Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 120 – The Silent Poisonous Needle

Chapter 120 – The Silent Poisonous Needle

Chapter 120 – The Silent Poisonous Needle

“d.a.m.n it, you’re a really crazy fellow! But your father likes exciting adventures, kaka.”

Big Yellow was flying crazily while laughing out loud. After he began following Jiang Chen, he had never run out of excitement and adventures. Just like their current situation, they were only at the Mortal Core realm, and they were running amok in the second sector. Perhaps only Jiang Chen would have this kind of courage.


The man in black was chasing closely behind, and he kept attacking them from behind. However, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were too fast, so all of his attacks had missed their target.

“d.a.m.n it, how can this man and dog run so fast? I can’t let this continue, even I will be in great danger if I venture too deeply into sector two. Senior disciple Fan has given me a clear order that I must kill Jiang Chen this time… Looks like I’ll need to use the Silent Poisonous Needle given to me by senior disciple Fan.”

The man in black murmured. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were simply too fast, and he had never seen any man or demon beast at the Mortal Core realm who could move with such great speed, even he couldn’t catch up to them.

Initially, he had thought that the mission of killing Jiang Chen would be a simple task, but he had never expected it to become so complicated.

However, the man in black didn’t panic. He kept his distance with Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, then he slowly took out a needle. The narrow needle was glowing in a black light, and with just a single glance, anyone could tell that this was a poisonous needle. The needle had the length of a human palm, and it was obviously extremely poisonous. The man in black carefully covered the needle with his Yuan energy, he didn’t dare touch it with his hand.

“This Silent Poisonous Needle has the poison of the h.e.l.l Flower, Black Orchid, and dozen of other poisons. There’s no remedy for it, and once anyone below the Divine Core realm is impaled by it, he would become dead meat. Its poison can even corrode Yuan energy. Jiang Chen, getting killed by this poisonous needle is an honorable death for you. If you want to blame someone, just blame yourself for offending someone you shouldn’t have offended.”

An insidious look appeared in the eyes of the man. The poisonous needle in his hand slowly started floating, then he pushed it with ma.s.sive force and sent it towards Jiang Chen’s direction, silently.

This poisonous needle was made from a very special material, and it wouldn’t make any sound when moving. Therefore, once it was used to attack someone, it could approach the enemy without them knowing.

However, Jiang Chen could actually sense something. However, he was too busy escaping together with Big Yellow using all their strength to mind it. Besides, all this time, the man in black had been attacking using his combat weapon, Jiang Chen didn’t expect him to suddenly attack with a poisonous needle.

When the poisonous needle got closer, only then did Jiang Chen sense that something was wrong. He hurriedly twisted his body, but it was too late. The poisonous needle pierce into Jiang Chen’s shoulder, and the poison immediately spread across his body, making Jiang Chen start wobbling.

“Big Yellow, I was poisoned, carry me.”

Jiang Chen said hastily.

“The f.u.c.k, don’t you know how to defend yourself from poison? How could you be poisoned?”

Big Yellow said in a helpless manner. But because of the critical moment, he still immediately carried Jiang Chen on his back.

“The poison used on the needle from that man in black is far more lethal than the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison. However, it’s far from enough to kill me.”

Jiang Chen sneered, then he started circulating energy to his shoulder to eject the poisonous needle. He didn't really care about the poison in his body. He circulated the Dragon Transformation skill, then the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison burst out and covered all poison in his body.

Because he had absorbed the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s bloodline, Jiang Chen’s body could turn into a poisonous body whenever he wanted to. Although the needle’s poison was very powerful, it was illogical to destroy a poisonous body with another poison. With help from the Dragon Transformation skill and the Green h.e.l.lish Python’s poison, the poison from the needle would turn into a nouris.h.i.+ng ingredient and be absorbed by Jiang Chen, helping him increase the strength of poison in his body.


But Jiang Chen still pretended to fall down onto Big Yellow’s back. He tried using this method to ditch the man in black chasing behind.

Indeed, when the man in black saw Jiang Chen falling down onto Big Yellow’s back, he immediately stopped the chase.

“Haha, the Silent Poisonous Needle from senior disciple Fan is really powerful, Jiang Chen was only at the Mortal Core realm, so of course, he would be killed by it! I have accomplished my mission perfectly, I’m sure senior disciple Fan will reward me handsomely once I return!”

The man in black was laughing out loudly. He had witnessed the poison needle impaling Jiang Chen’s body, and he had seen with his own eyes how Jiang Chen fell motionlessly onto Big Yellow’s back. Underneath such circ.u.mstances, Jiang Chen would die for sure.

As for Big Yellow, he didn’t really care about him, since his only target was Jiang Chen.

“Carry on, once you reach the deeper area of sector two, the dangers will be greater! Even that big yellow dog will probably die in there, and if that really happens, then their bodies will get buried in there. Jiang Chen will disappear without anyone knowing what happened.”

Feeling proud of himself, the man in black turned around and left the Myriad Demon Mountain, soon disappearing from their sights.


Big Yellow carried Jiang Chen on his back and continued running. Suddenly, a ground shaking roar came from in front. Big Yellow’s expression turned awful, “It’s a Mid Heavenly Core demon lord! d.a.m.n it, we’re so unlucky…”

Big Yellow turned in another direction and continued running. They were at a place very close to the center area of sector two, and it was perfectly normal to b.u.mp into some Late Heavenly Core demon lords there. Let alone those Mid Heavenly Core demon lords, if Jiang Chen and Big Yellow really b.u.mped into a Late Heavenly Core demon lord, then today would be their doomsday.

