Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1146 – The Scary Advancement

Chapter 1146 – The Scary Advancement

The Scary Advancement

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When the grand ceremony was over, the Eight Immortals returned to their sects. The present atmosphere in One-Line-Sky was somewhat dull. Everyone knew that the Regenerative Lotus had been stolen. It was a miracle that someone dared to steal the thing that belonged to the Eight Immortals.

They were also filled with curiosity about this thief. This was going to be a mystery they couldn’t solve.

On the same day, the four major powers spread out the news for every cultivator in One-Line-Sky to inform them once they noticed anyone possessing the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd and that person would be greatly rewarded.

When everyone learned about this news, the whole One-Line-Sky couldn’t calm down. First was about the Profound Sun Sect giving the kill-Jiang Chen-on-sight order. And now, it was about hunting down a thief who had stolen the Regenerative Lotus, but it definitely wouldn’t be an easy task. As long as the thief didn’t reveal the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd, no one would be able to find him.

No one would have imagined that it was the same person who caused these two great disturbances in One-Line-Sky. While the four major powers were hunting down the thief, Jiang Chen and his friends were utilizing all the time that they had in refinement.

When Fu Hui returned from One-Line Mountain, Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had already gone out of their seclusion. They had already completed the refinement of the five lotus leaves and their cultivation has increased by leaps and bounds.

The number of dragon marks inside Jiang Chen’s body had already reached 440 000, his cultivation had already reached the peak of the late Earth Immortal realm, leaving him ten thousand more dragon marks from the half-step Heaven Immortal realm.

Because of the great benefits that they have gotten from the lotus leaves, not only had his foundation become firmly established, his physique had also been greatly enhanced. With his present combat strength, he could easily kill a mid Heaven Immortal expert even without using his dragon-form.

Similarly, Big Yellow had also made tremendous progress. After refining the lotus leaves, he had successfully broken through to the Heaven Immortal realm, reaching the mid Heaven Immortal realm in one go. His Dragon-Horse bloodline had become even stronger.

Even after that, there were still plenty of medicinal energy left in Jiang Chen and Big Yellow’s body. They didn’t refine all the remaining lotus leaves, not because they didn’t want to, but because they had already gotten sufficient energy from it and any further refinement would be considered wasteful.

The Regenerative Lotus was an unparalleled herb that couldn’t be sought after but can also be chanced upon. There were a total of eighteen lotus leaves. Jiang Chen and Big Yellow had refined ten leaves, Ah Da and Ah Er were given one leaf each and there were still six leaves left in Jiang Chen’s possession.

“For G.o.d’s Sake! The Regenerative Lotus is worthy of being called a divine herb. Its effect is somewhat too overbearing. No wonder even Immortal King experts covet it.”

Big Yellow licked his tongue, seemingly not having enough of the leaves.

“The most precious part of the Regenerative Lotus is its heart. So I’m afraid those few lotus leaves won’t even attract the interest of an Immortal King expert. The lotus heart on the other hand contained almost all of the essence of the lotus. Thus, anyone who obtains it will soar in terms of power.” Said Jiang Chen.

“It seems like Ah Yan’s arm can finally be regenerated now.”

Smiled Big Yellow. Han Yan was currently still refining the lotus heart. The lotus heart was after all not comparable to the lotus leaves. It definitely wouldn’t take a short time to fully refine it.

*Dong! Dong! Dong!*

At this time, a few knocking sound was heard from the door. Jiang Chen swept across using his divine sense and found Fu Hui standing outside the door.

“It seems like the grand ceremony is over. Let’s go out to find out.”

Jiang Chen pushed open the door of the room, towards the exit of the courtyard. With Big Yellow’s formation in place, Fu Hui wouldn’t be able to sense Han Yan’s Qi. He also wouldn’t be able to detect Ah Da and Ah Er’s presence in the courtyard given that their cultivation was higher than him.

When the door was open, Fu Hui entered casually.

“Brother Jiang, how was the seclusion? And where’s brother Han?”

Fu Hui asked. Because Jiang Chen had concealed his Qi, Fu Hui wasn’t able to discern Jiang Chen’s true cultivation level, he still had no idea that Jiang Chen had already rushed to the peak of the late Earth Immortal realm.

“Ah Han is still in seclusion, breaking through to a higher cultivation realm. By the way, brother Fu, how was the grand ceremony there?”

Jiang Chen quickly changed the topic, diverting Fu Hui’s attention to another thing.

“It was pointless. Just as brother Jiang expected. After the grand prize, the Regenerative Lotus was stolen, the Eight Immortals seemed like slouch in the battle. Master Tian didn’t even use one of his trump cards in the battle. It seems like the following grand ceremonies ought to be cancelled. There had been no victory nor defeat. It was truly a boring show.”

Fu Hui shook his head in disappointment.

“I wonder who was the thief that had such a nerve to steal the Regenerative Lotus.”

Jiang Chen sighed sadly. The feigned response gave Big Yellow the impulse to bite Jiang Chen badly.

“Who knows? The four major powers have already spread the news for everyone to look for a man possessing the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. I suppose that One-Line-Sky won’t have its peace any more from today onwards.” Said Fu Hui.

After listening to this, Jiang Chen revealed a bitter smile.

It seems like I can’t easily reveal the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd anymore.

“Oh brother Jiang, when do you plan to head over to Skycloud Pavilion?” Fu Hui asked.

“As soon as Ah Yan come out of his seclusion. I think it will be a day or two later. I hope this won’t interfere with brother Fu’s operations.”

Said Jiang Chen. Now that Han Yan was still in the midst of seclusion, he couldn’t leave without saying goodbye.

“Does brother Jiang want to bring brother Han along to Skycloud Pavilion? however, they are very strict in selecting disciples and now isn’t the time of their recruitment. Even though I’m an inner sect disciple, it will bring me quite a bit of trouble if I have to recommend two people at the same time.

Said Fu Hui with a frown. He was only interested in Jiang Chen alone. If Jiang Chen insisted in bringing Han Yan along, it would make things harder for him.

“Don’t worry about this, brother Fu. Ah Yan won’t be following me into the Skycloud Pavilion. I’ll be the only one who’ll go with you, but of course, I have to bring Big Yellow along.”

Said Jiang Chen with a smile. If it was before, he would plead Fu Hui to let Han Yan enter Skycloud Pavilion because of his weak cultivation. But now, it had changed. After getting the lotus heart, Han Yan’s broken arm would definitely be regrown and he wouldn’t have a big flaw. Normally, it would be very difficult for anyone to regrow a lost arm, let alone a puny Earth Immortal. It would be very easy for the experts of Skycloud Pavilion to connect Han Yan to the Regenerative Lotus together. In that case, Han Yan would be in more danger if he entered Skycloud Pavilion.

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