Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1046 – The Immortal Mark Entering the Body

Chapter 1046 – The Immortal Mark Entering the Body

The Immortal Mark Entering the Body

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Ancestor Greenlotus was a sagacious man. With the current situation, the only person he could rely on to change his fate and the fate of Saint Origin World was Jiang Chen.

It had been a hundred years since he discovered the Immortal Mark accidentally. He failed to refine it because he hadn’t been recognized by it. Although he wasn’t sure if Jiang Chen could refine it, he was certain that Jiang Chen had greater luck than him. As such, Jiang Chen had a better chance of refining it. Judging from their current situation, the only way out of this crisis was to boost Jiang Chen’s cultivation using the Immortal Mark. Only then could Jiang Chen be powerful enough to fight the five ancestors. But if this failed, every hope they had would crumble.

This was a huge gamble; judging from this, it showed that Ancestor Greenlotus was a decisive man. He knew that there were some things that he should push through even if he wasn’t sure of the outcome, otherwise he would lose everything in the end.

*Roar…* *Roar…*

Inside the cage, Jiang Chen was just like before, madly attacking the cage. The bloodthirsty Qi radiated from his body was getting heavier. Ancestor Greenlotus felt somewhat uneasy seeing all of these. If Jiang Chen didn’t get properly treated in time, he would be finished as soon as the brutal Qi had taken root in his innermost soul. At that time, he was afraid that not even the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra would be able to help.

“Greenlotus, don’t waste any more time. Get rid of his brutal Qi quick.”

Fifth Ancestor hustled. He had no qualms about letting Ancestor Greenlotus save Jiang Chen: after all, they were Human Immortals. As such, it was impossible for Ancestor Greenlotus to do something that could hurt them.

“It’s been such a long time.”

Ancestor Greenlotus slowly rose from the ground. In a flash, his body glittered with golden light—the purest Buddha light under the Heavens, without any impurities in it. He looked weak and walked unsteadily, but his eyes were filled with vigor.

In the eyes of the five ancestors, Ancestor Greenlotus was already a half-crippled man ever since his Immortal Soul was broken back then. He had lost all his splendor and turned from a robust middle-aged man to a withered old man.

“Let me in,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

“No, he will kill you.” Fifth Ancestor immediately denied.

Although Jiang Chen had lost his sanity completely, his combat strength was just as powerful as before. Being a peak Eighth Grade Great Saint, no cultivators below Human Immortal realm was a match for him. Thus, Ancestor Greenlotus would probably be shredded to pieces given how weak he was right now.

“It’s fine. I have my own ways. Otherwise, I can’t heal him,” retorted Ancestor Greenlotus.

“Just let me in. I will use the supreme scripture of Buddha Sect to save him, but none of you is allowed to watch the process using your divine sense. If I found out that any of you is using divine sense to peek at my method, I will immediately stop the procedure at once.”

“Very well. Let him in.”

First Ancestor responded very quickly, knowing that Ancestor Greenlotus must have some kind of unique methods and wouldn’t joke about his life.

As a matter of fact, Greenlotus’ purpose of doing this was because he wanted to impart the Immortal Mark into Jiang Chen’s body without being noticed. The five ancestors had already been prying into his Immortal Mark for a hundred years now. So, they wouldn’t have a problem detecting it if he wasn’t close enough to Jiang Chen.

As for the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra, it was the supreme scripture of Buddha Sect; not everyone had the ability to cultivate it due to its obscurity. Even the five ancestors wouldn’t be able to grasp its meaning even if he told them the whole mantra.

*Chi La!*

Fifth Ancestor waved, opening the entrance of the cell. Then, he closed it after Greenlotus entered. The five of them kept their divine sense while their eyes stared hard at the situation inside.


The moment Greenlotus entered, Jiang Chen lunged towards him like a mad man.

Greenlotus reacted quickly. At this moment, he was no longer the weak and slow old man. Vital force rushed out his body as he yelled at Jiang Chen, “Tai!”

A huge golden character was launched, it was then imprinted in Jiang Chen’s glabella. It seemed like a dazzling golden talisman. It was the most profound talisman of Buddha Sect. Due to it being casted by Ancestor Greenlotus, the effect of the talisman varied greatly.

The insane Jiang Chen looked stupefied, as if he had been hit hard on the head.

“En?” Ancestor Greenlotus exclaimed in shock.

Although he knew that the talisman should at least give a temporary relief to Jiang Chen’s condition, he was still surprised it had such a good effect on him.