But luckily, Big Yellow’s speed was really fast. If it wasn’t, then there would be no way for them to escape from the second sector.

A short moment after Big Yellow left the place, a strong golden lion appeared at the place where Big Yellow was previously at. It kept examining its surroundings, but it couldn’t find anything special, then it just went back to where it came from.

It’s worth mentioning that Big Yellow had great talent when it came to escaping. Very quickly, he had found a remote valley, and there was a desolate and hidden cave within.


Big Yellow threw Jiang Chen forcefully from his back.

“d.a.m.n it, d.a.m.ned dog, can’t you be any gentler?! Tell me earlier if you want to put me down!”

Jiang Chen cursed.

Big Yellow stared at Jiang Chen in awe. He had an oily face, and he looked decent, he didn’t look like had been poisoned at all. Big Yellow immediately realized he had been cheated by Jiang Chen, and had carried him all the way for nothing.

He could tolerate many things, but not doing free labor. Big Yellow screamed and leaped towards Jiang Chen.

“The f.u.c.k, d.a.m.ned dog, I really was poisoned just now, and it’s just that I managed to absorb the poison! Ouch! b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you bit my a.s.s again!”

Jiang Chen became furious as well. This d.a.m.ned dog had bitten the same side of his b.u.t.t every single time, and it had become swollen.

Therefore, a man and a dog started fighting in the small cave. The scene looked so familiar, and it was like the first time they had met each other.

A few minutes later, the man and dog stopped their fight. However, they were staring at each other fiercely.

“d.a.m.n it, you’ve torn my clothes! Do you want I, your father, to run out from here naked?!”

When Jiang Chen saw a huge hole on his pants near his b.u.t.t, he had a feeling of wanting to head-b.u.t.t Big Yellow.

“f.u.c.k you, then what am I, your father, going to do with my panda eyes? d.a.m.n it, you were too fierce! Now your father’s handsome image is all gone!”

Big Yellow’s left eye now resembled the eye of a panda.

“f.u.c.k off, guard the perimeter for your father, I’m going to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm now.”

Jiang Chen gazed at Big Yellow, then he found a big rock and sat down on it. He started adjusting his energy.

Big Yellow was mumbling to himself, but he knew that this was an important moment for Jiang Chen. Therefore, he went out to guard the entrance to the cave.

“Every time I have to guard.”

Big Yellow was unhappy about it.

Jiang Chen didn’t bother with Big Yellow as he was busy adjusting his energy. After his fight with the b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Wolf and the man in black, he had been wounded twice, and his energy was now a bit of a mess. Before he attempted to break through to the next stage, he needed to adjust himself to his best form.

Right now, within Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea, the poison of the Green h.e.l.lish Python had changed color. Some black strips had mixed with the once greenish poison. Those black strips were the poison from the Silent Poisonous Needle.

This was the incredible benefit of the Dragon Transformation skill. With the poison of the Green h.e.l.lish Python as the foundation, Jiang Chen could absorb any types of poison and turn it into his own. After absorbing the poison from the needle, Jiang Chen’s poison became even stronger. If any ordinary Heavenly Core warrior was. .h.i.t by this poison, he would basically die in an instant.

Jiang Chen took out the b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Wolf’s demon soul. It kept emitting a bright, golden light, and a strong energy was flowing out from it.

“I’ll depend on you.”

Jiang Chen opened his mouth and swallowed the demon soul.


The ma.s.sive energy contained within the demon soul exploded in Jiang Chen’s body and swept across every single limb and bone in his body. Jiang Chen didn’t dare neglect its energy, and he immediately started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill in order to absorb all the energy.

As time pa.s.sed by, new Dragon Marks kept forming in Jiang Chen’s Qi Sea.

Dawn, at the entrance of the Black Sect, a black figure suddenly appeared. It was the man in black who had gone to the Myriad Demon Mountain to kill Jiang Chen. The man removed all clothes and the veil covering his face. He was in his late twenties, and he had an ordinary face. He was one of those men whose faces couldn’t be remembered. However, his cultivation realm wasn’t weak, he was a Mid Heavenly Core warrior.

The man took out a Black Sect uniform, and after changing into it, he flew into the Black Sect.

Inside the Myriad Demon Mountain, when the bright sunlight chased away the darkness, the demon beasts within the mountain roared angrily and continuously. They unleashed their demonic auras, covering the mountain from the sunlight.

Sector two, within a remote valley. Big Yellow laid on the ground outside a cave with a bored expression. Inside the cave, Yuan energy was boiling around Jiang Chen, literally making it seem like he was in middle of a storm which might explode at any moment.

Right now, Jiang Chen needed to absorb the b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Wolf’s demon soul bit by bit. This kind of demon soul, which contained a special bloodline, was the most difficult to absorb. Not only did Jiang Chen want to absorb the energy within, he also wanted to inherit the b.l.o.o.d.y Combat Wolf’s Wolf King bloodline, and he wanted to form new Dragon Marks to increase his combat strength. The effectiveness of absorbing a special bloodline was always better than absorbing the energy alone.

It took much time to inherit the bloodline. After spending a night, Jiang Chen had only been able to form 5 new Dragon Marks. But he was very close to having a total of 60 Dragon Marks, which was so close to reaching the Late Mortal Core realm.