Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1064 – Panic-Stricken

Chapter 1064 – Panic-Stricken


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Jiang Chen glanced casually at Yan Qingcheng, but then stayed silent with his confident and charming face and posture.

Yan Qingcheng couldn’t help but s.h.i.+ver whilst a hint of shock flashed in her eyes. With her looks, that she was very confident in, no male in Yan City was as indifferent as Jiang Chen every time they looked at her. She could sense that Jiang Chen’s composure wasn’t a facade.

There were only two explanation to this situation. One was she wasn’t charming enough and second was Jiang Chen was just too composed. She had never doubted her own charisma, but it was rare to see a young man as composed as him.

Adding the fact that he, who was merely a late Human Immortal expert, could easily defeat early Earth Immortal expert shocked her even more. She was claimed to be a rare genius in the city. When she was still at late Human Immortal realm, the strongest opponent that she could fight was a half-step Earth Immortal expert. She wouldn’t stand a chance if she were to fight a true Earth Immortal expert. So, comparing her to this young man, who could defeat an early Earth Immortal expert with just one strike, made her feel inferior to him.

In addition, Jiang Chen’s boldness had astounded her. She couldn’t believe that a late Human Immortal expert would come over and cause trouble, beating up the people of the Prefecture. Either he was a brainless man or he had greater trump cards to win the fight.

Looking at Jiang Chen’s appearance, he didn’t seem to have a brain problem. Also, a person with brain problem would not have defeated an early Earth Immortal expert.

Because of this, she felt interested in this young man. She would like to see what kind of trump cards does he have for him to be so bold and injure so many of her people.

“Big Miss, let me kill this first person to disrespect the city for good. We can’t allow him to destroy the dignity of the Prefecture.”

An intermediate Earth Immortal elder spoke. His body had been shrouded by Immortal Qi. It seemed like he was ready to charge at Jiang Chen at any time with just a word from Yan Qingcheng.

“No, I’ll take care of him.” Yan Qingcheng said.

Her gentle voice contained a trace of resoluteness, she sounded like a heroine.

“You are Jiang Chen?”

Yan Qingcheng stepped forward and asked.

“That’s right.” Jiang Chen’s tone was indifferent.

“You have injured my people. I suppose you have a good reason for doing this?”

Yan Qingcheng smiled faintly. Her name fitted her features perfectly, because this smile was enough to overthrow all the men in the city.

“It’s because they provoked me first.”

Jiang Chen shrugged disapprovingly.


As soon as she heard the reason, Yan Qingcheng became even more dumbfounded for a brief moment. She expected it to be a more solid reason. The truth was that she had already known everything that happened here. Since Huang Liu wouldn’t dare risk his life for 50 low grade Immortal Meta Stones by lying to her, he told her the truth.

So, she expected Jiang Chen to give her a good reason for his actions. Such a short and vague answer dumbfounded her. Adding the domineering aura that she sensed from Jiang Chen’s body, her interest in Jiang Chen was stirred up.

“What a brazen and audacious brat! It seems like he’s just picking on us!”

“Big Miss, don’t waste your breath with this wild man. Let me kill him now. I don’t believe that he has still a life to live after injuring our people.”

“Kill him! He’s too presumptuous. He’s just a puny late Human Immortal. Does he really think he’s some kind of a powerful figure?”


“Jiang Chen, I heard that you demanded 100,000 low grade Immortal Meta Stones with just this carriage of herbs?”

Yan Qingcheng ignored the angered experts behind her and continued to ask.

Jiang Chen nodded, realizing that Yan Qingcheng wasn’t a rash person. Putting her status and position into the picture, he felt that she was the right person to speak to.

“Depending solely on this carriage of herbs, it surely isn’t worth that much, but I can turn them into high grade pills that will make 100,000 Immortal Meta Stones a small number.”

He stated his intention in a very calm manner. He had always been a meticulous person and would never fight an uncertain battle. He saw the importance of an alchemist after learning that these villagers didn’t even complain even if they travelled thousands of miles just to deliver a carriage of herbs. He was sure that an alchemist was still a respected figure in the Immortal World, especially in a small region like One-Line-Sky.

