Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1141 – The Prey

Chapter 1141 – The Prey

The Prey

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Jiang Chen was able to see everything on the scene clearly. He then shook his head helplessly, but this was also what he expected. After all, these experts were as cunning as fox. If it was so easy to fool them, it would be disappointing to call them the pinnacle figures in One-Line-Sky.

He didn’t intend to take advantage of Ouyang He’s influence. His only purpose at that time was to flee away. That was a drastic time and without drastic measure, they wouldn’t be able to escape from the scene and would most probably end up in a tragic death.

Despite that, they found no explanation for the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Tian Muyun’s heart must be knotted with anxiety right now. He was afraid that he wouldn’t find peace as long as he couldn’t find that halberd.

Jiang Chen naturally didn’t intend to let Tian Muyun live a peaceful life as that would be extremely unfair to Ouyang He. This was already considered as his first step in Ouyang He’s revenge.

Above One-Line-Mountain, the eight Golden Immortals recalled every details recorded in their minds again and discovered that they had been deceived, which gave them the impulse to spurt out blood. The fact that the Regenerative Lotus was stolen away so easily under their very nose made them want to slap their own face hard even if the Eight Immortals didn’t put the blame on them.

“Like I said, this incident consists too many flaws. Sure enough, it wasn’t the act of my master. All of you have been deceived. It seems like all the eight peak Golden Immortal experts are good-for-nothing for letting some unknown person steal away the Regenerative Lotus before their very eyes.”

Said Tian Muyun coldly. He had longed to have the Regenerative Lotus, hoping that it would push his cultivation base to the true Immortal King realm, but now, everything had been in vain, which put him in a very bad mood right now. What made the Eight Immortal more annoyed was that none of them actually knew who had stolen the Regenerative Lotus.

Although the elders had unwillingness in their hearts after being berated by Tian Muyun, they knew better than to rebut him, after all they were entrusted with this task.

“Even if that wasn’t the real Ouyang He, it must be related to Ouyang He. The Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd already told us everything about it.” Said Huangfu Yaotian.

Tian Muyun’s face darkened as soon as Huangfu Yaotian mentioned the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd. Given his wisdom, it was impossible that he couldn’t figure what was going on. It must be Ouyang He giving the halberd away to a person and that person had come to One-Line-Sky. The one who stole the Regenerative Lotus must also be that person.

Old man, given my high talent, instead of giving me the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd and imparting the Heavenly Dragon Nine Strikes technique to me, but instead you gave it to another person. You were lucky that I didn’t kill you at that time. You should be thinking of using that person to have your revenge on me. Humph! Too bad, my abilities have surpa.s.sed you. If that man of yours dare to appear, he will end up as good as dead.

Tian Muyun harrumphed coldly. He had no problem figuring this all out with the wisdom he had.

“It seems that Ouyang He has given the halberd to someone else before he died. Tian Muyun, despite you being called the most favoured disciple of Ouyang He, you didn’t even get the last treasure of your master, which indicates that you weren’t that important in his eyes.”

Xuan Yangyi spoke in a sneering tone. Profound Sun Sect had never gotten along with Skycloud Pavilion. How could he miss the opportunity of mocking Tian Muyun?

“It could also be that this unknown person stole Ouyang He’s halberd after he died. Tian Muyun was after all the most favoured disciple of Ouyang He. It was impossible for the old man not to pa.s.s his treasure down to Tian Muyun. I guessed that Ouyang He must have reached the end of his life, leaving him no chance of doing so.” Said Huangfu Yaotian.

“We don’t care about what happened between Ouyang He and Tian Muyun. The thing that we are most concerned about is who has gotten the Regenerative Lotus. The person who dares to steal our treasure in One-Line-Sky must have extreme guts. Plus, the man wasn’t an Immortal King expert, so how could he hide inside the void and approached the Regenerative Lotus without arousing the notice of the eight peak Golden Immortal experts, not even the eight of us have such an ability?”

Said Yun Zhonglong with a frown. These were the most important questions. First, where is the Regenerative Lotus and who had taken it. The second question was how did the thief had such a terrifying power, the power that was even beyond their imagination.

“That’s right, such an ability is truly queer.” The patriarch of Yun Family, Yun Zhonghe nodded.

“If I’m not mistaken, that person must have possessed some kind of a powerful magical treasure, a treasure that is at least at King realm or Emperor realm. This can only be the explanation.” Said Tian Muyun.

“Emperor realm Immortal Weapon?”

After hearing this name, everyone present couldn’t help but suck in a breath of cold air, that was a weapon owned by experts who were beyond the Immortal King realm. Such a level was too far fetch to them and unreachable.

“That’s correct. Otherwise, it was impossible for us not detect his presence.”

An elder of Skycloud Pavilion spoke, agreeing to Tian Muyun’s thoughts.

Jiang Chen heard what they said and uttered a cold laugh in his heart.

What’s so great about Emperor realm Immortal Weapon? The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da is a supreme divine weapon that is beyond any Immortal realm. None of you will be able to imagine its power.

The paG.o.da was a supreme treasure of the ancient dragon race. To Jiang Chen, the paG.o.da still had so much potential which he himself couldn’t even estimate. It needed the full condensation of all 99 levels to reach its pinnacle state. The current paG.o.da was only at the 14th level. As the level continues to increase, more undiscovered power would be unlocked. Therefore, the paG.o.da was a treasure that gave Jiang Chen the most antic.i.p.ation.

“The Regenerative Lotus has already been stolen. The only way to find the lotus again is to find the person who possesses the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.” Dugu Sheng of Profound Sun Sect said.

Furthermore, the existence of an Emperor realm Immortal Weapon caused all the experts to unconsciously reveal a hint of greed and began to feel interested in that man. To them, the thief wasn’t just an enemy who had stolen the Regenerative Lotus, but also a fat and rewarding prey. Whoever could find Jiang Chen would be able to obtain the legendary Emperor realm Immortal Weapon. The value of such weapon would be immeasurable and would certainly bring unimaginable benefits to any sect.

To put it bluntly, if any of the four major powers was able to obtain an Emperor realm Immortal Weapon, that major power would be able to rule the entire One-Line-Sky and make the other three major powers surrender.

“Give the orders the instant you return, tell them to report to the higher-ups immediately if they saw anyone who possessing the Heavenly Dragon Combat Halberd.”

Huangfu Yaotian ordered an elder of his family. The same went to the other leaders of the other major powers. From now on, Jiang Chen had become their longing prey.

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