Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1075 – The Fury

Chapter 1075 – The Fury

The Fury

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When there were people, there would be strife and compet.i.tion. The nature of the cultivation world had always been the law of the jungle. This fact remained unchanged even in the Immortal World. In fact, this everlasting law would exist in every populated world.

No doubt, tide was surging in Yan City internally. If opportunity presented itself, the Prefecture and Huang Family would surely engage in a deadly battle. Now that Jiang Chen was in one of the two major powers, he would certainly be involved in such a strife.

Given all the things that Jiang Chen had encountered and faced in his past and this life, such a tiny internal conflict was no big deal to him at all. Those great battles in Pure Land and in Saint Origin Palace were many times more intense than this conflict.

In a courtyard in the Prefecture.

Yan Qingcheng was unable to settle herself down in these past two days. This was something that had never happened to her before. She knew that her psychological state had changed. During her cultivation, an image of a person would always appear in her mind, and it affected her condition.


Yan Qingcheng shook her head helplessly. She knew that she had fallen for him, but Jiang Chen didn’t seem to have the same feelings towards her, which irritated her very much and at the same time, made her eager to do something about it.

She was standing on top of a big turquoise in the courtyard. Any male who saw her would admit that her beauty wasn’t just ordinarily beautiful. She lifted up her head, staring at the round moon in the sky in contemplation.

*Dong!* *Dong!* *Dong!*

There was a knock on the door, followed by a voice, “Sister Qingcheng.”

“Come in.”

Yan Qingcheng said plainly as she could already identify the owner of the voice.


The gate of the courtyard was pushed open and a blue-clad handsome young man walked in. His demeanor was stately and his cultivation base was strong. He was a rare young talent.

“I reckon that Big Brother Yuan has harvested quite a lot of benefits from the tough-training.”

Yan Qingcheng smiled at Yuan Chengjun. They were regarded as childhood sweethearts that had grown up together. She knew very well Yuan Chengjun’s feelings for her, but she had no feelings for him at all.

“Qingcheng, you look very beautiful when you smile.”

Yuan Chengjun felt intoxicated upon seeing Yan Qingcheng’s smile. Every time he saw her, his eyes would light up automatically. He had made countless of vows in his heart that this woman already belonged to him and n.o.body could take her away from him.

“Is there anything that Big Brother Yuan want for finding me this late at night?”

Yan Qingcheng kept her smile, and returned to her icy cold appearance. The way that Yuan Chengjun looked at her didn’t make her feel comfortable, especially when her heart had already been occupied by Jiang Chen. Indirectly, she felt a sense of disgust towards his presence.

Her sudden change stunned Yuan Chengjun. He knew that although Yan Qingcheng was cold to him, both of them grew up together and he had never felt such coldness from her before.

Yuan Chengjun wasn’t a fool. Yan Qingcheng was treating him like this was probably because of that d.a.m.ned Jiang Chen.

“Sister Qingcheng, I heard that a concoction whiz named Jiang Chen has joined our Prefecture and he’s highly regarded by you and City Lord,” said Yuan Chengjun.

“That’s right. Big Brother Jiang’s concoction technique is really amazing. If it wasn’t for him, the cold poison in my father’s body wouldn’t have been removed.” Yan Qingcheng replied.

She couldn’t help smiling faintly when she talked about Jiang Chen, which sent silent blows to Yuan Chengjun’s heart, causing him to spill out an aura of killing intent.

“Sister Qingcheng shouldn’t be confused by this man’s appearance. I think this person has a good relations.h.i.+p with the Huang Family. If he’s a spy sent over by that family, I’m afraid that his presence won’t do us any good,” said Yuan Chengjun with a sneering smile.

“It’s impossible. Don’t accuse Big Brother Jiang. How could he have anything to do with the Huang Family? He came with the Han villagers and had never appeared in the Prefecture before.”

There was anger in Yan Qingcheng’s voice.

“There are some things which are irrefutable. What you saw might not be the truth. Just now, I saw Jiang Chen leave the Prefecture and met the Sixth Master of the Huang Family in the alley outside. If he was as new as you said, why would he sneak out in the middle of the night and meet the Sixth Master Huang?” Yuan Chengjun continued.

“What? This isn’t possible. How could Big Brother Jiang went out and see Sixth Master Huang this late?”

Yan Qingcheng’s facial expression changed slightly. She absolutely wouldn’t believe what Yuan Chengjun said was true.

“I’m not lying to you as I have seen it myself. If you don’t believe me, you can go and ask Jiang Chen. He has already returned to the Prefecture,” said Yuan Chengjun.

Yan Qingcheng’s expression turned uglier. She could sense it from his tone that he wasn’t lying, which meant that he had really seen Jiang Chen met with Sixth Master Huang outside.

“Even so, it isn’t enough to tell that Big Brother Jiang has any relations.h.i.+p with the Huang Family. Try to think about it, if Big Brother Jiang is really someone from Huang Family, why would he save my father? My father has been afflicted by the cold poison which is an extremely favorable event for the Huang Family. Besides, if Huang Family did have a talent like Big Brother Jiang, I’m afraid that their overall strength would’ve surpa.s.s ours long ago.”

