Ditsy Wife: Mysterious Husband is Unfathomable - Chapter 1958: I'll definitely take you away

Chapter 1958: I'll definitely take you away

Chapter 1958: Ill definitely take you away


Moreover, the road out of the city must have been blocked. The Sheng family and the local police were chasing after them, and they could not just go to them.

Their escape had not been successful.

Yu qinghuan leaned to the side, feeling very tired, and gradually began to doze off.

Sheng Ling suddenly stopped the car, closed her eyes, and took a deep breath.

Whats wrong? Yu qinghuan opened her eyes.

He slowly exhaled and said with difficulty, Lets find a place to rest first. The car is out of gas. Even if theres oil, we wont be able to charge out of the city for a run once we get out of the city.

Where should I go? Yu qinghuan asked in confusion, if we stop, well just be waiting for death.

Sheng Ling paused and turned to look at the hostages behind her.

The hostage s.h.i.+vered and looked at them in fear.

Yu qinghuan turned around and smiled at him.

A few minutes later, the three of them abandoned the car and left. Yu qinghuan and Sheng lingren were still holding their guns.

Under the lead of the hostage, they disappeared into the alley at the edge of the city.

This kind of alley was in a place where residents lived. There were no large shopping malls or high-end places, but it had all the internal organs.

The three of them entered a small hotel, where they could stay without ID cards.

After getting two rooms, the three of them entered one of them together.

Ill make a list, you go buy something, Yu qinghuan said to the hostage.

f * ck! the hostage was stunned. He took out his wallet, but there was no money in it.

Yu qinghuan took out the bank card and said, Theres no money in there?

Zhenzhen has it.

Then Ill have to trouble you.

The hostage nodded and left with the wallet.

Be careful not to be discovered by those people, Yu qinghuan said from behind him.

I know, Yingluo. he opened the door and turned back to ask, what are you going to do? Those police officers are with them.

There are always people who are not on their side. Im sure you dont want to keep doing that kind of heartless thing, right?

Although most of the people in the laboratory were mad scientists, some of them still had a conscience.

Yingluo, yes. The hostage closed the door and left.

Yu qinghuans body swayed, and Sheng lingren, who was shocked, held her. Whats wrong?

Im tired. she leaned on his shoulder tiredly and panted lightly. there was a moment when I really thought I would never come out again.

were already out. Ill definitely take you away. He said as he caressed her face.

She nodded and slowly heaved a sigh of relief.

Sheng Lings staff helped her to the bed and took out an electric kettle to boil water.

The small hotel had limited facilities. Other than a 1.5-meter wide bed, the only furniture was a writing desk and a stool. The only electrical appliance was this hot water bottle.

There was a toilet with a shower, which allowed one to take a hot bath.

Sheng Ling did not find any towels or toothbrushes. Fortunately, Yu qinghuan had just made a list for the hostages to buy them.

He was not feeling well, so he sat on the chair to rest.

After the water was boiled, he opened his eyes and looked at Yu qinghuan, only to find that she was looking at him.

He got up and walked to her side, asking gently, Do you want some water?

Do you have a cup?

Yingluo didnt.

Then well wait for that person to come back. Yu qinghuan looked at him. are you not feeling well?

Yingluo, yes. He lowered his eyes. Im very tired. I want to rest, but Im also very excited. I want to go crazy.

Yu qinghuan raised her hand and touched his face. dont be afraid. Itll be fine.

Sheng lingrens lips moved. She held her in her arms and said in a low voice, Ill send you home. The child ran ran.

He paused and placed his hand on her stomach.