After an instant, Ancestor Greenlotus understood the reason behind it.

“Haha! This is a lucky coincidence. I didn’t expect him to have acquired the Edifying Light extracted from the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. Because of this, my Great Compa.s.sion Mantra was able to take effect on him so quickly.”

Ancestor Greenlotus felt delighted. The seriousness of the problem had been reduced after learning that the Edifying Light was inside Jiang Chen’s body.

“Po Lu Jie Di Shuo He Luo Ye…”

Ancestor Greenlotus put his palms together while his mouth was constantly spitting out divine sanskirt. A paragraph of abstruse incantation filled the entire cage, like divine bird flying in the sky before it went straight into Jiang Chen’s body.


Greenlotus struck out his palm on Jiang Chen’s head; and, a strong Buddha essence began to flow into Jiang Chen’s body.

In only half a minute’s time, Jiang Chen had partially recovered from his condition.

Subsequently, he opened his eyes and was immediately aware of what was going on.

“Greenlotus.” Jiang Chen yelled using divine sense.

“Don’t speak. I am circulating my Great Compa.s.sion Mantra to clear off the brutal Qi inside your body. Those five old men are watching us. Listen, I will now impart the Immortal Mark into your body. Try your best to refine it as this will be our last chance. If you can refine it, your cultivation base will skyrocket. After that, I’m afraid that not even Human Immortals would be your opponents. Moreover, after refining it, you will become its controller. These five old men will lose the protection of the Immortal Mark and ascend to the Immortal World at once.”

Ancestor Greenlotus’s words were transmitted into Jiang Chen’s head through divine sense.

“Bring it on. This is still within my calculation. If it wasn’t for your presence, I wouldn’t have recklessly consumed those corpses.”

Jiang Chen’s lips curve into a smile. He was really an astute person. He was already able to antic.i.p.ate this event earlier, even though he wasn’t sure if this would work. In any case, he thought that men should sometimes gamble in their lives.

“Alright. I will impart the Immortal Mark into your body now. Then, refine it while I remove the brutal Qi in your body. Those five old men have agreed not to observe us using their divine sense. Once we succeed, they are certainly going to regret their decision,” said Ancestor Greenlotus.

The next thing that would happen would solely depend on Jiang Chen’s luck.

Humph! If I can refine the Immortal Mark, I will never give them the chance to ascend to the Immortal World!

Jiang Chen let out a cold humph. How could he be so kind, letting these five old men leave the Mortal World? If he succeeded, he would make them stay and kill them.

*Buzz…* *Buzz…*

Ancestor Greenlotus casted the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra non-stop into Jiang Chen’s body. With the s.h.i.+ne of the Buddha Light, the internal condition of Jiang Chen’s body was changing constantly—the brutal Qi inside his body was reduced sharply. Upon seeing what’s happening, the five ancestors looked delighted that they had picked the right person to help.

A white column of light shot out from Ancestor Greenlotus’ palm. Because his palm was placed on top of Jiang Chen’s head, none of the five ancestors noticed it.

This white column of light was no doubt the Immortal Mark. Jiang Chen’s body began to tremble as soon as it entered his body

Jiang Chen circulated the dragon transformation skill madly to completely encompa.s.s the Immortal Mark, it gave him the feeling as if he was going to ascend to the Immortal World. However, the Immortal Mark was something that belonged to the Immortal World and represented its law. Therefore, it would be difficult for one to actually refine it.

However, Jiang Chen didn’t give up. He is not a man who would easily accept defeat. Plus, this was his last chance. He couldn’t fail no matter what, otherwise, he and the rest of them would face a tragic end.

The Immortal Mark is a superior existence. So only a greater existence can suppress it. My dragon transformation skill is definitely many times greater than the Immortal Mark. Suppress it!

Jiang Chen bellowed. He had an incomparable confidence in his dragon transformation skill.


Suddenly, a deep dragon roar was heard from his innermost soul. That was the roar of an ancient dragon that only he could hear. In his innermost soul, he saw an illusion of an ancient dragon that looked so real and rushed out towards him. The dragon was filled with the aura of divinity. It looked as if it was the only everlasting and unique existence in the Heavens. And, this was the second time that he had witnessed an ancient dragon inside his soul.

The dragon opened its mouth wide and swallowed the Immortal Mark.

It then disappeared after subduing the Immortal Mark. Immortal Mark now was integrated completely with the Qi of his soul. Infinite Immortal Qi was now flowing in all directions inside his body, spreading to all of his limbs and bones.

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