Yan Qingcheng once again denied that Jiang Chen was a spy of the Huang Family. Plus, what she said was justified. If Jiang Chen really was an alchemist of Huang Family, he definitely wouldn’t save her father because that would only create trouble for the Huang Family. Anyone of them should know that Yan Dongliu was the backbone of the Prefecture and making him weak would give them the chance to rule the entire city.

“Why is Sister Qingcheng trusting an outsider so much? You and I have been childhood sweethearts. Does it mean that my existence weighed lesser in your heart compared to that outsider? What’s so good about him? He’s only a late Human Immortal. He knows nothing else besides alchemy. How can he be compared to me?”

Yuan Chengjun tone was filled with a hint of anger and reluctance. He was the son of a dignified Heaven Immortal expert. He grew up together with Yan Qingchen, but that didn’t make him any more special than a brat who just came to the Prefecture a few days ago. How could he possibly accept such a fact?

Yan Qingcheng’s reaction made him feel very unpleasant, which fortified his determination to eliminate Jiang Chen.

“Big Brother Yuan, if there’s nothing else, I think you can go now because I need to rest.”

Yan Qingcheng turned and asked him to leave. She was already in a bad mood. Adding the information that Yuan Chengjun told her, it upset her even more. Her head was now filled with Jiang Chen’s images. Although she didn’t believe that Jiang Chen would have anything to do with the Huang Family, sneaking out in the middle of the night and meeting a higher up of that family didn’t help clear her suspicion away.

Yuan Chengjun’s face became unpleasant. His eyes was blazing with anger. Without saying a word, he turned and left.

Outside the courtyard, Yuan Chengjun’s face turned grim. “Qingcheng, in that case, don’t blame me for not being polite. You’d rather choose a late Human Immortal brat than me? I’ll make you regret your choice.”

Inside the courtyard, Yan Chengqing’s eyes were involuntarily fixed at the direction where Jiang Chen’s courtyard was. Her expression seemed a little sad. “Big Brother Jiang, I hope that you won’t disappoint Qingcheng.”

Yan Qingcheng wanted to find Jiang Chen right now to clear her doubts, but she still trusted him very much deep down in her heart. Although she and Jiang Chen had only known each other for a few days and knew nothing about each other’s pasts, she still felt that Jiang Chen was a trustworthy man.

The next day, early in the morning, Han Cong rushed to the place where Jiang Chen lived.

“Ah Cong, what happened? Why do you look so nervous?” Jiang Chen frowned.

“Big Brother Jiang, it’s no good. Something has happened in Han Village.”

Han Cong’s face was full of tension.

“What’s going on? Speak slowly,” asked Jiang Chen. As a person who had encountered big waves and tides, it’s easy for him to maintain his composure at all times even if the sky fell before him.

“No one knows when Han Village has offended the Huang Family in Yan City. Their people are travelling to the Han Village now to imprison all the villagers,” said Han Cong.

“What?” Jiang Chen’s facial expression changed slight.

“The information from Han Village said that the leader was Huang Xiong, the Sixth Master of Huang Family. He stressed that you have to head over to Han Village right away. If you fail to show up, he will kill everyone in the village.”

Han Cong shared what he knew while wiping the trickles of sweat off his face. He had grown up in Han Village and the feelings he had for the village was beyond ordinary. With such a big crisis happening in his village right now, he looked so nervous that he would pa.s.s out at any moment.

“Does anyone else know about this?” asked Jiang Chen.

“The messenger only came to seek me. So, I’m the only one who knows the current status in Han Village,” replied Han Cong.

“It seems like they are targeting me. Huang Xiong, I know that you want to kill me, but you chose the method that I hated the most. In that case, don’t blame me for being impolite.”

Jiang Chen’s expression darkened. A hint of killing intent was spilled out of his body like tidal wave, causing the temperature of the courtyard to drop and Han Cong to s.h.i.+ver from the cold. He could sense that Jiang Chen’s fury was burning inside of him along with the Heaven and Earth.

“Big Brother Jiang, what do we do now?” asked Han Cong impatiently.

“Ah Cong, you don’t have to worry. I will go to Han Village now. I guarantee that everyone will be safe.” Jiang Chen patted Han Cong’s shoulder rea.s.suringly.

“Big Brother Jiang, Huang Family is a powerful force. I think we should inform Big Miss about this. It’s going to be very dangerous if you go alone.” Han Cong said.

Although he had lots of confidence in Jiang Chen’s strength, their opponents was too powerful. No matter how powerful Jiang Chen was, he was merely a late Human Immortal expert, which was definitely no match for a powerful late Earth Immortal expert.

“No need. I have my own ways,” said Jiang Chen, striding out of the courtyard.

“Big Brother Jiang, I will go with you.”

Han Cong followed.

“Let’s go.”

Jiang Chen grabbed Han Cong’s shoulder as wind produced below his feet. Then, they left the gates of the Prefecture in a matter of moments.

He is really quick!

Han Cong was shocked by Jiang Chen’s speed. It was several times faster than the leopards’. At this rate, it would only take them two hours at most to reach Han Village.

As soon as Jiang Chen and Han Cong left, a beautiful figure materialized. It was Yan Qingcheng.

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