Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1198 – Imparting

Chapter 1198 – Imparting


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“The Great Divination Art.”

Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed. The name of the technique alone indicated the scariness of this secret art. What astounded Jiang Chen was the fact that Tianji Zi had only reached the early stage of the technique. He wouldn’t dare imagine how powerful the art would be once it had been cultivated to the stage of completion.

“Disciple, master will now impart the Great Divination Art to you. Your cultivation in this technique will solely depend on yourself. There’s a very important requirement for practicing this art, that is the strength of the soul. Back in the Iron Dummy Array, when I was observing you, I didn’t think that you could break the array, however, you managed to do so which meant your soul is stronger than any ordinary cultivator. And you also have a very keen perception. These will be your biggest advantages when it comes to cultivating the Great Divination Art.” Said and praised Tianji Zi.

“The Great Divination Art is divided into four realms, namely, the Spiritual Intelligence realm, Heavenly Vision realm, Heavenly Will realm and Divination realm. The Spiritual Intelligence realm is just the introductory stage of the Divination Art. Once you reached this realm, you will be able to predict the good and the bad of the future. As you advance further and reached the Heavenly Vision realm, you will be able to use it in battle. Master has also just broken through to this realm and used it to draw against Yang Shu in battle. This is the terrifying feature of the Heavenly Vision realm.”

Explained Tianji Zi. Comparing Heavenly Vision realm to the Spiritual Intelligence realm, it was a notch higher than the latter, but in the Great Divination Art, the Heavenly Vision realm was merely one of the early stages, as the truly scary stages were the Heavenly Will realm and Divination realm.

“Amazing. I wonder how powerful the Heavenly Will and Divination realm will be.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered. His interest in the Great Divination Art started to grow again. He initially thought that this secret art was already terrifying enough when it could be used in battles. Unexpectedly, this was only the infant stage of the Divination Art.

“Your guess is right. The Great Divination Art is an ancient secret art. Master has acquired it out of luck. Once you reach the peak of this secret art, you can align yourself with the Heavens. It’s a pity to think that master wasn’t able to get to that level because of my limited potential. I’m already quite satisfied that I have reached the Heavenly Vision realm. As for the later stages of the Divination Art, I suppose I don’t have the luxury to think about it. Moreover, in the records of the Great Divination Art, no one has ever succeeded in this cultivation except for the supreme one who invented this secret art.”

Tianji Zi’s tone became grimmer. It only showed how much he respects the Great Divination Art.

“The Heavenly Vision realm and Heavenly Will realm can be both used in battle. The Heavenly Vision realm allows you to know your opponent’s means and plans in advance. Once you reached the Heavenly Will realm, you can use it to calculate your opponent’s combat technique and cast that combat technique out perfectly, completely catching your opponent off guard.” Said Tianji Zi.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen’s eyes brightened. Even though he was able to copy his opponent’s combat technique in battle using the dragon transformation skill and the Great Soul Derivation Technique, its skill was still limited. If the combat technique he encountered was too complicated, he would fail to copy it out. Moreover, the dragon transformation skill and Great Soul Derivation Technique can only imitate the form and power of the opponent’s combat technique. However, the Great Divination Art is able to fully imitate the opponent’s combat technique, this was what made it scarier. In other words, once one reached this stage, the opponent can no longer hide his secrets from the caster.”

Of course, there was a limitation to this divination. If the opponent’s cultivation and strength was too high, this art wouldn’t work. The person would be suppressed by his opponent’s strength and killed before he could even try to calculate.

“What about the Divination realm, master?”

Asked Jiang Chen curiously. His eyes were full of antic.i.p.ation.

“The Divination realm is the highest realm of the Great Divination Art. Otherwise, it wouldn’t be named using the word ‘Divination’. According to the records of the Great Divination Art, once the person reached this stage, he can control the future of time, calculate the past and future. He can even manipulate the law of s.p.a.ce and time, turning himself into the Divination and become one with the Heavens. That is a realm which we can’t imagine. Although you have an overflowing talent, it’s basically impossible for you to reach that kind of stage as it takes tremendous amount of luck and fortune. Master has a very high hope on you. I will be contented as long as you reach the Heavenly Will realm.”

Tianji Zi patted Jiang Chen’s shoulder with a smile, feeling very satisfied with this disciple, however, he didn’t dare hope that Jiang Chen could advance the Divination Art to the Divination realm, because no matter how monstrous Jiang Chen was, there was no way that he could reach that stage.

The Divination realm!

Jiang Chen’s eyes seemed obsessed. He had already immersed himself in imagining the Great Divination Art, which would allow him to control the time and s.p.a.ce and calculate the past and future. It was unimaginable that such a skill could combine with the Heavens.

“Disciple, this is the cultivation method of the Great Divination Art, all of which is written on here. I will now pa.s.s it to you, I hope that you won’t disappoint me.”

Tianji Zi turned his palm and an old and yellowish piece of paper appeared in front of Jiang Chen’s face. Tianji Zi’s palm was shaking as he held the paper as though this thin piece of paper weighed a million pounds. This indicated how much Tianji Zi valued it.

Jiang Chen received the paper with care. When he held it in his hand, he instantly felt a different sensation. Although the paper was tattered, it radiated a strong ancient Qi. On top of it was densely written in small characters. Above the characters was a big map of the starry sky filled with lingering aura of the Great Dao and Divination. For an instant, Jiang Chen was completely attracted to it.

“Thank you, master.”

Said Jiang Chen solemnly. He was touched when he saw that Tianji Zi was willing to give out such a valuable secret art to him. The supposedly superficial relations.h.i.+p of a master and disciple has turned into genuine feelings in this moment.

It was always good to have genuine feelings as it could always touch someone’s heart.

“You don’t have to be polite with your master. Now, you only have three days. Three days later, you will enter the Evil Abyss. So utilize the time well to cultivate. Even if you can only comprehend a trace of the Great Divination Art, it will be very useful to you when you are in the Evil Abyss.”

Said Tianji Zi. To him, it was fundamentally impossible for Jiang Chen to master the Great Divination Art, because it wasn’t easy to cultivate this secret art.

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