Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 117 – Five Dragon Marks

Chapter 117 – Five Dragon Marks

Chapter 117 – Five Dragon Marks

“Brat, did you step on some dog s.h.i.+t when leaving the Black Sect? Why are you so unlucky?”

Big Yellow rolled his eyes and felt speechless. Jiang Chen was so unlucky. He had randomly picked a spot to land on, and that spot was a demon lord. However, it could also be considered luck that the person who stepped on this demon lord was Jiang Chen, if it had been any other Mortal Core warrior, he would probably have been devoured by this demon lord and died in a miserable way.

“Didn’t expect to meet a Heavenly Core demon lord in sector one. Luckily, this serpent is only at the Early Heavenly Core realm, we can still handle it.”

Jiang Chen sighed. He was planning to hunt for some peak Late Mortal Core demon beasts at the border between sector one and sector two, then he would absorb their demon souls and at least condense a few more Dragon Marks, increasing his strength. With that, he would have more confidence in his adventure into sector two. However, destiny always acts in a reverse manner, and he had met a Heavenly Core demon lord immediately upon landing.

“Tiny human, how dare you step on me?! You’ve sought your own demise, you’ve committed suicide! You two, tiny human and dog, stand there. Let me devour you as punishment for stepping on me and disturbing my sleep!”

The black serpent spoke with a loud voice; it spat out a pungent breath that made them feel awful.

“f.u.c.k, this big guy really thinks he’s something mighty! Asking us to stand still and let him eat us, is he an idiot?”

Big Yellow laughed out angrily; this giant serpent sure did know how to joke. It was committing suicide by speaking to Big Yellow like that.

“This is a ‘Black Swamp Serpent’. It lays in slumber most of the time, and that’s the reason why it chose to sleep at the border of sector one and two; basically, it won’t be disturbed here. Nevertheless, a Black Swamp Serpent can be very strong, we can’t be careless in handling it.”

Jiang Chen said. Although this Black Swamp Serpent was just at the Early Heavenly Core realm, it wasn’t some trash like Li Wu Ling. Jiang Chen was able to kill Li Wu Ling with ease, but it would be impossible to kill this serpent in the same way.

Demon beasts were well known for their tough skin and powerful muscles, as well as their intense blood and qi, which was their advantage over normal human warriors. Under normal circ.u.mstances, when a human warrior fought a demon beast at the same level, it was rare for the human to win. This Black Swamp Serpent in front of them, if Yin Zhong Cheng were to fight it, he would probably lose.

“You two tiny little things, hurry up and walk into my mouth, and save me the effort of doing it myself.”

The Black Swamp Serpent spoke once again. Judging from what it said, Jiang Chen could imagine how lazy it was. It was so lazy that it even asked Jiang Chen and Big Yellow to walk into its mouth. Jiang Chen had finally found someone who could sleep more than Big Yellow.

“f.u.c.k! Let’s kill it!”

Big Yellow couldn’t stand it any longer. He turned into a golden light and stabbed himself towards the Black Swamp Serpent.

“How dare a dog attack me?! You’re courting death! Now, let me eat you.”

The Black Swamp Serpent never took Big Yellow seriously. It opened its mouth wide, waiting for Big Yellow to enter its stomach by himself.

“Want to eat me? You didn’t even check how tough your teeth are!”

Big Yellow was laughing out loud. Powerful waves of energy suddenly burst out from his body. The Black Swamp Serpent’s expression finally changed upon sensing the ma.s.sive unrivaled energy. It hurriedly closed its big mouth as it shot out a black energy beam towards Big Yellow from its head.


Two vigorous beings clashed into each other and produced a sound resembling metal colliding. Fire sparks burst out from the center of the collision, and then, the Black Swamp Serpent cried out in pain. It felt a terrible dizziness, and stars filled its vision. Suddenly, the huge body of this serpent shrunk and transformed into a man wearing a black robe.

The man had a muscular and ripped body, he was nearly 8 feet tall, and he looked like someone in his forties. He had a pair of gloomy eyes that were s.h.i.+ning with an insidious look.

The man’s body was swaying. He kept shaking his head that was still filled with dizziness.

“d.a.m.n it! How come this dog’s head is so hard, I can’t even knock him down…”

The Black Swamp Serpent cursed. He was startled by Big Yellow, and he had started to look at him seriously.

Jiang Chen who was standing not too far away had been startled by what he had seen as well. After Big Yellow had broken through to the Late Mortal Core realm, he had become amazingly strong, and his combat strength had probably surpa.s.sed Jiang Chen’s. Judging from the current situation, Big Yellow would be able to kill this Black Swamp Serpent alone without the help of Jiang Chen.

“You can’t defeat me with that hard dog head alone, I’ll eat both of you no matter what!”

The Black Swamp Serpent raged. He waved his hand and unleashed a black colored airwave towards Big Yellow and Jiang Chen. The attack was not only powerful, it also brought an awful smell, making anyone who smelled it feel like wanting to vomit.

“This f.u.c.king stinks! Brat, this Black Swamp Serpent is strong, let’s do this together and kill him quickly!”

Big Yellow cursed. With a foot-thick golden light hovering above his body, he sped towards the serpent with great speed. Jiang Chen waved his hand and took out the Axe of Thunder, then he struck out with the Clap of Thunder. A s.h.i.+ny golden axe chopped towards the Black Swamp Serpent.


