Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1184 – Evenly Matched

Chapter 1184 – Evenly Matched

Evenly Matched

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Qu Yuan was angered. He unleashed all the Qi of a half-step Divine Immortal. It flowed out like scary tides, waves after waves. If Jiang Chen was an ordinary opponent, he would already be frightened to death and lost the spirit to fight.

“Move the Mountains.”

Qu Yuan clamored and struck out a powerful combat technique. Previously, he had declared to let Jiang Chen attack three times first before he attacked, but in the end, he failed to even let Jiang Chen make an attack without defending it. It had caused him to lose a great deal of face, so there’s no reason for him to be lenient with Jiang Chen anymore. He had decided to get rid of Jiang Chen in the fastest way to regain his own dignity.

For a moment, the entire platform was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with terrifying Qi waves. Qu Yuan’s attack was undeniably powerful. The most important element in casting this skill was its momentum. When the scary waves of energy turned into fearsome tides, it had the force that could move mountains and could oppress opponents totally.

“You do have a very strong momentum, but it’s nothing more than a piece of cake in front of me.”

Jiang Chen’s combat intent was majestic. All of his combat intent had been fully ignited by Qu Yuan’s power. Such an intense battle was something that he had yearned for. While facing Qu Yuan’s technique, he casually struck out the Golden Dragon Seal – the most powerful attack amongst the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seals.


Dragon roars rumbled across the sky and three golden dragons spiraled out. Each dragon was dozens of meter in size, alive and lifelike, like a real dragon, carrying an unparalleled destructive force. At three different directions, they smashed against the waves of Qu Yuan’s technique.

*Hong Long……*

Terrifying sound of explosion was heard. There were also sounds of tsunami and dragons. Destructive energy waves rippled all over the area, causing the void to tremble violently. The battle was intense. The scene had become unusually spectacular. Dazzling brilliance filled the sky above the stage. Even though it looked very beautiful, there was endless destruction behind this beauty.

*Deng!* *Deng!* *Deng!*

After the collision, Qu Yuan and Jiang Chen retreated three steps to stabilize themselves. Jiang Chen could feel his blood and Qi going chaotic inside, but after injecting a large amount of wood spiritual Qi into his body, he recovered instantly. His eyes had become incomparably sharp, like a cold blade, staring at Qu Yuan. Such an outcome was within his expectation. It was true that his cultivation base was enough to kill any ordinary half-step Divine Immortal expert, but Qu Yuan was no ordinary expert. Therefore, it wouldn’t be easy for him to get rid of this target.

However, the more even their strengths were in battle, the higher the chance that it could stimulate Jiang Chen’s fighting spirit, and battling a genius like Qu Yuan was very beneficial to him.


Compared to Jiang Chen’s composure, Qu Yuan was astounded. His eyes were fixing at Jiang Chen unblinkingly, he couldn’t believe that this was real. He had gained a new understanding about Jiang Chen’s terrifying combat strength. It seemed like he had underestimated Jiang Chen again.

The situation were the both of them were equally matched shocked the other inner sect disciples and elders. Every one of them widened their eyes, not daring to believe everything that was going on. Everyone changed the way they looked at Jiang Chen drastically, realizing that they had greatly underestimated Jiang Chen.

“My G.o.d! What is the extent of power of this abnormal genius? How could he and Qu Yuan possibly be evenly matched? I wouldn’t have believed this if I haven’t seen it with my own eyes.”

“That’s right. He’s merely a half-step Heaven Immortal expert. After so many years of living, I have never seen a half-step Heaven Immortal expert that possesses such a powerful combat strength, truly unbelievable. Although I’m reluctant to admit it, Jiang Chen was definitely the most monstrous genius that I have ever seen. His future achievements are bound to limitless.”

“It’s too terrifying and completely not human. Is he really a half-step Heaven Immortal expert? Even if it’s because of the tenfold increase in his combat strength, he still can’t be this strong. Qu Yuan was able to become a true disciple because of his extraordinary gift and talent, but comparing him to Jiang Chen, it made him lose the eligibility of becoming a genius. If both of them were on the same level, I’m afraid that Jiang Chen could finish Qu Yuan off in one blow.”


No one wasn’t startled. Although Jiang Chen and Qu Yuan only had one collision, it had undoubtedly caused a great uproar. At this point, no one dared to guarantee who would win in this match because Jiang Chen had no problem fighting against Qu Yuan.

“Never thought that this Jiang Chen is much stronger than we had imagined.”

An elder sighed with astonishment.

“It seems like today’s battle is going to be interesting. Jiang Chen’s power has exceeded everyone’s imagination. It won’t be easy for Qu Yuan to kill Jiang Chen. Also, Qu Yuan isn’t as simple as he looks. He has yet to show his powerful trump cards and means. Therefore, Jiang Chen is still in great danger.”

Grand Elder, Li Zhong said. Although he was still worried for Jiang Chen, his worries for Jiang Chen wasn’t as much as before. Now, he was even antic.i.p.ating what the outcome of the next round of battle would be. If Jiang Chen was able to create another miracle by defeating Qu Yuan today, he would surely become a legend in Skycloud Pavilion.

Of course, Li Zhong thought that this was impossible. In his point of view, Jiang Chen was already considered strong for being able to stay alive in battle until now.

*Hong Long……*

On the platform, Qu Yuan lunged once more, like an aggressive tiger, carrying an endless storm of energy towards Jiang Chen.

On the other side, Jiang Chen was still as calm. He struck out the Five Elemental Combat Dragon Seal and True Dragon Palm alternately, continuously colliding with Qu Yuan’s attacks. The two of them fought inextricably and became the center of the stormy whirlpool. There was no way to tell who was gaining the upper hand.

Such a fierce battle lasted for more than 10 minutes before coming to a stop. The two of them now stood opposite each other. Even until now, no clear victor could be determined. Most of them couldn’t help but exclaim once more. Those who had thought that Jiang Chen could resist Qu Yuan’s attack mainly due to luck had changed their point of view completely. A person could be lucky once or twice. It was certainly not luck that he could stay undefeated for more than 10 minutes. It was his true power and capability.

“Both are evenly matched. I can’t believe that he could actually force Qu Yuan into a draw. This makes him undeniably heaven defying. Even those half-step Divine Immortal experts in the sect, only very few of them could draw with Qu Yuan.”

“Such a figure has gone beyond our imagination. There will always be some unusual beings in this world. Their existence can never be judged based on common sense. This is what Jiang Chen is. He is a peerless genius, the son of Heavens and the envy of the other geniuses and disciples.”


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