Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1120 – The Desolate Mountain Range

Chapter 1120 – The Desolate Mountain Range

The Desolate Mountain Range

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Big Yellow and Han Yan were staring at Jiang Chen. Han Yan’s concerns didn’t come without reason. Although they could escape from a late Heaven Immortal expert’s hunt, no comparison could be made between a late Heaven Immortal and a late Golden Immortal. The difference between the two realms was just like heaven and earth.

Golden Immortal experts had already comprehended the profound meaning of Great Luo. They had cultivated a golden body and surpa.s.sed the Divine Immortal realm. The Golden Immortal realm was also called the final stage of the Immortal realm. The stage after that would be the King realm, the Immortal King realm. As such, it was nothing more than courting death to rob the food out of those experts’ mouth.

“Although Great Luo Golden Immortals have yet to fully master the spatial law, they have very terrifying powers. Their golden physique alone can pierce through the void and break the spatial law by force. They aren’t comparable to any ordinary Heaven Immortal or even Divine Immortal experts. So, I won’t agree with this risky activity.”

Big Yellow shook his head. This was probably the first time he strongly opposed Jiang Chen’s idea.

“Big Yellow, you seem to know a lot about Golden Immortals.”

Han Yan and Jiang Chen looked at Big Yellow with surprise. Although Jiang Chen was as powerful as an old ancestor back in Saint Origin World, he was as tiny as a shrimp in this world. He knew nothing about the law of this world, but Big Yellow, on the other hand knew very clearly about the profound meaning of Great Luo and Golden Physique. This was indeed very surprising. Moreover, he still remembered that Big Yellow had told him about the things in the Immortal World back in the spatial pa.s.sageway, but he was attacked before Big Yellow finished explaining.

“It was just the enlightenment I got from my talent. That’s how I know things about the Immortal World.”

Big Yellow said casually, but his eyes twitched slightly. This miniature move, however, couldn’t escape Jiang Chen’s eyes.

Could this dog be keeping some kind of secret?

Jiang Chen was confused, but he didn’t ask any further. Whether Big Yellow had secrets or not, it didn’t and would never change the brotherhood between them.

“The Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da can conceal itself in the void, becoming undetectable by divine sense. Although Golden Immortal experts have terrifying powers, they have yet to master the spatial law. There’s still a chance for us. There are some things which require our action.”

Jiang Chen’s tone was resolute. If he didn’t know about the Regenerative Lotus, he would never orchestrate this plan, or if the treasure wasn’t a divine herb like the Regenerative Lotus, he would never take such a risk, but now, he had no reason for not taking this risk.

Big Yellow and Han Yan met each other eyes and said nothing. They understood Jiang Chen’s temper too well. When he had decided to do something, he would do it by either hook or crook. There would be no use stopping him. So they might as well stand on his side.

But then again, they also understood that Jiang Chen wasn’t a reckless individual. When he decided to do something, even if he was not 100 percent certain, there would still be a certain percentage of success. He would never attempt something that had zero chance of success.

“There’s no hurry about this. The Regenerative Lotus needs ten more days to mature, which means we have ten more days to prepare,” said Jiang Chen.

“What are you preparing?” asked Big Yellow.

“To find a way to condense one more level of the paG.o.da, which will increase our chances. It is no longer meaningful to make any advancement in cultivation, but the advancement of the paG.o.da would play a crucial role as it would be the key to this theft. One more level will increase our chances of success,” said Jiang Chen.

He had very high confidence in the paG.o.da, but there were only twelve levels condensed so far. If he could condense one or two more levels, the paG.o.da’s ability to conceal itself would be greater.

“That toy of yours is really thirsty for energy. Every advancement will need ma.s.sive amount of energy. In order to advance it, you have to do it outside Cloudmist City,” said Big Yellow.

He knew the scariness of the paG.o.da. Back when Jiang Chen had just started to condense the paG.o.da, he needed to absorb ma.s.sive amount of energy, however absorbing the blood essence of humans would bring chaos to Jiang Chen’s mind. During the Great War with the Desolate Palace, Jiang Chen almost turned into a devil. If it wasn’t for Ancestor Greenlotus, Big Yellow was afraid that Jiang Chen would no longer be here now.

“The land of the Immortal World is vast and boundless. Naturally, there will be abundant number of demonic beasts here. If I can find a place densely populated by beasts, ten days’ time is enough for the paG.o.da to advance a level,” said Jiang Chen.

“One-Line-Sky is so big, there must be a lot of places infested with demonic beasts. Fu Hui must know about it. Let’s find him and ask him about it,” said Han Yan.

“I will find Fu Hui tomorrow. We will depart tomorrow morning. This ten days’ time will be our chance.”

Jiang Chen’s eyes glittered with determination to steal the Regenerative Lotus.

“Kaka! We always do something great by following you, Little Chen.”

Big Yellow began to feel excited, he had always feared the world being too peaceful. Since it had already been decided, he had to enjoy the process of it.

“Big Yellow, have you been in One-Line-Sky all the time since your ascension?” asked Jiang Chen.

