and violent. This time, Jiang Chen is being overly confident for thinking that he is invincible after defeating Qu Yuan. He surely doesn’t know how powerful the beings in the Evil Abyss are. Not even Golden Immortal experts are willing to go inside. As such, Jiang Chen’s only end is death the moment he entered such a place.”

“Jiang Chen is going to face his end this time. It will make Skycloud Pavilion peaceful again when this man is gone, however, it’s still a huge loss to the sect to lose such a powerful genius.”

“I do admire Jiang Chen’s courage very much, regardless of whether he can walk out of the Evil Abyss alive. Not everyone could do what he did. Try asking every genius in Skycloud Pavilion and I’m sure none of them will be willing to go through such a punishment.”


In the outer sect, inner sect, core disciples and even in various inst.i.tute of elders, they were all discussing about the matter of Jiang Chen. No one had ever thought that Master Tian would get involved in this incident and that the Law Enforcement Hall would conclude in such a way. Although Master Tian sentenced Jiang Chen a punishment by ordering him to go into the Evil Abyss, Jiang Chen was given the choice to decline the punishment as well. Thus, everyone was puzzled by the fact that Jiang Chen actually accepted the punishment.

As only very few of them thought that Jiang Chen would survive this trial, plenty of them felt that it was a pity for losing such a monstrous genius. The Evil Abyss was a place that could turn people’s face pale at the mention of it. It was like a human purgatory. So, it wasn’t as easy as it sounded for one to get out of there alive.

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