Dragonborn Saga - Chapter 743: Jon Dare vs. Miraak

Chapter 743: Jon Dare vs. Miraak

Chapter 743: Jon Dare vs. Miraak

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Dominating a Dragon, now that was something that never sat well with Jon. Still, in order to get to where Miraak is, it is better to conserve strength and get this Dragon dominated.



Servant of the Phantom Word

, a Dragon that has always served Miraak for eons and can be considered to be his most reliable lieutenant, that's the kind of dragon Jon just captured.

As a Serpentine Dragon, Sahrotaar has a unique shape, almost the ugliest of all Dragons, but still unique. His scales were smooth and his head had its lower jaw longer than its upper jaw. He even had no horns and only had a long line of fin-like scales on his back.

Right now, mighty Sahrotaar was subjugated not by the might of Jon's words but rather by the newest player arriving on the scene,

Hecate of Pride


Using the knowledge of every spell ever cast, Jon conned Hermeaus Mora into giving him the type of knowledge that can't simply fit into the head of a mortal. Thinking that there was no way Jon Dare could put this knowledge to use, Jon simply made Hermaeus Mora watch as he fed that knowledge to his sentient staff.

And lo and behold, Hecate, namesake for the G.o.ddess of magic and witchcraft.

This dark anomaly that Pride has turned into was the final of all Deadly Sins, the power Jon has made into being from all his flaws as a human, and he made them into an image that is not his, for a creator and a creation can be nothing alike. However, as prideful as Pride could get, it tried to imitate its lord but it was a mere shadow of what Jon is, as Pride can only get that far.

Still, that power that was displayed by one artifact over a real living breathing Dragon is nothing to call an imitation.

Imagine bringing down a dragon with simple Telekinesis!

Flogging him around, bringing him up and down, pinning him to the ground, and twisting his wings behind his back. On top of that, it is not any Dragon, but one from the First Era.

"Hot d.a.m.n!"

Jon simply watched from the sideline as Hecate of Pride schooled a dragon on how to land and take off until the Dragon was desperately digging his claws to the ground in order not to be flogged around more than what he already had.

"Vuth! Vuth! Gosvern ruth! LU KREN!"

With all the tossing and turning, it led to a dragon shouting for it to stop then when things seemed unending with this sort of humiliation, it mounted all it could to shout Lu and Kren in order to break the Magic.

As the Magicka holding the Dragon disintegrated and he tried to hold himself up, the remaining Sins weren't just going to stand idly by.

A large fist of ice came from Karstaag of Sloth followed by a sword attack from Odokuro of Wrath. Potema of Envy mounted more Magicka to repeat what Hecate of Pride just did but she only managed to hold one of the Dragon's feet in place. As for Wendigo of Gluttony, it clashed head-on with the Dragon and attempted to chomp off a piece of its neck.

"That is enough!"

Jon's voice caused every Sin Artifact to freeze, including Hecate of Pride, who seemed motionless in place but still changing and uncertain.

"Had enough?" Jon then asked Sahrotaar as he walked forward towards the Dragon.

"Joor! Miraak will make you"

"This again? Even Dragons do it?" Jon rolled his eyes back and then leaned on Sahrotaar's snot, "Come on, I'll give you one more chance. Say something worthwhile."

"... Like what?" Sahrotaar asked as he felt hesitant about the dangerous look in Jon's eyes.

"I don't know, man. Why do half-a.s.sed villains keep throwing around threats and acting all s.h.i.+t? Like back when I was a kid, if I beat up a guy, he'd always bring up the name of his elder brother as if it was the second boss monster I got to face. So why is a Dragon doing the same thing?"

"" Sahrotaar kept a careful silence in front of Jon's sudden burst of anger.

"Now you realize it, you son of a b.i.t.c.h?" Jon said and slapped Sahratoor on his forehead, "For f.u.c.k's sake, you're a dragon, that s.h.i.+t is beneath you."

"I am but a servant." Sahrotaar finally replied.

"Huh?" Jon glared at the Dragon, "So this is the extent of Miraak's mind control to make a Dragon think he is a mere servant. f.u.c.king whimp!"

Jon kept nagging and hitting Sahrotaar on the head as if he was bullying him at this point.

"Miraak Thuri is ready to face you!"

"So from a lackey to a secretary baby steps but an improvement nonetheless." Jon patted Sahrotaar's head, "So, mi amigo, ready for switching allegiance?"

"Do your worst, joor." Sahrotaar replied and his words were a facade of both fake pride and unyielding willpower.

Jon breathed in slightly and then opened his mouth with the voice of roaring thunder.


Earth, Mind, and Dragon; were three words that manifested into a tempest of essence energy from Jon's soul and started to attack and suffocate the serpentine dragon.

He resisted, he really did, but with all the fight he mounted, Jon's will was powerful, tyrannical, and overbearing.

