Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1024 – Second Guardian Is Getting Annoyed

Chapter 1024 – Second Guardian Is Getting Annoyed

Second Guardian Is Getting Annoyed

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Everyone was flooded with tremendous astonishment. Jiang Chen was indeed the variable that could create a flawless miracle once more during this time of crisis. After having Desolate Emperor in custody, they had obtained the greatest bargaining chip against Desolate Palace.

However, that was not the only surprise brought by Jiang Chen, it was far more than that. At this instant, rumbles exploded inside of Gu Palace. These deep noises came from the billowy Qi unleashed from some beings. Many of them turned their heads towards the source of the noise, they saw hundreds of devils emerging out of nowhere, heading towards their direction.

The leaders weren’t strangers, they were Han Yan, Tyrant and Big Yellow.

“Why have so many devil experts appeared all of a sudden?”

“My G.o.d! Saint Origin Palace has been in a mess and now the devil army is here. Eh! No. The young monk and Big Yellow are together with the devil army!”

“Could they be the army brought by Jiang Chen?”


The experts of the three palaces were shocked, but some seniors who had sharp eyesight, especially the seniors of Gu Palace. They found it odd that the devil army would suddenly appear in Gu Palace because the only way to get here was through the spatial pa.s.sageway from Gu Family in the Pure Land. Adding the fact that they came together with Big Yellow and Jiang Chen’s friends, it only meant that they were on the same side.

“Don’t panic, everyone. We have already controlled the Devil Race. They are here to help us fight Desolate Palace,” said Jiang Chen plainly.

“What? How is it possible for so many devil experts to come and aid us?”

“Ruled the Devil Race? Are you kidding? Who had the power to control all of them? It’s impossible.”

“However, these devils look undeniably obedient and I don’t sense any killing intent from them. It seems like Jiang Chen is right. It’s just that, what kind of method did he use to make these devils listen to them?”


Astonishment and shock filled everyone once again after Jiang Chen told them that the devil army belonged to them. This shock was on par with the astonishment they received when Jiang Chen seized Desolate Emperor. If they didn’t see these with their own eyes, they would never believe it.


Under the lead of Han Yan, the devil army flanked at one side in an orderly manner.

“Palace masters, this is my brother. His name is Han Yan. He possessed the complete Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline and is well versed in the Great Devil Curse. During the war last time, we have entered the Devil World after the devil army withdrew themselves from the war all of a sudden. Later, we found out that the Supreme Devil Wand emerged inside the Devil World, which was then obtained by Han Yan. The entire Devil Race is in his command now and neither of them will dare disobey his order. This time, we have brought them here to help us defend against Desolate Palace.” Jiang Chen explained.

For a moment, a lot of people’s gazes fell upon Han Yan, especially the powerful experts from the three major palaces. They were knowledgeable individuals and had had a lot of dealings with the Devil Race. They knew about the history of the Devil Race and also the Supreme Devil Wand compared to others. It’s particularly so for the experts of Demon Palace. They knew that the Supreme Devil Wand was very important to the Devil Race, just like how important the totem was to the Demon Race. It was their faith. It was their belief.

“Well, that’s great, isn’t it? Although we did not collude with the Devil Race, they are under our control now. With their help, our strength will increase once more.”

“Making friends with Jiang Chen seems to be a very wise choice at that time. This man can create miracles all the time. I didn’t think that he could turn this situation around when we were all helpless.”

“I have helped Bin Palace make the right choice this time. He is an outstandingly rare genius among the young generation, and going against him won’t bring any favourable outcome.”


The experts of the three palaces sighed, feeling impressed and also lucky that they had befriended Jiang Chen, he had given them a miracle and a glimmer of hope to survive. Bin Palace in particular felt delighted for making the sensible choice of burying their grudges against Jiang Chen.

“You son of a b*tch, Jiang Chen! You maniac! And you, Gu Firmament, I didn’t imagine that you three palaces have a.s.sociated yourselves with the Devil Race. That means you all are now the common enemy of mankind...” Desolate Emperor, who was imprisoned by Jiang Chen, roared angrily.


A slap hit Desolate Emperor’s face, interrupting his following words. Jiang Chen would never show politeness to someone like Desolate Emperor.

“Little beast! How dare you hit me?”

Desolate Emperor gritted his teeth, feeling choked with frustration before spurting out a mouthful of blood.

Today was an awful day. He was the majestic Desolate Emperor who was about to rule the entire Saint Origin Palace, but he had unexpectedly fallen into the hands of a disrespectful young kid and was slapped violently on the face. How could he possibly stand such an act?

