Dragon-Marked War God - Chapter 1014 – Three Elders of Narang Family

Chapter 1014 – Three Elders of Narang Family

Three Elders of Narang Family

The 12th chapter!

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When they heard the words ‘supreme treasure’, their eyes sparkled with greed. They had no idea what the Devil Mountain was, but they were certain that it was a place very important to the Devil Race. The treasure must be extraordinarily precious because they were willing to give up their attack on the Western Domain for this treasure.

“Where is the Devil Mountain?” asked Jiang Chen.

“It’s located at the central region of the Devil World. Most of the devils including the higher ups have converged on the Devil Mountain waiting for the the supreme treasure to appear. That place is now heavily guarded,” said the Second Grade Devil Saint truthfully.

After being edified, his mind only recognized one master—Jiang Chen. Therefore, he would never dare to deny Jiang Chen’s demand and command.

As a matter of fact, it was in Devil Race’s favor when their devils were edified by Jiang Chen because at least until now, they were still alive, unlike those who had died the moment they encountered Jiang Chen.

“Alright. That’s all. Don’t tell anyone about us coming into the Devil World, or else, I will kill you instantly,” said Jiang Chen sternly.

“Servant won’t dare to go against master’s wishes. You must be careful my lord.” The Second Grade Devil Saint responded in panic.

Subsequently, Han Yan quickly flew towards the direction of the Devil Mountain according to the navigation of the Second Grade Devil Saint. With the protection of Han Yan’s Ancient Divine Devil Bloodline, it wasn’t hard for them to get past the high level of security. Basically, they wouldn’t encounter any sort of problem.

“Little Chen, your trick is awesome! That was an unbeatable skill that can be used against devils. Being able to tame the Devil Saint instantly and make the Devil Saint follow your orders to your whims, if I did not witness it with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it.” Han Yan said, sighing.

Although this wasn’t his first time seeing Jiang Chen use the Edifying Light, he was still shocked. To anyone who didn’t understand about the essence of the Edifying Light, it was undeniably an unbelievable and incomprehensible thing.

“The Edifying Light is one of the essential skills of Buddha Sect and many have longed to acquire it because of one important reason—its natural suppressive ability against the devils just like the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. But the power of the Edifying Light is limited to caster’s power. If you use it against a devil that is a lot stronger than you, you will receive a backlash. It’s a pity that I have yet to acquire the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra. It is the legendary scripture of Buddha Sect. I wonder how powerful it will be,” explained Tyrant.

Thinking about the legendary Great Compa.s.sion Mantra gave him a sense of great longing. In truth, no one in the Buddha Sect wouldn’t long for having the Great Compa.s.sion Mantra.

“Let’s not talk about this first. The supreme treasure of the Devil Race is going to appear. This event is huge, so huge that all the higher ups of the Devil Race were willing to give up the war. Without a doubt, it must be an extraordinary treasure. I’m afraid it takes thousands of years before a great event like this happens. It’s lucky for us that we have caught up with it this time,” said Jiang Chen.

“Exactly, Ah Yan. This is a great luck that you may not encounter in thousands of years.” Big Yellow looked at Han Yan and said.

“What does it have to do with me?” Han Yan said, looking baffled.

“How can it has nothing to do with you? It has something great to do with you. I’m afraid your bloodline is the highest among the Devil Race right now. And you have acquired the Great Devil Curse. Normally, the supreme treasure of the Devil Race has a soul. If you could obtain it, the benefits that you’ll get are boundless,” said Jiang Chen with a smile.

“That depends on my luck.” Han Yan shrugged and said.

Jiang Chen and Big Yellow were right. This was no doubt a rare and valuable encounter for him.

“But we must not rush to your objective. The Devil Mountain is the most dangerous place right now. We have to remain calm. Regardless of what we do, we must not expose ourselves before the incident, because once we have revealed who we are, we will be doomed. By then, not even the G.o.ds will be able to save us.” Jiang Chen’s tone turned slightly grimmer.

Both Han Yan and Tyrant nodded. They weren’t fools and they knew Jiang Chen’s words were true. They had intruded into the nest of the devil army. If they had alerted the devil's attention, they would face an unimaginable outcome.

The Devil Mountain was located at the heart of the Devil World. It wasn’t a mountain range. It was a solitary black mountain that’s at least 3,000 meters tall. There were thick smoke rolling above it and the surroundings were filled with dense devil Qi.

At the current moment, using the Devil Mountain as the center, hundreds of miles around the mountain was occupied with devils lined according to their position and cultivation base. All of them had a grim face while staring at the peak of the Devil World. The atmosphere was so quiet that not even breathing sounds could be heard.

Nearest to the Devil Mountain was a dozen of Super Devil Saints standing upright. Despite their ident.i.ty, their faces were filled with respect while facing the huge Devil Mountain.

Perhaps, Jiang Chen and his comrades didn’t understand what was happening. In fact, the way the devils respected the Devil Mountain was like how the Demon Race respected the Suspended Tower. To them, the summit of the mountain was the symbol of the Devil Race. Inside the Devil Mountain was a spatial zone. Over the years, there had been a lot of inheritance appearing inside that had nurtured plenty of experts and geniuses.

