Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1022 – Despair Befall

Chapter 1022 – Despair Befall

Despair Befall

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One word from Han Yan had suppressed all the agitated devils. The Devil Race had professed their deep reverence for their belief—the Supreme Devil Wand which represented authority. Even the half-step Devil Immortals didn’t dare have the slightest bit of reluctance and disobedience towards the Supreme Devil Wand. Han Yan had now become the supreme conqueror of Devil Race. He represented the highest authority, and every word he said was equivalent to a decree.

“Dang! He’s too powerful. The Supreme Devil Wand is even stronger than my Totem Divine Seal. Ah Yan is undeniably awesome.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but sigh. If he didn’t see it with his own eyes, he certainly wouldn’t believe it even if he was threatened to death. A human controlling the entire Devil Race and even the half-step Devil Immortals? Anyone could imagine how exhilarating that was.

Suddenly, Big Yellow’s body trembled and his ears twitched two times as his expression changed.

“What happened Big Yellow?”

Jiang Chen had the sharpest perception. He was able to detect the irregularities from Big Yellow right after it happened.

“Something big has happened in Saint Origin Palace.”

Said Big Yellow.

“Desolate Palace has already attacked?”

Jiang Chen’s expression hardened. He was the only one who knew about Desolate Palace’s overall strength and their secret plan. So, he could instantly imagine the seriousness of the matter.

“Yes. This news came from Heavenly Peng King. Desolate Palace is overpowering. They have already taken down Narang, s.h.i.+ and Huo Palace and are currently dealing with Dan Palace. Though the Gu, Demon and Bin Palace have formed an alliance, Desolate Palace is too strong for them to fight. According to him, there are twelve guardians in Desolate army, each of them were as powerful as a Ninth Grade Great Saint. There was a guy called Second Guardian who has defeated a half-step Human Immortal ancestor with just one move. Currently, the situation there is really critical. Once Desolate Palace subdued Dan Palace, the next will be the last three palaces. They won’t stand a chance against Desolate Palace despite their alliance. An old ancestor of Gu Palace said that you are the key factor in this catastrophe. So, they hope that you can return as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will be too late to save them.”

Big Yellow’s tone was unprecedentedly solemn while conveying what Heavenly Peng King said to Jiang Chen.

“What’s going on?”

Tyrant seemed a little confused. He and Han Yan had never been to Saint Origin Palace before. So they were not very familiar with anything related to Saint Origin Palace, but he wasn’t a fool. He could tell from Big Yellow’s tone that Desolate Palace’s really had an ambition to rule this world, putting the Gu and the other palaces in a very precarious position. Therefore, they badly needed Jiang Chen’s presence right now.

“The twelve guardians. This is the killing weapon that Desolate Palace secretly trained. Every one of them is equivalent to a half-step Human Immortal. If I were to return with my current strength, I won’t be able to fight against them. In order to confront them, I must advance to the Sixth Grade Great Saint realm first.”

Jiang Chen knitted his brows.

“Little Chen, not to worry. I can bring all the devil experts to aid them in Saint Origin Palace.”

Said Han Yan confidently.

“Ah Yan, don’t underestimate the strength of Desolate Palace. Even if the entire devil army went there, it won’t be enough to kill them. There is a secret which I haven’t told you all yet. In the last hundred years, all the Immortals of Desolate Palace didn’t ascend to the Immortal World. They had hidden themselves up. Those twelve guardians were the peerless geniuses secretly trained by them. I have once sneaked into a deep layer of a spatial zone and found Ancestor Greenlotus. He was imprisoned by the Immortals of Desolate Palace because he had once discovered the Immortal mark. By using the power of the Immortal mark, these Immortals were able to stay in Saint Origin World without being affected by the summoning of the Immortal World…………”

Jiang Chen spat the information that he knew about Desolate Palace out. At this time, it was no longer necessary for him to hide them.


After listening to Jiang Chen’s words, Han Yan and the others exclaimed, it was too starling. If this didn’t come from Jiang Chen’s mouth, they definitely wouldn’t believe it. One should know that those were powerful Human Immortals. How could they possibly fight against those beings?

Tyrant gritted his teeth, his hatred towards Desolate Palace soared instantly when he heard about the news of Ancestor Greenlotus.

“However, you guys don’t have to worry too much. Human Immortals usually won’t interfere in these kind of matters because the barrier of Saint Origin World can’t stand their power. So, we only have to deal those twelve guardians. Time is running out. I must advance to the Sixth Grade Great Saint now. only then would it be possible for me to fight them in my half-dragon form. Ah Yan, can you ask the half-step Devil Immortals to take out some energy treasures of the Devil Race for me to absorb?”

Said Jiang Chen.

Han Yan appeared next to a half-step Devil Immortal and requested what Jiang Chen asked.

“Your Highness. Our race has a top-grade Devil Element. It is full of energy and pure devil essence.”