“Hit you? You should be glad that you are still alive. When you’ve become useless, I will straightaway kill you myself so that you can continue your hegemonic dream in the underworld. Listen closely, the Devil Race is in our full control, like the control you have on Narang Palace, and they would absolutely obey our instructions. Therefore, it was totally different from a.s.sociating with the Devil Race. After gaining full control of the Devil Race, none of them could trouble us in the future. Saint Origin World will become peaceful and safe, this is absolutely beneficial to mankind. I can’t understand why you’re berating our kind and good deeds. Furthermore, even if I have a.s.sociated with the Devil Race, it is my own business. You aren’t even capable enough to protect yourself, let alone minding other people’s business.”

Jiang Chen looked at Desolate Emperor coldly. Every word that he said was like a sharp knife, stabbing into Desolate Emperor’s heart. It annoyed him so much that he wanted to explode.

“Little beast, you dare to go against me?! You will pay an awful price…”

Desolate Emperor’s eyes turned red.


Another slap was sent by Jiang Chen without saying a word.

“d.a.m.n your blaring complaints! If you dare to say one more word, I’ll cut off your tongue, then your limbs. You can try threaten me again if you don’t believe me.”

Jiang Chen couldn’t stand the threats given by his opponent. The situation was under his control, it was only a matter of will if he really wanted Desolate Emperor to die.


Desolate Emperor was tongue-tied due to extreme anger. The next second, he couldn’t help spurt another mouthful of blood. He could tell from Jiang Chen’s eyes that he wasn’t joking.

“Haha! Desolate Emperor, didn’t you act very arrogant a moment before? Do that one more time, haha…”

Heavenly Peng King came closer to Desolate Emperor. He would never let the chance of insulting his adversary slip. Compared to the arrogant face that Desolate Emperor had, his face looked extremely pitiful now, it was entirely different. To Heavenly Peng King, it was too enjoyable and pleasing to see this.

On the Desolate camp’s side, they began to recover from their daze state. Anger started to surface on each and every one of their faces. It was too humiliating, particularly to the half-step Human Immortals, their palace master had been seized under their very nose. This situation was no different than slapping them straight on their faces.

“I’ve never thought that there is such a young genius in Gu Palace.”

Second Guardian narrowed his eyes as he stared at Jiang Chen. He was surprised by Jiang Chen’s emergence. In his point of view, the Thirteen Guardians were the scariest geniuses in Saint Origin World, he hadn’t expected to meet a terrifying genius today. Although Jiang Chen’s appearance didn’t concern him, he had to admit that not even the Big Guardian, who was in seclusion right now could do what Jiang Chen did—suppressing a Ninth Grade Great Saint while being only a Sixth Grade Great Saint.

To put it bluntly, the Thirteen Guardians lost to Jiang Chen in terms of talent.

“You are called Jiang Chen?” asked Second Guardian.

“That’s right.”

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders while a.n.a.lysing Second Guardian’s strength. Desolate Palace must have put in lots of effort to produce such a genius.

“Jiang Chen, I suggest you not to be silly. What you are doing now is pus.h.i.+ng the three major palaces into the abyss. We are unstoppable, so you should conform to the Heaven’s will. If you let Desolate Emperor go now, you may still have a chance to live, but if you continue with your stubbornness, the three major palaces will lose their chance to sign the contract. At that time, blood will flow like river and tens of thousands will die,” said Second Guardian in a plain tone.

He could still remain calm even though Desolate Emperor was in the custody of his enemy. Judging from this, it only showed that the geniuses trained by Desolate Palace were no doubt very uncommon.

“Really? Then you should try and see. I don’t know whether the three palaces will turn into a river of blood, but I am sure that your Desolate Emperor will die first, in a very tragic and miserable way. If you don’t care about his life, then go ahead and attack.”

Jiang Chen showed an indifferent look. It had to be a serious joke to let Desolate Emperor go now. Given the temperament of Desolate Emperor, he would surely be outraged after receiving such a tremendous humiliation. At that time, the three palaces would definitely turn into a river of blood.

Even with the help of the devil army, it was still not enough to confront their enemy, the gap was just to great to fill.

“Jiang Chen, do you think that I won’t dare to attack?”

Cold light flashed in Second Guardian’s eyes. He had never been threatened before by others. It was undeniably frustrating when he was restrained by someone. Moreover, it was impossible for him to ignore the life of Desolate Emperor. In any case, Desolate Emperor was the supreme leader of this mission. He held a pivotal position in Desolate Palace.

“That’s right. I’m sure you won’t dare to attack.” Jiang Chen retorted bluntly.

It showed his disdain for Second Guardian and challenged him to attack. Such a response was definitely irritating, but there was no way other than swallowing it up.

The present situation made Second Guardian feel so unpleasant that he like had swallowed a house fly. They were supposed to have the advantage where they could annihilate their opponents with ease, however, all they could do now was to wallow in frustration.

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