Since he couldn’t use his ident.i.ty as an ascendant, he should make good use of his skills in alchemy. With his skills, it would be a piece of cake for him to convert these herbs into pills. He could already imagine how these people would treat him after knowing that he was an alchemist. On the contrary, if the Prefecture failed to see this opportunity to build rapport with a rare alchemist, they would surely be idiots. But idiots couldn’t have ruled Yan City for this long.

Sure enough, Yan Qingcheng’s expression changed dramatically after listening to Jiang Chen.

“You’re an alchemist?”

Yan Qingcheng’s eyes sparkled.

“Of course.”

Jiang Chen sounded as calm as the breeze. When the experts of the Prefecture heard that he was an alchemist, they immediately changed the way they looked at him. Their glaring eyes were now mixed with a hint of respect.

Seeing their dramatic change, Jiang Chen realized that he had underestimated the status of an alchemist in this new world. A high ranked alchemist was a person not to be trifled with. In other words, Jiang Chen should not be accounted guilty for beating up these impulsive guards. Instead, they should blame themselves for opposing a n.o.ble and respected alchemist.

“Words alone have no proof,” said Yan Qingchen

A smile was seen on Jiang Chen’s face. He grabbed the carriage, and immediately, all the herbs flew towards his direction. Under the control of his soul power, the herbs were divided automatically into a few groups. The whole process happened in an instant.

Yan Qingchen’s eyes glittered after seeing what happened. As a respected figure in the Prefecture, she had seen quite a lot of stuff about concoction even though she wasn’t an alchemist. She saw that Jiang Chen had cla.s.sified all these herbs so accurately, and every group of herbs could produce one pill.

This fact alone was enough to prove that he was an alchemist.

“My G.o.d.”

Han Changling who was watching at the side was shocked. Naturally, he had some knowledge about alchemist afters delivering herbs for so many years, but he had not thought that Jiang Chen, an ascendant they saved halfway in their journey, was actually an alchemist. He knew how valuable an alchemist was all too well. A good alchemist would be treated respectfully even by the City Lord. If Jiang Chen was really a powerful alchemist, it wouldn’t be a problem even if he had killed a few of their people, because the Prefecture wouldn’t risk losing a good alchemist just because of the lives of a few insignificant people.

“Come on, is Brother Jiang really an alchemist? No wonder he was so resolute and demanded 100,000 low grade Immortal Meta Stones.”

“Haha! I never thought that Brother Jiang is an alchemist. If he can really concoct pills using these herbs, he would surely be welcomed by the Prefecture. By then, not only our village will be out of danger, but we’ll also have benefits.”

“Brother Jiang is truly amazing! I knew that he still has a hidden trump card when I saw how confident he was.”


The villagers had gotten excited. A moment before, they were on the brink of collapse knowing that they had offended the Prefecture big time, because that would doom not only Jiang Chen but also their village. However, none of them thought that Jiang Chen would have such a strong trump card.

*Hu…* *Hu…*

With a wave of his palm, fire rushed out, immediately filling the air in front of the gate with a sea of fire. All the herbs were encompa.s.sed by it. Crackling sound was heard as the herbs began to melt.

“What? How can there be such a way of concocting pills?”

“That’s right. Refining so many herbs at the same time? That’s impossible to do. Plus, those herbs are used to concoct different types of pills. Could it be that he’s planning to make different pills simultaneously?”

“No, that’s not possible, that’s literally impossible. Even a great alchemist could not concoct so many pills at the same time.”


The elders of the Prefecture were shocked. Their faces were full of disbelief. Although there’s no alchemist among them, they still had seen how a pill was made. The reason why there were limited number of alchemist was because the concoction process was too c.u.mbersome and troublesome. An ordinary being wouldn’t be able to control it.

Therefore, even the alchemist in the Prefecture had to refine the herbs successively before combining them. And even so, there was a certain rate of failure. So one could imagine what the result would be if an alchemist refined all the herbs at the same time.

Yan Qingcheng’s eyes were growing brighter and brighter, she was astounded by Jiang Chen’s technique. Every herb was melted and combined rapidly to form a pill, different combination of herbs would produce different kind of pills. Despite the complexity of the process, with Jiang Chen skill, he didn’t make even a single mistake in the process. This scene was enough to shock everyone there.

To Jiang Chen, concocting pills was too simple and easy to achieve. He found no difference between the pills of the Immortal World and the pills of Saint Origin World. However, due to the herbs being nourished by dense Immortal Qi here, the pills concocted from them were considered true Immortal Pill.

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