The half-step Devil Immortal didn’t dare show any signs of neglect. He turned his palm, a black Devil Element appeared. It was the size of a palm, but the energy that was emitted from it trembled the void around.

Han Yan took the top-grade Devil Element, turned and handed it to Jiang Chen. “Little Chen, take a look at this treasure. Does it allow you to advance to the Sixth Grade straightaway?”

“Great, this is a good piece of treasure. After refining it, not only would I be able to advance to the Sixth Grade Great Saint, I will also reach the peak of Sixth Grade Great Saint, which is enough to deal with those twelve guardians.”

Delight and surprise was revealed in his eyes. One should know that the gap between an Eighth Grade and Ninth Grade Great Saint was too great. Even if Jiang Chen advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint, he probably wouldn’t stand a chance against those twelve guardians, but if he could reach the peak of Sixth Grade Great Saint, it would certainly give him enough combat power to fight them.

As time was running out, he immediately took the Devil Element from Han Yan and started to refine it. Subsequently, his cultivation base began to rise and new dragon marks began to form in his body.

“Ah Yan, I have to do this on the way back to Gu Palace. Otherwise, we will be late. Now, order the devil experts with Seventh Grade and above cultivation to follow us there. They will become our powerful army.”

Said Jiang Chen.

A while later, under the lead of Han Yan, hundreds of devils rushed out of the Devil World towards the Gu Family. They had to use the spatial pa.s.sageway of the Gu Family to enter Gu Palace.

After so many years of recuperation, the devil forces had grown strong. Its force was powerful enough to strike any of the eight major palaces. Therefore, this force would provide a huge help to Gu Palace.

By the time they arrived at the Gu Family, Jiang Chen had already advanced to the Sixth Grade Great Saint. The dragon marks in his body had exceeded 90 000. However, the energy of the Dark Element has not yet been depleted. New dragon marks was still forming incessantly in his body.

As a matter of fact, despite hitting the peak Sixth Grade Great Saint, he wouldn’t be able to change the situation unless he advanced into the Seventh Grade Great Saint, the twelve guardians were no doubt very powerful.

However, it was too late for that now. He had to reach Gu Palace as quickly as possible with his group of devil army to increase the overall strength of their forces. It would already be too late if Gu and Demon Palace were forced to sign the contract or be annihilated.

He must get to Gu Palace in time by hook or by crook. He didn’t want to have any regrets in this life.

Gu Xuantian was informed about the incidents in Saint Origin Palace. Knowing how critical the situation was, he immediately opened the spatial pa.s.sageway connecting to Gu Palace without asking Jiang Chen anything. Then, Jiang Chen and Han Yan led a big group of devil army into the spatial pa.s.sageway, heading towards Gu Palace in maximum speed.

The atmosphere in Gu Palace became even more tensed. Plenty of them had lost the hope that Jiang Chen would return on time. Even if he arrived before Desolate Palace attacks, he wouldn’t be of any help because Desolate Palace was just too powerful. Jiang Chen wouldn’t be able to change anything no matter how talented he was.

“What’s the status now?

Gu Firmament asked.

“The huge army of Desolate Palace is presently dealing with Dan Palace. It seems like Dan Palace didn’t have any plans of defending their territory, resisting would only be pointless. As long as the person in charge of Dan Palace isn’t a fool, they will straightaway sign the contract, surrendering to Desolate Palace.”

A Ninth Grade Great Saint expert of Gu Palace said in a helplessness and despaired tone.

“Hasn’t Jiang Chen returned yet?”

Heavenly Peng King frowned. This had now become the thing that he was most worried and also the thing that he antic.i.p.ated the most. Everyone on the scene knew their situation very well. Despite the three of them joining their forces together, it was undoubtedly not enough if they were to defeat Desolate Palace, unless Jiang Chen, the only variable would return on time.

“He will return on time. I believe him.”

Gu Firmament said confidently despite the uncertainty in his heart. As their leader, he needed to maintain his composure and confidence no matter how uncertain he felt.

*Hong Long……*

At this moment, outside of Gu Palace, innumerable waves of powerful Qi gust forth, like a giant and majestic cloud hanging over the sky above Gu Palace. It gave everyone the feeling of unpleasantness.

“They are here. So fast……”

“Dan Palace has surrendered to them so quickly.”

“Darn! Whatever destined to come will come in the end, we can’t escape from this. Let’s go and have a look.”


Desolate Palace had arrived in Gu Palace,as expected. Even Gu Firmament would have to confront them personally.

The experts of Gu, Demon and Bin Palace had gathered in the sky above Gu Palace. What they saw was the huge army of Desolate Palace. There were numerous experts standing closely to one another, making it look congested and thick. They were the experts of the five major palaces. There were roughly a dozen half-step Human Immortals, the twelve guardians and around ten powerful Ninth Grade Great Saints. This was a one-sided battle. Compared to their enemy’s army, it was totally incomparable.

That’s right. Despair was the only thing that they felt right now. There was no way for them to not feel desperate right now.

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