“En, when you were attacked by some unknown force, we were separated. After arriving in One-Line-Sky, I have been searching for you, but I had never thought that news about you will pop out of itself in the end. What was that sudden attack at that time? Why would someone want you dead when you have just arrived in this world?” Big Yellow asked.

Thinking about the unknown attack made him s.h.i.+ver. It was a miracle that Jiang Chen survived that attack.

“Who else could it be, it was naturally Nan Bei Chao’s doing.”

Every time this person was mentioned, Jiang Chen couldn’t help but reveal a cold smirk. One was Tian Muyun and the other one was Nan Bei Chao. It seemed like he wouldn’t be lonely in this world anymore.

“Dammit! It was that stupid s.h.i.+t! It seems like his original self is in this world after all. He was able to detect your ascension accurately. That was a skill that could penetrate s.p.a.ce and can only be used by experts who are above the Immortal King realm. I’m afraid that only Immortal Emperors can do this. It seems like that b.a.s.t.a.r.d isn’t just any grunt in this world. You have to be careful. If he finds you, your death will be certain,”

warned Big Yellow.

Anyone above the Immortal King realm was considered as an overlord of overlords.

“Nan Bei Chao sure is powerful.” Han Yan was shocked.

“I think he didn’t want me dead but only wanted to injured me at that time. Then, he left a soul imprint in my body, planning to find me after that. But he didn’t think that I have the Immortal Mark inside my body that could conceal his soul imprint. I have already refined the soul imprint, so it’s now impossible for him to find me.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

The Immortal mark was his other trump card. He had no idea what kind of secret was hidden in it, but he was sure that it would definitely be something extraordinary. If the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da wasn’t safe enough to help them steal the Regenerative Lotus, the Immortal Mark might be able to help them conceal themselves better.

In this night, the three brothers chatted for a long time. When Big Yellow knew that a day in the Immortal World was equal to one year in Saint Origin World, he was shocked like he was possessed. But because of that, he understood why Han Yan had made his ascension so quickly.

“That means Tyrant, Xiao Yu and Sister Ning are ascending to this world soon? I hope we can be together soon. I think I can see our hegemony path now.”

Big Yellow’s gaze fell upon Jiang Chen. The moment Jiang Chen stepped in the Immortal World, he was destined to walk the path of hegemony and he would be the absolute overlord of this path.

Early morning of the next day, Fu Hui had come to find Jiang Chen before Jiang Chen could go and find him. Today was the birthday of the City Lord and Fu Hui had come to invite Jiang Chen. This only showed how important he viewed Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen had totally forgotten about the City Lord’s birthday. Looking at how sincere Fu Hui was, he had no reason to decline it.

The crowd of the banquet would naturally be unusually lively. But Jiang Chen and Han Yan didn’t seem to like it. Big Yellow was the only one among them who was enjoying himself so much, mostly in eating.

In the evening, after the banquet ended, Jiang Chen personally looked for Fu Hui and said straightforwardly, “Brother Fu, there is still so much time before the grand ceremony but we don’t want to wander around during this period of time. We are thinking of finding a place densely populated by demonic beasts to have some tough-training. Does Brother Fu know the closest mountain that has demonic beasts?”

“Could it be that Fu Hui is not treating Brother Jiang well enough? That’s why you are leaving in such a hurry?” Fu Hui seemed dumbfounded.

“That isn’t true. There’s a saying that says the path of cultivation never ends. After all, I’m still too weak and I don’t want to waste much time. I will return after the tough-training because I still have to watch that grand ceremony with Brother Fu,” replied Jiang Chen.

“Despite your talent, you are still so diligent in cultivation. This makes me feel ashamed of myself. If it wasn’t because of my father’s birthday, I will surely join Brother Jiang along. Ten thousand miles northwest of Cloudmist City is a piece of desolate mountain range. There were numerous demonic beasts inside. Last time, many disciples of Skycloud Pavilion have gone there for training, but Brother Jiang must be careful because those beasts are extremely ferocious and there are also Heaven Immortal beasts.” Fu Hui warned.

“Thank you for your advice, Brother Fu. I know what to do.”

Jiang Chen cupped his fists at Fu Hui and brought Big Yellow and Han Yan out of the Prefecture without delay, heading towards the desolate mountain range instructed by Fu Hui.

The destination was ten thousand miles away. If Jiang Chen used his Flaming Wings, he could reach there quickly, but he didn’t want to expose it too much. Despite this being a territory of Skycloud Pavilion, it wasn’t a good thing to reveal too much about himself.

Later that day, two men and a dog arrived at the edge of the mountain range. Looking at it from the top, the mountain range had no end. They were afraid that it was at least thousands miles in distance. The area was filled with woods and the air was filled with dense demonic Qi.

“The demonic Qi here is very strong. Sure enough, this place is the convergence spot of the demonic beast,” said Han Yan.

“This place will have plenty of powerful great beasts. We have to be careful, don’t go on your own,” said Jiang Chen.

He was saying this particularly to Han Yan who was the weakest among them. If they were separated, any one of them would encounter an immeasurable danger. What awaited them now would be real bloodshed. As such, they needed to stay alert and stick together at all times.

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