Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1167 – Tianji Zi

Chapter 1167 – Tianji Zi

Tianji Zi

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From the outside, not even Li Zhong and Yuan Kui could see the situation inside the array. The brightness of the jade card was the only way to determine Jiang Chen’s status. As for the elder, he could clearly see the situation inside through the crystal ball. Apart from that, the elder personally possessed a private cultivation palace that was built on a mountaintop in the core region of the sect. This only showed how high his status and position in the Pavilion.

A simple move from this elder could exude a Qi that was totally beyond the Divine Immortal realm. He was a true Golden Immortal expert that had comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo.

Normally, this level of expert would never pay attention to the matters related to the inner and outer sect as they were too high in the hierarchy, however, some of them who were just trying to kill some time would probably go and have a watch of the latest incident. This was the reason why some outer sect disciple who succeeded in the array would be kept as a true disciple of these Golden Immortal experts.

It was a coincidence that today was the day of Jiang Chen’s trial and a boring day for the elder. At first, he only watched the scene out of curiosity. A moment later, Jiang Chen’s performance had totally caught his attention. He would’ve switched off the crystal ball if the candidate was worse than he thought, but now, he had decided to continue watching.

In the Iron Dummy Array, Jiang Chen and the fourteen dummies were having an intense battle. To him, it was an exhilarating and energizing fight. During the collisions with these dummies, he felt the muscles in his body was starting to heat up. These dummies not only had very fierce attacks, but also had incredible speed, leaving him no room for complacency. This taxing fight had activated all the functions in his body which was going to bring large benefits to him.

*Ka…* *Ka…*

A new round was about to begin. This time, all the dummies reacted. A total of twenty-eight of them had locked on Jiang Chen’s position. As the formation was circulating, the twenty-eight of them were changing positions, making everything around blurry. The coordination among them was flawless. They moved at a very fast speed and looked the same. For an instant, the whole array was filled with the images of these dummies, like there were a thousand of them that made people feel dizzy.

“All twenty-eight of them have been activated. This was going to be the most frightening moment in the Iron Dummy Array. The configuration and aura are already intimidating enough. I would like to see how this kid is going to deal with it.”

The crystal ball made the old man’s eyes light up once more. Commonly, any genius who entered the array would take at least seven to eight minutes to activate all the dummies. This was the time when the candidates had almost used up all their skills and the dummies would increase the strength of its force based on the power of its opponent. Many disciples failed before they could active the entire army of dummies.

Jiang Chen on the other hand had only used two minutes to active all the dummies. Plus, his current state seemed very casual and relaxed, like he was still far from being exhausted.

“It seems like I’m going to have some great harvest today. I can reap more benefits from this battle than cultivating in the Martial Palace for a few years. All of you, let’s fight at once!”

Jiang Chen’s body was filled with combat intent. His Qi was getting stronger and stronger. An image of a blood-red dragon was hovering above his head. That was the dense blood Qi of a dragon. As he could transform into his dragon-form at will, his blood Qi was many times stronger than the peerless great demons.

After unleas.h.i.+ng his spiritual power and Great Soul Derivation Technique, the speedy dummies were no longer blurry. Every move of theirs were within Jiang Chen’s range of sense.

*Bang…* *Bang…* *Bang…*

Next, he struck with lightning speed. He only fought with his terrifying physique without using any kind of combat techniques. The whole battlefield was chaotic. Shadows were everywhere, the shadows of Jiang Chen and the dummies. It was confusing and very hard to determine which shadow belonged to whom. Large sparks were created from every impact. As the impacts were happening too quickly, the entire array seemed like a sea of fire.

Every time Jiang Chen collided with a dummy, his arm would feel numb, but it quickly recovered after. Such high-intensity battle made his blood and Qi circulate even faster, constantly igniting the potential inside his body. To him, this was simply a golden opportunity.

The elder was naturally able to see everything inside clearly. He had no problem seeing Jiang Chen launching attacks at the twenty-eight dummies at practically the same time. It indicated Jiang Chen’s versatility and accuracy in locating every one of those dummies.

“What a keen sense of perception! I’m amazed by his abilities. I want to make a calculation to see how his future fate is like.”

The more surprised the elder was, the more he couldn’t help calculating Jiang Chen’s fate.

Speaking of divination, anyone in One-Line-Sky would know about the renowned elder named Tian Jizi who could predict people’s future. Even though he was only at the peak of mid Golden Immortal realm, his position in Skycloud Pavilion was on par with those late Golden Immortal elders. Last time, even Ouyang He would call him brother and Tian Muyun would address him as uncle whenever he saw him.

The so-called divination or calculation was knowing Heaven’s will. Despite being a Golden Immortal expert, it still wasn’t enough for him to reach the maximum capacity of calculating. Therefore, he couldn’t predict everything. However, it was already considered scary enough. Tian Jizi had a very good relations.h.i.+p with Ouyang He. Two years ago, when Ouyang He was breaking through to the Immortal King realm, he had gone to the other region. Otherwise, he would’ve made some predictions for Ouyang He. Although he might not be able to extrapolate Tian Muyun would backstab his own master, he could at least predict some misfortune ahead of Ouyang He. He had felt remorse for two years after the death of Ouyang He.

After seeing Jiang Chen’s extraordinary power today, he was itching to see Jiang Chen’s fate. Then, he was astounded once more.

“What a great brat! I’m unable to calculate anything about him with my power. It’s like this man doesn’t lie within the Heaven’s will. It seems like this man isn’t any kind of ordinary being. I’m certain that he’s a person with great fortune. He may become the game-changer in One-Line-Sky.”

Tian Jizi was shocked. While he was calculating Jiang Chen’s fate, he seemed to find nothing in it, like this man didn’t exist in the Heavens and Earth, and was beyond the existence of fate. Because of this, Tian Jizi’s curiosity rose drastically.

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