Sang Ba was one of the geniuses who acquired something in the mountain—the Great Devil Curse.

Today, some unusual changes occurred in this mountain because it was time for a supreme treasure to emerge. To the Devil Race, this was something big and exciting, just like how the lighting up of the ninth floor of the Suspended Tower excited all the people of Demon Race. They were all filled with antic.i.p.ation of what treasure would appear.

This treasure might be the biggest a.s.set that could be used to change the fate of the Devil Race, or the item that could revitalize their entire race, or the weapon that could be used to conquer the entire Saint Origin World. As such, every devil was filled with incomparable excitement and imagination.

Han Yan’s group arrived at one of the sides facing the Devil Mountain silently. Their arrival didn’t draw any attention because his body was emitting the similar devil Qi. Moreover, there were thousands of them present on the scene and all of them were focusing on the summit of the mountain. Who would have the extra effort to pay them any attention?

*Hong Long…*

The top of the mountain shook again, causing the large body of the mountain to sway. Seeing the situation, countless devils were exhilarated. This was already the fifth time that the mountain shook. The shaking got faster as the frequency increased.

In other words, they were getting closer and closer to seeing the emergence of the treasure.

Jiang Chen and his brothers noticed a glimmer of light on the top of the Devil Mountain. It was black in color. Despite being wrapped by layers of black devil Qi, the flashes of the light wasn’t blocked.

“My G.o.d! This scene is so spectacular.”

Han Yan couldn’t help sighing.

“Little Chen, when do you think the supreme treasure will show itself?” asked Tyrant.

“It’s hard to say. The movement of the Devil Mountain isn’t big enough. Judging by its look, I’m afraid it will need a little more time, maybe a few more days.”

Jiang Chen gazed at the Devil Mountain and said plainly.

“A few more days? That long? Master Dog can’t wait any longer.”

Big Yellow had a look of misery on his face.

“Stupid dog. You have to wait, whether you like it or not. We have to wait and observe calmly.”

Jiang Chen glared at Big Yellow. The thing that this dog lacked the most was patience. It was imperative that they stayed unnoticed at this critical moment.


Saint Origin Palace!

Immediately after returning to their palaces, the six major palaces made preparations to deal with Jiang Chen. Each of the six major palaces a.s.signed a Ninth Grade Great Saint to hunt Jiang Chen across the world. This time, they no longer cared about their reputation. Because no one among the young generation could match Jiang Chen and even the Eighth Grade Great Saint elder, Desolate Wuleng, was killed by him, only a mighty Ninth Grade Great Saint could guarantee the kill.


Narang Palace!

Deep inside a spatial zone was a few formidable Ninth Grade Great Saints gathering together. Each of them exuded n.o.ble Qi. There were three elders who had the most powerful Qi among them. There were wisps of Immortal Qi swirling around their bodies. Their cultivation base had almost exceeded the Ninth Grade Great Saint and they were considered half-step Immortals.

Human Immortal was the first realm when once reached the Immortal Realm. However, making half-step into the Immortal Realm didn’t make the cultivator a true Immortal. In fundamental terms, it was because the cultivator hadn’t fully detached from the Mortal Realm yet. One should know the difference between the Mortal Realm and the Immortal Realm was like the difference between the sky and the land.

They were the three powerful Supreme Elders of Narang Palace. They were half-step Immortal, the supreme experts that were respected even by the palace master of Narang Palace, Narang Yunhe. These three would never appear in normal circ.u.mstances given the level they had reached. They wouldn’t dare to interfere in any matters of Narang Palace unless it was related to the life or death of the palace. These people only had one wish—that was to break through into the Immortal Realm and ascend to the legendary Immortal World.

“I have already known about that Jiang Chen kid. He’s just a Fifth Grade Great Saint. No matter how heaven defying he is, he needs more room for growth. He is harmless to our palace. Besides, the six major palaces have sent their experts to hunt him down. So, I don’t think he can live much longer. Narang Yunhe, why are you getting us into the matter of this small man? I imagine that your leaders.h.i.+p is getting worse.”

An old man sitting in the middle darted Narang Yunhe a glance. He was no doubt the First Ancestor of the three Narang Elders, with the strongest cultivation base and highest position. The two sitting next to him was the Second and Third Ancestor.

Narang Yunhe’s facial expression changed dramatically. Immediately, he bowed with fear and out of respect.

“Ancestors, I wouldn’t have bothered the three elders if it is only about the matter of Jiang Chen. There is another thing I want to report to you all,” said Narang Yunhe.

“What is it?” asked the First Ancestor.

“It’s something related to Desolate Palace. During the war against the Devil Race, the strongest geniuses were at the peak Sixth Grade Great Saint but a Seventh Grade Great Saint genius of Desolate Palace has appeared out of nowhere to combat Jiang Chen, and most of all, he was at the peak of the grade. If there was someone as strong as this, we will know about it. Therefore, I can conclude that this genius is one of the geniuses hidden by Desolate Palace,” said Narang Yunhe.

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