Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1144 – The Unparalleled Divine Pill

Chapter 1144 – The Unparalleled Divine Pill

The Unparalleled Divine Pill

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The death of the four inner sect disciples very quickly drew the attention of Profound Sun Sect. Every disciple of any major power would carry something similar to a spiritual jade slip. As long as the owner of that slip died, it would shatter immediately.

It wasn’t hard for them to figure out that Jiang Chen was the one who did it, after all he was the one who killed the experts of Profound Sun Sect in the ore mine. Since Jiang Chen had become the most probable killer, even the people who didn’t have sufficient information would claim that Jiang Chen was behind the murder of these four experts, but all of these didn’t concern Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen’s idea was very simple. Once he detected that the opponents were hostile to him, he wouldn’t show any sign of mercy. Furthermore, if he didn’t take the initiative to kill them first, he would be killed instead. In that case, there was nothing that he should be polite about.

All of his thoughts were now put on the Regenerative Lotus. After fully refining this lotus, their cultivation would surely have big improvements, especially Han Yan, his arm could fully be regrown, but it would all depend on him as to how much he could advance.

Jiang Chen and his friends quietly returned to the Prefecture of Cloudmist City without arousing anyone’s attention. Because the guards knew Jiang Chen was the friend of Young Master Fu Hui, none of them stopped their way. Some of them said that even the City Lord had gone to watch the grand ceremony, so the entire prefecture had become unusually quiet, which was exactly what he needed. The quieter the place, the more conducive it was for refining the Regenerative Lotus.

Inside the courtyard, after a moment of observing the surroundings, Jiang Chen spoke to Big Yellow. “Big Yellow, deploy an invisible formation here. It doesn’t need to be a strong one, but it has to guarantee that the Qi won’t get out.”


Big Yellow nodded. He understood Jiang Chen’s intention. The Regenerative Lotus was a matter of great importance. If some of its Qi was spread out into the air, it would certainly bring them disaster. They couldn’t afford to do that even in Cloudmist City.

Big Yellow had grown very used to deploying formation. He had mastered the Formation Holy Book and could deploy countless of ancient arrays, including some of those rare formations that not even a mighty Immortal King expert knew of. This had always been the advantage of Big Yellow.

By using roughly 15 minutes of time, the formation was completed. The whole courtyard was encompa.s.sed by the formation. Seeing it from the outside, it didn’t seem anything strange. Even a powerful Divine Immortal expert wouldn’t be able to detect a trace of Qi inside the formation even if that expert flew past above the courtyard.

Jiang Chen was also another formation expert, but what Big Yellow deployed astonished him. He had to admit that the Formation Holy Book sure wasn’t mediocre.

“Ah Da, Ah Er, both of you choose a place to hide. If there’s anyone approaching this place, let me know at once.”

Jiang Chen called Ah Da and Ah Er out of the paG.o.da. These two barbaric bulls were the true powerful a.s.sistants that could be extremely useful at critical times.

“Yes, master.”

Both of them didn’t dare to have the slightest delay.

“These are the leaves from the Regenerative Lotus. Each of you will get one. You can refine it while guarding the gate. I’m sure this piece of leaf is enough to push your cultivation to the half-step Divine Immortal realm and fully stimulate the potential inside of your bloodline, allowing you to break through to the true Divine Immortal realm at any time.

Jiang Chen took out two leaves of the lotus and gave them one each.


Both of the bulls exclaimed at the same time. Their fiery bull eyes were staring at the leaf. They were too shocked. They had never thought that Jiang Chen would be so generous by sharing a bit of such a rare treasure to them. They knew their current ident.i.ty very well. After being edified by Jiang Chen, they had become his slaves. Now, it seemed like it was worth so much to become Jiang Chen’s slave. Such unexpected and rare reward made their bodies s.h.i.+ver.

“What are you waiting for?”

Jiang Chen shouted. Apart from the heart of the lotus, there were a total of eighteen lotus leaves. Every leaf was a rare treasure. If this was put in public, numerous cultivators would do whatever they could to get this treasure. So it was indeed a little wasteful to give it to these two barbaric bulls, but that wasn’t what Jiang Chen felt. He knew very well what he was doing. His cultivation was after all still very low and his foundation wasn’t stable yet ever since he arrived in this world. These two barbaric bulls had become his trump card. The higher their cultivation, the greater help they could provide. In other words, enhancing the strength of Ah Da and Ah Er were indirectly equivalent to raising his own strength.

If Ah Da and Ah Er reached the half-step Divine Immortal realm, it was like having two early Divine Immortal experts as a.s.sistants. These were the benefits that Jiang Chen saw.

“Thank you, master.”

“Thank you, master.”

Ah Da and Ah Er were so excited that their knees fell to the ground with a puff. This was a blessing and they almost burst into tears.

Subsequently, Jiang Chen brought Big Yellow and Han Yan into the room. Both of the barbaric bulls were still sticking their eyes on the leaf in their hands, still in the midst of over excitement.

“Second Brother, what do you think now? Are we going to be like what I said? having a boundless future?” Said Ah Da.

“That is beyond any doubt. We have followed master for less than two days, but he has already given us such a huge benefit. I sure was foolish to resist at that time.” Ah Er said emotionally.

“Alright, we just have to continue to be loyal to master. We will do whatever our master ask us to. Our task now is to guard the place for master and his friends. Let’s pick a hidden spot to hide, then we will start refining the lotus leaf. I believe that we will be able to break through to the half-step Divine Immortal realm very soon.” Said Ah Da.

In the room, Jiang Chen had already taken out the Regenerative Lotus. For a moment, the entire room was filled with a strong medicinal Qi of the divine herb. Under the impact of the Qi, the three of them felt an indescribable feeling of being refreshed.

They had to admit that the medical power of the lotus was too strong. If it wasn’t for the formation of Big Yellow, they were afraid that the entire sky of Cloudmist City would be drifting with this Qi. At that time, they would surely be in real trouble.

“This toy is really a treasure. One leaf is enough to improve one’s physique. Even a bonehead will turn into a genius after consuming one leaf of the lotus. And the root of the lotus is also a precious treasure. But of course, the most precious of all is the heart of the lotus which has the ability to regenerate. Legend has it that the lotus heart can even bring back the dead.”

Big Yellow’s mouth kept on praising the heart of the lotus which drew the contemptuous looks of Jiang Chen and Han Yan.

“The lotus heart is for Ah Yan, don’t even think about it.”

Without giving Big Yellow a chance, Jiang Chen immediately plucked the lotus heart from the plant and gave it to Han Yan. It resembled a Sarira. There was a liquid moving unceasingly inside of it. This unparalleled divine herb really was astounding.

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