Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1179 – Qu Yuan

Chapter 1179 – Qu Yuan

Qu Yuan

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Gao Yang’s miserable screams made people feel jumpy. His arms were chopped off at the same time and blood was pouring out. On the other hand, Jiang Chen’s face was as cold as a bloodthirsty devil king. The other two disciples were in the midst of shock, s.h.i.+vering in fear and didn’t dare speak a word. The pressure given by Jiang Chen was too great.

“You two, do you want me to do it or you’ll do it by yourselves?”

Jiang Chen looked at the two disciples emotionlessly.

“Jiang Chen, the sect forbids disciples from killing each other. The Law Enforcement Palace will never show mercy to you for how you are treating us.”

A disciple spoke in a quivering voice, attempting to use the Law Enforcement Palace to oppress Jiang Chen. Unfortunately, he failed to understand what kind of person Jiang Chen was.

“Jiang Chen, don’t bring this too far. Indeed, we have made a mistake for provoking you today. We are now apologizing to you. Please let us go.”

Obviously, the other disciple was more aware of the situation. Not only did he realize the current situation, but also the ferocity and ruthlessness of Jiang Chen. They would never get a favorable result by opposing someone like Jiang Chen. The more they threatened him, the more dangerous their situation would become. Gao Yang was a good example of it.

“Don’t talk c.r.a.p to me. If you two don’t do it in the count of three, I’ll do it for you.”

Jiang Chen glared at the two with an icy cold and emotionless expression. After experiencing countless of ma.s.sacres, he understood one fact. In this cruel world, benevolence was wasteful. One could only survive by making oneself stronger. If it wasn’t because of his powerful strength today, he would’ve been oppressed and humiliated by by these three intruders . Therefore, he would never be lenient to them.

The two of them exchanged a glance and saw the desperation in each other’s eyes. They knew that Jiang Chen wasn’t kidding with them and would never let them go so easily. At this point, they began to regret it, regret coming here. If they didn’t provoke Jiang Chen, they could’ve continued to lead a desirable life in the inner sect, but now, everything had changed. This was what people said—one misstep that led to lifelong regret.

In the end, they had no choice but to compromise because they had no power and leverage against Jiang Chen.

Both of them gritted their teeth. Instead of bending down to get the sword that Jiang Chen dropped on the ground, each of them took out a combat weapon. They raised the swords and severed one of their arms. Blood gushed out uncontrollably, making the whole scene incomparably tragic.

This was an act of self-harming. One needed to be cruel-hearted in order to cut one’s own arm. The two of them were left with no other option. Losing one arm was still better than losing both. There were also many other experts with one arm. They could cultivate and battle like the rest of those experts, but if both of their arms were cut off, they would certainly turn into a cripple. As such, the second half of Gao Yang’s life was fundamentally destroyed.

“Jiang Chen, can we go now?”

One of them asked in an unsteady voice because of the pain.


Jiang Chen darted a glance at them and said plainly. He never knew what mercy was when it came to his enemies.

“Jiang Chen, we aren’t done with this yet. We will have our revenge later. You have harmed the disciples of your sect. We will bring your crime to the Law Enforcement Palace’s attention, no, we’ll bring it to Senior Brother Qu Yuan. He’s going to give you what you deserve.”

Gao Yang, who had lost both of his arms, spat out threats again, and this frightened his two comrades to death. Quickly, they vanished along with Gao Yang. They knew that Gao Yang had already lost his senses after losing both of his arms. Obviously, Jiang Chen wasn’t a person to be trifled with. It was still fine to delay their revenge. If they irritated this man because of their incessant threats, they were afraid that their arms wouldn’t be the only thing that they would lose.

After the three left, Jiang Chen’s expression turned incomparably cold. “Qu Yuan, I don’t care who you are. You’d better not offend me, or else you won’t be able to bear the consequences.”

To Jiang Chen, the process of growing was certainly filled with troubles and stepping on others that is blocking his path. What he needed to do was to crush every one of these stepping stones and walk forward leisurely.

Skycloud Pavilion was no exception. Since he had decided to make Skycloud Pavilion prosper in the future, it was necessary to have bloodshed in the sect. In order to establish his own position in the sect, he must be ruthless and prove everything with his actions.

At the heart of the inner sect, was a private courtyard with a very quiet environment where the Immortal Qi was evidently denser compared to other places. It was imaginable that the person who stayed here possessed a unique position.

This was the residence of Qu Yuan. Being a half-step Divine Immortal supreme expert, he was considered an outstanding disciple in the inner sect, but this alone didn’t qualify him to have such a special cultivation environment. He had another ident.i.ty – he was also a true disciple. His master was Elder Yang Shu, a supreme Great Luo Golden Immortal expert.

The strongest experts in the pavilion were Tian Muyun and Daoist Yufeng, both of which were half-step Immortal King experts. Yang Shu was one of the two elders sent by Tian Muyun to guard the Regenerative Lotus. This showed how extraordinary Yang Shu’s ident.i.ty was in the sect. Thus, who would dare to provoke the disciple of Yang Shu?

Therefore, Qu Yuan was basically like a miniature emperor in the inner sect. No one would dare to offend him because those Divine Immortal core disciples alone were enough to deal with any of the offenders.

One should know that Qu Yuan wasn’t the only true disciple of Yang Shu. There were even stronger Divine Immortal core disciples who were Yang Shu’s true disciples.

Therefore, every distinguished elder except for Tianji Zi had their own forces in the sect, or it should be said that every elder in the sect was building their own sphere of influence.

Given Qu Yuan’s ident.i.ty and status, if Jiang Chen had only pa.s.sed the Iron Dummy Array’s test and became an ordinary inner sect disciple, he wouldn’t take the effort to pay him any attention, let alone creating troubles for him.

However, Jiang Chen possessed the same ident.i.ty as him. The ident.i.ty of a true disciple was very sensitive to all true disciples. Plus, his master, Yang Shu, had never gotten along well with Tianji Zi. That was why he came to find trouble for Jiang Chen and use Jiang Chen to humiliate Tianji Zi.

That was why Qu Yuan had sent those three to cause Jiang Chen some troubles by using the excuse of checking the array’s situation. However, Jiang Chen had exceeded his expectation. He failed to realize that the people he sent were too weak for Jiang Chen.

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