Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1073 – Yuan Chengjun

Chapter 1073 – Yuan Chengjun

Yuan Chengjun

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“I see.”

Jiang Chen nodded. The present situation in Yan City was relatively similar to that of Fragrant Sky City. By taking the Yi Yuan a.s.sociation out of the equation, the Prefecture and Huang family were just like the Jiang and Murong family back then.

Of course, Fragrant Sky City wasn’t a suitable benchmark for Yan City because the Jiang and Murong family could never be compared with the current major powers. Moreover, this was the Immortal World, totally not the same as anything in the mortal world.

Jiang Chen now understood why Yan Qingcheng made so much efforts just to make him stay. For an alchemist like him, if he were recruited by Huang Family, it would be a tremendous blow to the Prefecture.

“Oh, by the way, I still don’t know where Big Brother Jiang comes from. With your talent and skill in alchemy, you will certainly be highly regarded even in a great major power in One-Line-Sky. So why did you come to the Prefecture and were together with the Han villagers?”

Yan Qingcheng asked, feeling very interested in Jiang Chen’s origin. There was no way that she wouldn’t be curious about it because it was abnormal for a genius like Jiang Chen to suddenly emerge in Yan City.

“Miss Qingcheng, this is a secret of mine. I hope that Miss won’t make things difficult for me. All I can say is that my emergence won’t do any harm or damage to the Prefecture.” Jiang Chen said with a smile.

Though it wasn’t a big deal to tell someone that he was an ascendant, this ident.i.ty became somewhat sensitive because of the soul imprint in his body. He guessed that the real Nan Bei Chao must be looking for him everywhere and the only clue that Nan Bei Chao had right now was his ident.i.ty of an ascendant.

Therefore, his ident.i.ty had become his greatest secret since his arrival in the Immortal World. He could never reveal it or else, his life would be in grave danger.

“Alright. Since Big Brother Jiang doesn’t want to say it, Qingcheng naturally won’t force Big Brother Jiang,” a.s.sured Qingcheng.

“Miss Qingcheng, I have consumed plenty of soul energy during the concoction of the Ardent Yang Pill just now, I need some time to recover my strength,” said Jiang Chen tactfully.

“En, then I will take my leave now so that Big Brother Jiang can rest early. If Big Brother Jiang has anything that needs my help, don’t hesitate to call for me.” Yan Qingcheng said hastily, and then turned and left.

For some reason, she felt reluctant when she was about to step out of the door of the courtyard, she knew that she was already attracted to this good-looking and highly gifted young man. Too bad, the male counterpart didn’t seem to have taken a liking to her.


Yan Qingcheng sighed heavily, knowing that she couldn’t force somebody to love or like her. So, she should just let things run its course.

Seeing Yan Qingcheng’s shadow slowly fading away, Jiang Chen shook his head helplessly. How could he not know that Yan Qingcheng took a fancy to him? But he had to stay away from this peach blossom luck. There were some relations.h.i.+ps which he couldn’t afford to venture into. He already had Yan Chenyu and Wu Ningzhu. Therefore, it was unwise for him to start another romantic relations.h.i.+p with some other girl.

Furthermore, he had just arrived in this new world which was still alien to him. What he wanted the most right now was to advance his cultivation base and establish a strong foundation in this world. His goal to conquer definitely wouldn’t be limited to Yan City or One-Line-Sky, but to the whole Immortal Domain.

After Yan Qingcheng’s departure, he went into seclusion. He currently had 200,000 dragon marks and the twelve levels of the Ancestral Dragon PaG.o.da had already been fully rebuilt. His Heavenly Saint Sword was now equivalent to a peak Human Immortal Weapon, which was even more powerful than any ordinary Earth Immortal Weapon. All of these were his hidden cards.

What was most important to him right now was to get rid of the soul imprint in his body, it gave him an annoying feeling, like a thorn in his flesh.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

The dragon transformation skill was circulated to the extreme. The evolved dragon transformation skill was certainly much scarier compared to before. This was the one who gave Jiang Chen the confidence in refining the soul imprint. But due to the owner of the soul imprint being too powerful and given Jiang Chen’s current cultivation base, he was afraid that he would need some time to fully refine it.

Over the next two days, he had completely immersed himself in refining the soul imprint and one-third was already refined, which brought him some great results.


The door of his courtyard was pushed open. Although he was in the room, he was still able to sense it immediately with his keen senses, and quickly, he kept his Qi. Then, the door of his room was shoved open and a figure came inside.

