Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 111 – Another Fight of Fame

Chapter 111 – Another Fight of Fame

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Chapter 111 – Another Fight of Fame

“Good, you do have some courage!”

When Li Wu Ling heard Jiang Chen agree to his challenge so easily, he too felt surprised. He came here today without caring for his own life. After all, this was the Black Sect’s headquarters. Jiang Chen could easily just ignore him if he wished.

Jiang Chen threw an examining look on Li Wu Ling. After sensing his energy frequency, he couldn’t help but laugh and shake his head.

"What are you laughing at?"

Li Wu Ling's pupils shrunk.

"I laughed because you are an idiot."

Jiang Chen showed a scornful face.

"What did you say?"

Li Wu Ling immediately became angry.

“I can totally understand your decision to avenge your brother, but you shouldn’t take such an extreme path. Your energy frequency is really unstable, but I suppose that is because you just broke through to the Heavenly Core realm. Also, there’s an evil qi coming from you, I think you’re cultivating a demonic skill! With your below average talent, you’re completely different from your brother. Cultivation a demonic cultivation skill can help your cultivation level increase with great speed, so you can without doubt reach the Heavenly Core realm in such a short amount of time. However, too bad, you don’t know the proper way of cultivating demonic skills, and you forced yourself to cultivate it. Now, you have destroyed your future. But of course, since you decided to challenge me, you had already given up your future.

Jiang Chen said in a slow pace. Each and every word coming from his mouth were like sharp thorns stabbing right into Li Wu Ling’s heart. Li Wu Ling’s eyes widened, and an unbelievable expression appeared on his face.

How did this young man in front of him find out that he was able to break through to the Heavenly Core realm because of him cultivating a demonic skill? Standing in front of him made him feel as if he was naked, as if no secret could be hidden from his eyes. This was impossible!

Besides, what Jiang Chen said was completely right. Li Wu Ling had obtained a demonic skill not long before this, and he had entered secluded meditation to study it. This was why he hadn’t partic.i.p.ated in the Qi Province compet.i.tion. When he heard his brother had been killed, he was so angry that he had forced himself to break through to the Heavenly Core realm with the help of the demonic skill and some pills, then he immediately rushed to the Black Sect to look for Jiang Chen. However, he would never have expected that Jiang Chen could see through everything.

"So what? My cultivation realm is more than enough to kill you!"

His killing intent towards Jiang Chen was getting larger. Li Wu Ling felt that Jiang Chen was a frightening man, he was just a 15-16 year old young Mortal Core warrior, but he wasn’t even nervous when standing face to face with him. On his face, there was only a calm and confident expression.

“Is that so? Perhaps you still don’t understand your current situation? Fine, let me explain it to you so you won’t die in the dark. On the surface, you are a Heavenly Core warrior, you can control natural energies and fly in the air. Nevertheless, you can’t deny it, your cultivation base is unstable, your cultivation realm is impetuous, and you haven’t mastered the demonic skill. With your current situation, I can just find any Early Heavenly Core warrior, and he would be able to easily defeat you. To make my point clearer, you’re just a little bit stronger than your dead brother, so, if you want to get revenge, I would suggest you go back and spend a few more years in secluded cultivation.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. With his experience and judgment, he could easily see through Li Wu Ling. With Li Wu Ling’s current situation, he couldn’t even compare to those ordinary Heavenly Core warriors like Yin Zhong Cheng. Not to mention the inner circle disciples of all four big sects.

With Jiang Chen’s current combat strength and abilities, Li Wu Ling simply did not stand a chance at winning the fight.

“Save your breath, prove your words with the fight! Let me see how you, with your Mortal Core strength, was able to kill my brother!”

Li Wu Ling’s killing intent was soaring high in the skies. Nevertheless, his mind had been twisted by Jiang Chen’s words, and his energy had become more unstable.


Wild wind emerged from Li Wu Ling’s body. He circulated his demonic skill, and his eyes turned blood red. His lips turned black because of the demonic qi, then, he forcefully struck out his fist towards Jiang Chen.

The attack carried an intense evil demonic energy. The energy transformed into a demonic dragon as it swirled and rolled like a flying tsunami towards Jiang Chen.

Everyone from the Black Sect felt their nerves tensing up, they didn’t have the experience and judgment that Jiang Chen had. Even Duan Li couldn’t tell what Li Wu Ling’s real situation was like, he could only tell that Li Wu Ling had just broken through to the Heavenly Core realm, and his foundation was unstable.

However, in their minds, a Heavenly Core warrior could never be defeated by a Mortal Core warrior. Although Jiang Chen was a mighty warrior, it was hard to tell if he really could withstand a Heavenly Core warrior’s attack.

“Hmph! I am not in the mood to play with you. Since you miss your dear brother so much, I’ll allow you to reunite with him.”

A cruel look emerged in Jiang Chen’s eyes. In his mind, when Li Wu Ling had come here and challenged him at the Black Sect’s entrance, Li Wu Ling was already dead.

Jiang Chen would never allow someone who wanted to kill him stay alive. Besides, this place belonged to the Black Sect, and the result of this battle would also affect the Black Sect’s dignity. He had to maintain the Black Sect’s dignity.

“Six Solar Fingers.”

Jiang Chen shouted with a deep voice, immediately struck out his Six Solar Fingers, and with his fingertips glowing, he pointed toward Li Wu Ling forcefully.


A ground-shaking loud explosion swept across and even shook the skies. Then, everyone could see three huge golden fingers suddenly appearing, piercing towards Li Wu Ling’s demonic dragon.


