Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1182 – Surprising the Inner Sect

Chapter 1182 – Surprising the Inner Sect

Surprising the Inner Sect

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*Dong…* *Dong…* *Dong…*

The sound of the war drum instantly reverberated across the sky above the inner sect. Although it had been long since they last heard the war drum, the sound of the drum was still very familiar to them. As with tradition, someone must hit the drum before a life-and-death battle started. This duel would be witnessed by innumerable disciples.

As the sound of the drum echoed from the stage, silhouettes of disciples could be seen flying towards the martial arena one after another. Every life-and-death battle that took place was a great event to the inner sect. Everyone was eager to find out who would survive in the battle.

If there was no deep hatred and grievance, disciples would never go to the life-and-death stage. Everyone knew that this stage was meant for resolving conflicts by using their own lives. Once the agreed parties stood on this stage, their lives would be destined by the Heavens and any death that happened in this stage was acceptable.

Therefore, once the two parties decided to use the life-and-death stage to resolve their issues, it indicated that the both of them were convinced that they could never resolve their grudges aside from this deadly stage.

The sound of the war drum not only alerted countless of inner sect disciples, it also alarmed the Inst.i.tute of Inner Sect Elders.

“What’s going on? How could someone be hitting the war drum now?”

“Ai! This war drum hasn’t been sounded for a very long time. I wonder who those two disciples are. Why would they decide to resolve their issues and grudges using their lives?”

“Youngsters are always impulsive. Let’s go and check what’s going on. After all, a life-and-death battle isn’t a small matter. Plus, we are still unclear who are involved in this battle.”


All of the elders came out from the inst.i.tute. The life-and-death battle was a huge matter in the inner sect and as elders, they should be concerned about it.

On the life-and-death stage stood Qu Yuan formally. His face was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with pride and grin. This time, he was going to eliminate Jiang Chen openly.

“Look, it’s Qu Yuan, how could it be him?”

“He’s really Qu Yuan. Who is the blind person who offended this genius? However, that person must have too much guts to accept the fight on the life-and-death stage with Qu Yuan.”

“That’s right. Qu Yuan is a true disciple and an outstanding one in the inner sect. No one in the inner sect would dare to provoke him. Anyone who did never ended up well, seeing him on this battle stage is definitely the first time. I don’t know who has such a nerve to force Qu Yuan to do this.”


Everyone seemed very surprised when they found out that the one standing on the stage was Qu Yuan who was regarded as a miniature ruler in the inner sect that no one would ever dare to offend. Today, however, someone had agreed to fight Qu Yuan on this stage. In truth, this was no different than seeking death. That person must have supreme guts to seek his death this way.

When the elders saw Qu Yuan, they were shocked. At this time, everyone started to show interest in guessing who Qu Yuan’s opponent was.

Just as everyone was preoccupied by their curiosity, a youth with sprouted Flaming Wings flew towards their direction and landed on the stage, standing opposite of Qu Yuan.

“Jiang Chen!”

Almost all of them exclaimed when they saw the incomer. The elders’ eyes went wide, they couldn’t believe what they were seeing.

“d.a.m.n! This b.a.s.t.a.r.d again? He has already pa.s.sed the trial of the Iron Dummy Array and today, he is engaging in a life-and-death battle with Qu Yuan? I don’t know anyone else that had this much audacity.”

“Is this guy really not afraid of death? He seems to be only at the half-step Heaven Immortal realm. On what basis can he fight with the emperor of the inner sect? Could he be thinking that he can do whatever he can after gaining the true disciple t.i.tle? As soon as he stepped into the life-and-death stage, his ident.i.ty as a true disciple isn’t going to work anymore. In addition, Qu Yuan is also a true disciple.”

“What surprises me is how did these two guys collided with each other. If I’m not mistaken, that Jiang Chen had just became an inner sect disciple a day ago and both of them haven’t met one another, let alone having any grudges between them. So why did they decide to seek for settlement on the life-and-death stage?”


Numerous people found it hard to accept and couldn’t help rolling their eyes when they saw that Qu Yuan’s opponent was Jiang Chen. They wouldn’t have believed it if they didn’t see it with their own eyes. Although the both of them had the t.i.tle of true disciple, the difference in cultivation base was just too great—a half-step Heaven Immortal expert fighting a half-step Divine Immortal expert? No one knew where Jiang Chen had gotten such a nerve from.

“Qu Yuan, Jiang Chen, what is going on between the two of you? Qu Yuan, as one of the elites in the inner sect, why would you engage in a life-and-death battle with a half-step Heaven Immortal junior? Did you consider the damage that will be done to your reputation in doing so?”

Grand Elder Li Zhong stood out and spoke. He had a very good impression of Jiang Chen, but he knew Qu Yuan even more. Jiang Chen could never afford to offend someone like Qu Yuan. In his point of view, there was a huge gap in cultivation between these two. Therefore, Jiang Chen only had one result, death without a burial place.

As a Grand Elder, as soon as he saw the difference in this duel, he naturally had to step up.

“Grand Elder, this Jiang Chen isn’t an ordinary half-step Heaven Immortal expert. Earlier today, I have sent Gao Yang and two others to check the progress of the restoration of the Iron Dummy Array . Unexpectedly, they saw this b.a.s.t.a.r.d letting a dog to do the repair. This is absolutely a humiliation to the Iron Dummy Array. When Gao Yang and the others reprimanded him for such insult, he amputated both of Gao Yang arms and each arm of the other two. Everyone should know that Gao Yang and the others are my people. When Jiang Chen incapacitated them, I can turn a blind eye to the fact that he has violated the taboo of maiming a fellow disciple, but I can’t accept the fact that he isn’t even respecting me. If I don’t seek justice in this matter, I am surely going to be the laughing stock in the inner sect”

Qu Yuan recounted what had happened to his three followers, giving him plenty of reasons to kill Jiang Chen.


After hearing Qu Yuan’s words, everyone exclaimed. Countless pairs of eyes fell upon Jiang Chen. Apart from disbelief, they also felt shocked. Not just them, even Li Zhong was gaping at Jiang Chen. Gao Yang was a late Heaven Immortal expert, but he wasn’t even a match for Jiang Chen. They wondered how powerful this Jiang Chen actually was. Wasn’t it too much and heaven defying for a half-step Heaven Immortal expert to be this powerful?

“No wonder Qu Yuan proposed to have a life-and-death battle with him. This incident didn’t give any face to Qu Yuan at all. Given his pride, he would surely never let go of Jiang Chen.”

“Is that Jiang Chen really that scary? Defeating Gao Yang as a mere half-step Heaven Immortal? I have never heard of such a terrifying combat power. How heaven defying is he actually? If this is really the case, he must have at least the combat strength of a half-step Divine Immortal expert. Furthermore, the fact that he has the nerve to fight Qu Yuan in the life-and-death stage proved that he was confident enough in this match. I’m truly amazed by this.”

“This Jiang Chen is too violent. How can he amputate Gao Yang and the others? It was akin to annihilating their future. According to the rules, he must be punished for it. However, I couldn’t even begin to imagine that he would agree to fight a life-and-death match against Qu Yuan. It seems like he has no clue of Qu Yuan’s power at all. And this will cost him his life.”


Conversations filled the air like waves. Jiang Chen’s power had gone beyond anyone’s imagination. Even if he decided to have a life-and-death fight with Qu Yuan, it didn’t make any of them optimistic. After all, they were very clear of Qu Yuan’s means. Certainly, Qu Yuan wasn’t an opponent that a mere half-step Heaven Immortal expert could handle.

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