This was a situation that annoyed him the most. He hated it the most when someone disturbed him during cultivation. But before he went mad, he had to find out who it was first.

Standing at the doorway was a youth in a clean blue robe, with a head of thick black hair and a relatively handsome face. He looked very young but was already as strong as Yan Qingcheng—late Earth Immortal realm. He also had an extraordinary bearing. A figure like him should be considered the genius of the geniuses in Yan City.

Having not seen him before, Jiang Chen didn’t know him.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

The incomer didn’t sound friendly. His eyes were constantly studying Jiang Chen from top to bottom, radiating an aura of hostility.

“Did I owe you money?”

Similarly, Jiang Chen asked in an unpleasant tone. He hated those people who were born with an excessive sense of superiority to the very core of their bones.

“I’m Yuan Chengjun. Yuan Hong is my dad.”

Yuan Chengjun announced his name and his dad, obviously trying to show how n.o.ble he was in the Prefecture.

It was rare for the son of Yuan Hong to be a late Earth Immortal young genius. Plus, the young man’s dad was a Heaven Immortal old man, which explained why he was so arrogant.

“I’m not interested in who you are, but it is impolite to break into my room. Didn’t your dad teach you some manners?”

Jiang Chen’s tone wasn’t good; and, he would react the same even if he was Yan Dongliu’s son.

Jiang Chen’s words had stunned Yuan Chengjun. He couldn’t believe that Jiang Chen would talk to him in such a tone and manner, even after learning his ident.i.ty. There weren’t many people around his age in Yan City that dared to speak to him so impolitely.

In addition, seeing Jiang Chen not putting him in his eyes at all had undoubtedly affected his pride.

“Jiang Chen, how dare a puny little Human Immortal like you act so arrogantly in front of a young master? I can put you to death with just a slap!”

Yuan Chengjun raged. For some reason, he couldn’t help but feel angry seeing Jiang Chen.

“I suggest you to not use the word ‘death’ in front of me, you have no idea how scary this word is,” said Jiang Chen flatly.

“Humph! Jiang Chen, what else do you know besides alchemy? I’ll turn a blind eye to this for the sake of City Lord. But remember, you’d better stay away from Sister Qingcheng. Otherwise, I will surely not be lenient to you,” warned Yuan Chengjun.

He was out for a tough-training until yesterday when he heard about Jiang Chen. The thing that he couldn’t bear the most was knowing how friendly Yan Qingcheng had treated this newcomer. Everyone in the Prefecture knew that he had been chasing Yan Qingcheng for quite a while now.

In everyone’s eyes, he and Yan Qingcheng were the perfect match created by the Heavens, but in truth, Yan Qingcheng had always been cold to him.

Even so, he didn’t give up chasing her. In his point of view, an outstanding woman would naturally be cold and proud, but what she did to Jiang Chen had never been done to him before.

Today, he had come to see Jiang Chen mainly for two reasons. One was to threaten him and the other was to see how excellent he was that Yan Qingcheng had taken a fancy on him. It disappointed him to see what he saw. This Jiang Chen only knew how to concoct. He didn’t have the same good looks as him, powerful cultivation base, strength and charm. This new guy was totally nothing in front of him.

If Jiang Chen were an outstanding genius, he would at least swallow his pride, but being compared to a Human Immortal was an insult to him. He couldn’t imagine that Yan Qingcheng actually had such a pair of eyes.

In any case, he had already decided that Yan Qingcheng belonged to him. If Jiang Chen was to s.n.a.t.c.h her away from him, he wouldn’t show any politeness to Jiang Chen.

“My affairs aren’t yours to judge. It’s up to Yan Qingcheng to decide who she likes and I can’t do anything about it. If there’s nothing else, please leave at once to avoid delaying my cultivation.” Jiang Chen waved his hand and said impatiently.

He understood Yuan Chengjun’s intention, but this had nothing to do with him and he had no time to humor him. If it wasn’t because he couldn’t afford to offend Yuan Hong, he was afraid that he would’ve already attacked him, Yuan Chengjun was just a late Earth Immortal after all.

“What a good Jiang Chen! A puny Human Immortal dares to be arrogant in front of me? I suppose that you’ve understood what I just said and hope that you won’t offend me anymore in the future. You should know better if you offend me in my place.”

Yuan Chengjun slammed the door shut and left angrily. His eyes were br.i.m.m.i.n.g with a trace of killing intent. But he knew what this courtyard was and knew that Jiang Chen’s skills had already been approved by Yan Dongliu. So he couldn’t afford to kill Jiang Chen unless he wanted loads of trouble.

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