If Jon was to let it get through his head, the Bend Will shout in his hand would be the worst thing a mortal ever wields. His tyrannical tendencies for domination and his s.a.d.i.s.tic sense of control mixed with these words of power can only be described as a recipe for disaster.

Luckily for everyone else in that world, historians of later eras didn't have to mention that Jon had committed any atrocities where he exploited the Bend Will as a method to break his foes since he didn't.

As for Sahrotaar, Jon could simply find his way to the Summit of Apocrypha on his own but he didn't want to shake off too many variables so far. His plans for Miraak should go as they went in the game and so he captured the serpentine dragon as his first-ever slave dragon.

With the struggle between Dov and Thu'um unfolding, Sahrotaar stood in front of Jon and lowered his head as he always used to do for Miraak.

"Hail, thuri. Your thu'um has the mastery." Sahrotaar spoke, "Climb aboard and I will carry you to Miraak!"

"Good!" Jon replied and in a single action, he immediately absorbed all the Sin Artifacts back into his body.

Only pride remained as it seemed hesitant on what to do. Jon turned back to the feminine figure of Hecate and smiled.

"Still, can't make up your mind?" Jon asked, "No wonder Pride is a mess."

The shape of Hecate was still unstable even though it kept imitating Jon's appearance as hard as possible. In the end, it settled on the female-looking version of him with very pale skin and jet-black hair.

Jon only had to raise his hand and restore Pride back into his being.

"Cheeky brat." Jon mumbled before turning to Sahrotaar, "Dragon, take me to the top of this world."

"As you wish." Sahrotaar lowered his head even more and all Jon needed to do was to hop on the creature's back and dangle his feet over his shoulders.


With Jon's command, Sahrotaar took to the sky with a single flap of his enormous wings. Jon saw the land part away and got far but still, the rotten feeling of Hermaeus Mora's gaze kept on him.

In the center of Apocrypha stood a tower built on millions upon millions of ancient apocryphal tomes, and its top was known as the Summit of Apocrypha, the place where the Daedric Prince of Knowledge takes the seat of his power.

But at this point, it was occupied by none other than the First Dragonborn, Miraak.

"Your thu'um is stronger than Miraak's. Vobalaan in (Unworthy Master). I will serve you now." Sahrotaar spoke to Jon as they headed up, "But beware. Miraak is strong. He knew you would come here."

"Don't mind that." Jon replied as Sahrotaar was finally flying above the Summit of Apocrypha where Miraak appeared among his band of dragons.

At that point, a voice shook the sky from the summit.

"Sahrotaar, are you so easily swayed?" Miraak spoke with a mocking question as he pointed with his sword toward Jon and Sahrotaar.

"Miraak has forced me to serve him for too long. Nahkriin saraan lingrah (Vengeance has waited long). Let us destroy him together."

Sahrotaar declared his intent with eyes br.i.m.m.i.n.g with anger at Miraak.

"Fool! He can kill you in a single move." However, Jon mocked the Dragon coldly as he knew what would become.

And just as Jon foresaw, The blade of Miraak's tentacle sword suddenly shot toward Sahrotaar and Jon, aiming for either of the two. The blade itself extended and increased in length as it crossed over a hundred feet in an instant.

But just as that was about to fall, a red glint sparked against the green blade, and a Miraak's sword was blown away and nailed down with another red and black ebony sword.

Jon jumped off Sahrotaar's back and rather than going down, he held onto the head of the Dragon and


he cracked the entire neck the wrong way.

As Jon landed on the floor of Apocrypha's summit, the serpentine dragon fell dead behind him and started to disintegrate and get absorbed.

"Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me!" Jon raised a hand and Bloodskal flew back right into his palm.

"Jon Dare, I am surprised you managed to walk past Mora." Miraak spoke.

"Funny!" Jon replied with a sly smile watching Miraak retrieve his sword to its normal shape, "I only had to give him back his girlfriend."

"It makes me wonder why you had to do that silly little gambit of yours." Miraak spoke and looked puzzled before shrugging his shoulders, "Well, I guess I can know when I absorb that soul of yours."

Seeing Miraak acting all c.o.c.ky, Jon pointed at Miraak's mask.

"How's the face?" He asked.

Knowing that Jon was the one that damaged him with the molten geode, Miraak's arrogance found itself hit with the hard unshakable wall of Jon's smugness.

"Don't worry, dear Miraak. What I have in store for you is much much worse than just taking your soul from you. You'll regret that moment you had that idea of dreaming about the thought of crossing me."

The two had an arrogance that knew no bounds. One is Miraak, the corrupt Dragon Priest, and the betrayer of the duty of the Dragonborn. The other is Jon Dare, the man who took the word the people avoid uttering in front of him as a surname.

Two unshakable wills, two forces of divine wrath, two dragonborns, two mortal sons of Akatosh clashed their swords, spells, and thu'um on the top of Mt. Apocrypha in a battle of arrogance and pride.

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