Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1177 – Bringing Shame upon Oneself

Chapter 1177 – Bringing Shame upon Oneself

Bringing Shame upon Oneself

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“Get out of here, now!”

Jiang Chen’s voice had become incomparably cold. He didn’t know who these three guys in front of him were, but he could see that they were malicious, intentionally causing trouble despite knowing that he was the true disciple of Tianji Zi. This indicated that these men had someone very powerful supporting them, however, none of these concerned Jiang Chen. All this time, Jiang Chen had never been polite to these kinds of people, as he ensured that they always end up miserable. The more powerful their supporters were, the more miserable these people would end up.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, don’t get too arrogant. We came to check on the situation of the Iron Dummy Array under the orders of Senior Brother Qu Yuan. If you can’t repair the damaged array, you will be committing a serious crime and blaspheming the former pavilion master. I don’t think you can afford to bear that responsibility.”

A mid Heaven Immortal disciple harrumphed coldly, showing no sign of fear for Jiang Chen.

“Jiang Chen, you truly have the guts to bring a dog into one of the most sacred places in Skycloud Pavilion. It is a blasphemy and outrageous to let it fix the array. Do you really think that you can do whatever you like after wors.h.i.+pping Elder Tianji Zi as your master?”

The other disciple denounced coldly.

Jiang Chen frowned deeper, realizing that these three men were just using excuses to cause him trouble. It seemed like that Qu Yuan wasn’t an easy opponent. What baffled Jiang Chen was why did Qu Yuan asked some disciples to come here and cause him trouble.

However, he remembered the internal compet.i.tion in Skycloud Pavilion that Fu Hui and Meng Jie mentioned. Perhaps, Qu Yuan was also a true disciple of an elder as well. In the inner sect, no other disciples would dare to cause him trouble except those disciples with the same status as him unless they wanted a miserable consequence.

“Senior Brother Gao Yang, I think we should throw this dog out first before denouncing Jiang Chen’s act of blasphemy.”

That mid Heaven Immortal disciple spoke to the bearded youth named Gao Yang. Due to the limited number of late Heaven Immortal disciples in the inner sect, it was imaginable what Gao Yang’s position was in the inner sect.

“Go and capture that dog,” said Gao Yang with a cruel face.

“Yes, Senior Brother Gao.”

The man’s mouth overflowed with a cold smile. He strode towards Big Yellow, totally ignoring Jiang Chen’s existence. In their point of view, Jiang Chen merely had a great potential and was just a junior that hadn’t even reached the Heaven Immortal realm yet. Therefore, the gap between them had given them lots of confidence.


However, as soon as the disciple had taken a step, he lost his mobility because a hand landed on his shoulder. The hand had the weight of a mountain, causing him to have difficulty in breathing.

“Jiang Chen, what are you doing?”

The disciple shook his head and said in a fierce tone.

“You’re tired of living.”

Jiang Chen’s face was ruthless. Force was exerted from his palm and a cracking sound was heard as the disciple’s shoulder was broken. Then, like a sandbag, the disciple was thrown out of the palace by Jiang Chen.

“I know that you are targeting me. So come and settle the score with me.”

Jiang Chen looked over at Gao Yang and the other disciple, and said plainly.

The two of them were extremely astounded by Jiang Chen’s strength. It seemed like Jiang Chen was much more difficult to deal with than what they had imagined. The one who was thrown out like a doll just now was a mid Heaven Immortal expert and an inner sect genius.


Gao Yang darted a glare at Jiang Chen, turned and walked towards the exit of the palace, knowing that it was inappropriate to start a fight here. Although he felt shocked, he wasn’t scared because even if Jiang Chen could defeat a mid Heaven Immortal genius it didn’t mean that he was a match for him. He was pretty confident in his ability.

After the two of them went out of the palace, Jiang Chen followed from behind and shut the gate tight. Currently, this was the most critical stage for Big Yellow. He should never be disturbed at this moment or else, their effort would only be in vain and worthless.

Outside the palace, the disciple who was thrown out got on his feet, but he wasn’t able to lift his broken shoulder up. He didn’t yell because of the acute pain, but his face seemed distorted.

“How was it? Are you alright?” asked Gao Yang.

“Senior Brother Gao, this man is more powerful than we had imagined. Despite him only being a half-step Heaven Immortal, I didn’t even have the chance to resist his attack.”

The disciple whispered softly, staring at Jiang Chen with some fear. They hadn’t expected Jiang Chen to be this powerful at the beginning.

“I will give you a chance. Get lost now! I don’t care who that s.h.i.+t Qu Yan is, you’d better not mess with me again because you can’t afford to,” said Jiang Chen in an icy cold tone.

“Jiang Chen, you are too arrogant. It’s not a good thing to be this arrogant and bossy, you have just arrived in Skycloud Pavilion. I’ll teach you a good lesson on how to behave on behalf of Senior Brother Qu Yuan,” said Gao Yang haughtily.

“Is that so? Then I will make sure you won’t have a chance.”

Jiang Chen raged. He never liked to give people too many chances. He only dealt unappreciative people in a single way– make those people regret provoking him in the first place.

“I’d would like to see what’s so special about this new disciple who caught Elder Tianji Zi’s eyes.”

Gao Yang’s Qi fluctuated. Waves of Qi rushed out like tides from his body. The Qi of a late Heaven Immortal was fully unleashed, sending chills down people’s spine.


Gao Yang shouted with anger. His entire body lunged towards Jiang Chen like a barbaric bull with his fist dazzling like a sharp divine weapon. He appeared before Jiang Chen in just a few blinks. The cultivation he practiced was even more domineering compared to others – Body Cultivation. This was why he had always been so proud of his unusually strong physique. Any ordinary opponent who faced this kind of overbearing momentum would surely be frightened to death.

Now that he was merely facing a half-step Heaven Immortal opponent, Gao Yang naturally had the confidence in defeating Jiang Chen. He thought that he would only need one punch to turn Jiang Chen into a cripple. So he needed to restrain some of his strength, otherwise, he would kill this junior and infuriate Tianji Zi. His sole intention of coming here was to teach Jiang Chen a lesson, after all.

However, attempting to fight Jiang Chen with his mere physical strength was a great mistake.


Jiang Chen harrumphed coldly, revealing a hint of disdain on his face. He struck his fist with lightning speed at Gao Yang’s. There was only one result to those who competed with Jiang Chen in physical strength, and that was bringing humiliation upon oneself.

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