Both attacks collided and caused another ma.s.sive explosion. Without any resistance, Li Wu Ling’s demonic dragon shattered in an instant because of the powerful impact from the Six Solar Fingers.

The Six Solar Finger’s force didn’t lower at all. With an incredible speed and a golden colored tail behind it, it carried a destructive force and continued flying towards Li Wu Ling.


Struck with consternation, Li Wu Ling had never expected his opponent to be so strong. The demonic skill that he was cultivating couldn’t even resist a single attack from Jiang Chen, this was unbelievable!


Li Wu Ling raised his head and howled. He gathered all the energy in his body and focused it into a black demonic s.h.i.+eld to defend himself from Jiang Chen’s Six Solar Fingers.


Another intense and powerful impact. A dark smoke emerged from the center of the impact.

Plop plop plop……

Li Wu Ling kept stepping back in midair, only to regain control after flying nearly one hundred meters backwards. His breath was rapid and he spat out some blood. His face had turned pale.

There was only one expression on Li Wu Ling’s face; shock. He could never have imagined this result, he simply couldn’t understand how a Mortal Core warrior could be so strong.

“My G.o.d, so this is senior disciple Jiang Chen’s true power? He is so strong, this is freaking abnormal, is he really just a Mortal Core warrior?”

“Senior disciple Jiang has become stronger now than he was at the Qi Province compet.i.tion, he is now a Mid Mortal Core warrior! No wonder he can defeat Li Wu Ling!”

“Although he has just broken through to the Mid Mortal Core realm, defeating a Heavenly Core warrior is just too shocking. I can’t believe that there exists someone so freaking abnormal in this world like senior disciple Jiang Chen! With his Mid Mortal Core strength, he can defeat Heavenly Core warrior Li Wu Ling with just a single strike! If I hadn’t witnessed this myself, I wouldn’t have believed it even if you killed me!”

“Did you guys see that finger skill senior disciple Jiang Chen used just now? It is definitely an Earth combat skill! It’s so powerful!”

“Finally, I am able to understand why senior disciple Jiang Chen can kill Li Wu Shuang and Ling Ao! Li Wu Ling came here in a threatening manner and challenged senior disciple Jiang; he was simply just courting death and looking to strike his own face!”


All the disciples of the Black Sect were incredibly excited, especially w.a.n.g Yun and Huang Zhen. The worry in their minds were now completely gone, and instead, they were so excited it felt as if they had been given some stimulants. They were jumping and cheering like it was themselves who had defeated Li Wu Ling, and not Jiang Chen.

“What a guy! When we are at the same cultivation realm as him, there will be no way for us to compare with him! No wonder he dared challenge Nan Bei Chao to a fight one year from now!”

Duan Li was shocked as well. He had prepared to strike if Li Wu Ling was close to defeating Jiang Chen. After all, if he let a disciple of the Heavenly Sword Sect kill the number one genius from the Qi Province compet.i.tion in the Black Sect’s territory, that would be a huge blow in the Black Sect’s face.

What he didn’t expect was that Jiang Chen was so strong. With just a single attack, he had seriously wounded Li Wu Ling.

“I don’t believe it! I can’t believe it! Why is a Mortal Core warrior so strong?! I want to kill you! Jiang Chen, I must kill you and get revenge for my brother!”

With both his eyes turning red, Li Wu Ling roared and entered a frenzy. In his hand, a combat weapon covered in demonic energy appeared.

Looking at this, Jiang Chen shook his head. Li Wu Ling’s mind was struck by extreme anger. He was now at the border of entering psychosis.

“You won’t have the chance anymore.”

Jiang Chen said with an indifferent tone. The blood wings on his back flapped, and like a Blood Winged Hawk, he flew forwards with lightning speed and appeared above Li Wu Ling.

Jiang Chen transformed into a hawk and let out a loud hawk cry towards Li Wu Ling.

The hawk cry shocked the world. This was the innate combat skill, the Sonic Hawk Cry. After Jiang Chen had broken through, the power of this innate combat skill had increased as well

In the blink of an eye, layers of sound waves turned into ripples and interweaved into one giant web which covered Li Wu Ling.

Like snakes, the sound waves penetrated into Li Wu Ling’s brain.


Li Wu Ling kept spitting out blood as he howled out in extreme pain. Jiang Chen’s sound waves had destroyed his Divine Sense.


Jiang Chen’s blood wings transformed into a sharp scythe which cut towards Li Wu Ling with speed resembling lightning. Li Wu Ling’s head was chopped off in an instant and was sent flying high. Followed by a pillar of blood that was formed from Li Wu Ling’s blood, the horrified howl went silent.

Jiang Chen’s movement was too fast. Although Li Wu Ling had taken out his combat weapon, before he even had the time to use it, he had been badly injured by the Sonic Hawk Cry’s sound waves and killed on the spot.

At this point of time, the outer perimeter of the Black Sect went completely silent. Everyone raised their heads and looked at the young man with a pair of blood wings on his back. Their eyes carried one thing, shock.

This was terrifying, was this still considered a human?

No one expected Li Wu Ling to die in such a fast and complete manner. This guy came here early in the morning to try and get revenge for his brother, and only a few minutes later, he had been killed by Jiang Chen.

No one could remain calm. Those outer circle disciples who had witnessed how Jiang Chen had killed Ling Ao and Li Wu Shuang could still accept what happened, but for those disciples who had witnessed Jiang Chen fighting for the first time, they were completely startled. Not only did Jiang Chen have powerful abilities, he struck without mercy, and he didn’t even blink his eyes when killing. These people didn’t dare directly look into his eyes.