Big Yellow’s energy attack, as well as Jiang Chen’s Axe of Thunder, both attacks combined and struck onto the Black Swamp Serpent. No matter how strong the Black Swamp Serpent was, it would never be able to defend itself from the attacks of these two vigorous beings.

From the center of the collision, black colored airwaves swept across and destroyed all the trees with a one mile circ.u.mference. The intense battle had caused all the nearby demon beasts to flee.


The Big Swamp Serpent was knocked away by the impact. It broke three gigantic trees along the way and fell down onto the ground while continuously spitting out blood.

“d.a.m.n it, where did these two abnormal beings come from, and why are they so strong?!”

The Black Swamp Serpent cursed out again. The insidious and wild look in its eyes had been replaced with fear.

“Kaka! Let’s go kill him!”

Big Yellow dashed forwards with extreme speed, and like a golden bolt of lightning, he arrived in front of the Black Swamp Serpent in the blink of an eye.


The Black Swamp Serpent didn’t have any time to react before it was knocked a few miles away.


The Black Swamp Serpent kept roaring. It flew up and transformed back into a serpent, then it swung its thick tail towards Jiang Chen and Big Yellow, causing friction in the air along the way.

“An arrow at the end of its flight.”

With a sneer on his face, Jiang Chen swung his axe once again. On the other side, Big Yellow was stabbing himself towards the Black Swamp Serpent with his head up front.

Bang bang bang……

Big Yellow was incredibly vigorous and fast, he kept s.h.i.+fting his position as he flew towards the Black Swamp Serpent. His powerful head finally collided with the Black Swamp Serpent’s body, stunning it and making it spit out more blood.


At this point of time, Jiang Chen’s battle axe had fallen down from the sky. It was extremely fast, and it hit right onto the Black Swamp Serpent’s head.


The Axe of Thunder was a powerful high-ranked combat weapon. It cut the Black Swamp Serpent’s in two. Then, a glowing demon soul flew out from its skull into Jiang Chen’s hand.

Big Yellow was even more ferocious. He bit down at a part below the Black Swamp Serpent’s neck, then he pulled out a huge snake gall. And then, he swallowed is straight away.

“Kaka, this snake gall is some nouris.h.i.+ng stuff, it belongs to your father!”

Big Yellow was very excited.

Jiang Chen patted Big Yellow with a satisfied expression. He was happy with Big Yellow’s performance today. If it wasn’t for him, although Jiang Chen could still kill the Black Swamp Serpent, it would take him some time and effort. Because of Big Yellow, it had all become so easy.

“Kid, treat your father better in the future! Your father is an ultimate fighter, and besides, if you dare to neglect your father, you won’t get a share of the treasures your father will find in the future!”

Big Yellow showed his teeth and threatened Jiang Chen.

“The f.u.c.k? You get angry when I say you are plump, but when I praise you, you get arrogant?!”

Jiang Chen kicked Big Yellow’s head. He now finally understood, he couldn’t be nice to this dog, because if he did that, he would simply forget who he is.

“A Heavenly Core demon lord’s demon soul, it will be very useful to me. If I absorb it now, I can at least form another five Dragon Marks.”

A happy expression emerged on Jiang Chen’s face. He had unique advantages when cultivating the Dragon Transformation skill. Just from the ability to absorb demon souls alone, no one could compare with him.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Chen swallowed the demon soul and started circulating the Dragon Transformation skill. Ten minutes later, the demon soul had been completely absorbed.


The Qi Sea within his Dantian started producing a buzzing sound. As Jiang Chen had expected, the Black Swamp Serpent’s demon soul had allowed him to form another 5 Dragon Marks. The newly born Dragon Marks were vibrating excitedly in his Qi Sea, and they soon merged into his Mortal Core.

“Every time I form a new Dragon Mark, my combat strength increases. Now I have managed to form 45 Dragon Marks, and I just need another 15 Dragon Marks before I’m able to break through to the Late Mortal Core realm.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes were glowing. He was confident that this trip to the Myriad Demon Mountain would let him break through to the Late Mortal Core realm. And when he does break through to the Late Mortal Core realm, he would be able to easily kill an Early Heavenly Core warrior. And even if he was forced to fight a Mid Heavenly Core warrior, he would have the ability to defend himself.

“But, too bad, if the Dragon Transformation skill could evolve some more, then my cultivation speed would be faster…”

Jiang Chen felt pity, then he started staring at Big Yellow with a smile on his face.

“The f.u.c.k? Kid, what’s on your mind? Your eyes tell me you’re up to something evil…”

Big Yellow was trembling, Jiang Chen’s eyes had scared him.

“Hehe, Big Yellow, let me ask you, are we brothers?”

Jiang Chen asked with an evil smile.

“Brothers your a.s.s, I am not your brother!”

Big Yellow immediately denied and drew a line between himself and Jiang Chen.

“Big Yellow, let me ask you, can you give me another bowl of your blood?”

Jiang Chen asked while maintaining his friendly smile.

What? He wants blood again? A bowl?

“f.u.c.k you!”

Big Yellow turned around and started walking towards sector two.

“So stingy, it’s just a bowl of blood...”

Jiang Chen murmured to himself. With an unsatisfied face, he followed behind Big Yellow and started walking towards the second sector.