Divine Emperor of Death - Chapter 3730 The Fourth Treasure Of The Third Row

Chapter 3730 The Fourth Treasure Of The Third Row

Chapter 3730 The Fourth Treasure Of The Third Row

"Oh my~"

Tina puffed her cheeks up with her palms, her eyes s.h.i.+ning with excitement.

Evelynn and the others had just entered the Mystical Herb Mansion, and Tina got to see all the herbs they came across through the projection in the skies. She could ascertain many of these herbs even while not looking at their descriptions, and Dalila by her side also looked at the scene with intrigued eyes.

They were on the balcony of their alchemy chamber. The viscous medicinal scent could be seen wafting out as they just seemed to have a cauldron explode from a concoction failure, although they did not care and took a break.

"So many ingredients. I possibly couldn't imagine how amazing it would be to bring them all here." Dalila was shook.

"Indeed." Tina nodded, "If they're all brought back, we can strengthen them by a great margin, and as for the unused treasures, we could keep them in the treasury for future use."

"A pity that they could only take nine." Dalila sighed.

They then continued to watch and discuss the treasures that were kept in the Mystical Herb Mansion.

After some time, they also became aware of the rules.

"Perhaps twelve"

They theorized while following Evelynn, Isabella, and s.h.i.+rley's journey. They couldn't see the battles in the soulscape, but they sure could see who won and who lost. They saw Evelynn ascend and appear on the upper floor.

"Oh the first floor has great treasures. They're picking an ice-attributed treasure for Iesha. That would make Iesha much more cooler~ Ah, no pun intended"

Tina chuckled, causing Dalila to shake her head.

"If Iesha got much cooler, it is unknown if our children would step into the treasury, afraid that their tenth mother will freeze them on the spot." Dalila cheekily giggled.

In response, Tina rolled her eyes, "It's not like you're any better. At least I socialize, but you don't go anywhere, Dalila."

"Do I need to? I will just follow you around and socialize. It's much easier"

"Aye~ You're too studious, but I can't find fault with that"

Tina sighed.

She admired Dalila in regards to alchemy as she absorbed knowledge of alchemy like a sponge, far more than she did, but when it came to Dalila's daily life, she was worried.

The two of them were making immense improvements in alchemy, but their social life was pretty much void. Only during the occasion of going to see Davis or learning something from others would they have a chance to have conversations, but even then, Dalila remained silent.

It wasn't like Dalila was like Iesha, who loved silence, so she was worried about it, but it seemed like Dalila was currently satisfied being with her.

"You go talk to mother-in-law Nora. She's your friend, isn't she?"

"Don't say mother-in-law!"

Dalila raised her hands and complained as she blushed, causing Tina to laugh.

They continued watching Evelynn but parted their lips in shock when Evelynn landed on the second floor. They both stood up, looking at each other's faces, which were covered in shock before they flew out.

They went to the training ground where Davis was but couldn't find him, so they went to another training ground where he might be.

Indeed, they spotted his avatar with Myria, the two of them hovering in the air as iridescent wheels spun behind them. The two terrifying forces both attracted each other, but they apparently kept it actively repelled as though trying to achieve equilibrium while researching the intricacies of the reincarnation wheel.

At this point, Tina and Dalila wondered if they should disturb them.

However, the wheels disappeared, and the both of them turned to look at them, inviting them over.

"We know what's happening out there as we're keeping an eye."

"Indeed. I didn't expect such treasures to appear on the second floor. I don't know what the World Master is thinking. These are mostly Empyrean Grade Treasures. This is ridiculous even for the amount of dangers present in this Mystical Herb Mansion"

Davis and Myria summoned cultivation cus.h.i.+ons to their sides, allowing Tina and Dalila to be seated. They looked solemn, discussing the dangers, and eventually came to the conclusion that being killed in a soulscape on the second floor would cause one to lose one hundred percent of their soul essence, which is no different than death and possibly cost reincarnation itself.

Then again, the price for defeat would also be at least losing twenty percent of their soul essence.

Myria frowned, "The problem is these treasures on the third and fourth row like the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit, are extremely rare and are of the Peak Immortal Emperor Grade, but their rarity and use would put them on par with High-Level Empyrean Grade Treasures. Particularly on the fourth row, that is no different than a Peak-Level Empyrean Grade Treasure."

"A True Five Elements Treasure"

Tina heaved a heavy sigh as she watched Evelynn extract that treasure.

Even without coming into the slightest contact with it, she could feel her physique ache for it. It was unknown if her Four Elements Physique could possibly digest that, but she held her bosom, knowing that it would be of tremendous benefit to her.

Dalila patted Tina's shoulder before she looked at Davis.

"I'm sure you recognize the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit's importance as you have used it, so using it a second time would result in less efficacy. Even so, you need to know that there is a strange combination of treasures on the third row. They're compatible"


Davis raised his brows, wondering what she meant before his eyes widened the next second.

"You don't mean"

Dalila bit her lips, "I'm not sure, but as far as my knowledge serves me right, the other three treasures on the third row are the Ruinbloom Cataclysm Pear, Infinity Iris Orchid, and Duality Harmony-Anarchy Vine, a Destruction Law Treasure, s.p.a.cetime Law Treasure, and a Yin-Yang Law Treasure."


Davis's eyes trembled.

Myria was just about to get into that matter when Tina and Dalila came here.

"Am I right, master?" Dalila looked at Myria for a.s.surance, and the latter nodded.

"You're right. Continue"

With Myria's a.s.surance, Dalila returned her gaze to Davis.

"There's no rhyme or reason to my conjectures other than my experience, so take what I'm going to say with a pinch of salt, but the Yin-Yang Treasure, Duality Harmony-Anarchy Vine, if used properly in alchemy, should be able to fuse the Divine Jade Cicada Fruit and Ruinbloom Cataclysm Pear. In essence, it should be theoretically possible to fuse Chaos Law and Destruction Laws this way"


Davis kept his palm on his face, his eyes trembling at the significance of her words to his Body Tempering Cultivation.