Dimensional Descent - Chapter 1577 Amusing

Chapter 1577 Amusing

Chapter 1577 Amusing

Leonel was absolutely furious.

The interruption was one matter, that he didn't mind too much. Aina was his woman, and he was her man. These things would happen naturally one way or another. He might have been hesitant, but he wouldn't deny Aina's eagerness regardless of how he felt. All of his hesitation was related to her feelings to begin with, whether or not he lost his virginity wasn't something he placed very much weight in.

What truly made him furious was that the kill Aina had nearly lost her life for them to secure was currently very close to being taken away.

This individual's spatial affinity was simply on a level Leonel had never before seen, so high level that even his Starry Star Domain was completely useless in stopping them.

While Leonel had mostly used his Starry Star Domain to twist and manipulate the Internal Sight of the demon ape so that it couldn't lock onto them and actively attack, it still had a great effect on the surrounding s.p.a.ce itself. At the very least, one should feel quite a bit of disorientation when trying to use Spatial Force in this region.

This individual, though, didn't have the slightest difficulty in doing so. It was very clear and obvious that their Spatial affinity was far beyond Leonel's own.

At the end of the day, the Starry Tailed Fox was still just a pinnacle Seventh Dimensional Lineage Factor. As such, its Ethereal Star Force was restrained in the same way, not to mention the fact that s.p.a.ce was just a minor aspect of this Force which was predominantly a Star and Light Force.

It might have been enough to roam free and unrestrained in the Human Domain, but for some reason, this Zone was amped up to an extreme.

Leonel and Aina, who could be considered to be the greatest talents the Human Domain could produce, aside from maybe Leonel's parents themselves, couldn't even defeat a middle Fiend Cla.s.s demon without pulling out everything they had.

And yet, in this world, there was a group of geniuses getting ready right this moment to try and kill 10% of a huge population of them just to lay their hands on the top prize. The gap was simply enormous and unfathomable.

It was even more difficult to accept that this wasn't even considered the pinnacle of talent in this world. Beyond it, there were still individuals capable of giving good fights and even killing demons who could sway a Fiend Cla.s.s demon to death with a single thought.

When things were put into this perspective, it wasn't surprising at all that Leonel's control over s.p.a.ce wasn't enough to deal with this person.

If Leonel was correct, this individual should have been waiting outside his barrier, likely following the battle through the use of their spatial affinity. Leonel had learned a lot about Spatial Force and its uses when studying those research papers about the formation of spatial rings, so he knew that this was very much possible.

With this method, a person wouldn't be able to "see" anything, but they should be able to make out what was happening for the most part.

When they felt that the timing was appropriate, they then swooped in and flashed into Leonel's Domain in a single bound.

That said

Leonel's gaze turned frighteningly cold. He might be inferior to these people in many aspects, but when it came to his mind and his Dream Force, he had yet to meet someone that was on his level without also being several Dimensional Tiers above him.

Before, Leonel had only layered the stars of the Starry Star Domain to interfere with the Internal Sight of the demon ape. It was designed to confuse and disorient, not to hinder movement.

At the same time, there was no use in trying to brute force with a person this skilled in Spatial Force, he would lose 10 out of 10 times. Leonel didn't need to think to know that this was definitely true.

While his Starry Star Domain didn't hinder movement, it should have made it difficult for the individual to lock onto a location to teleport to, and yet they had done so anyway. That was all Leonel needed to know.

With the current configuration, he couldn't stop this person, and he couldn't use brute Spatial Force to stop them either because he would end up crushed.

But what he lacked in strength, his mind would always be able to make up.

Leonel's eyes only turned colder.

He raised a free hand and a surge of Spatial Force manifested. Across the several kilometers distance that separated him and the demon ape corpse, several silvery-gold starlights appeared around its body.

In the distance, a young man with sparkling silver eyes stood over the corpse of the demon ape, having just appeared.

'Middle Fiend Cla.s.s? Unfortunate But it's a pure strength type, that's very rare already. Perfect, makes it worth it.'

He looked off into the distance where Leonel and Aina probably were.

'Those two should probably be dead or close to it. Doesn't matter much anyway. Overestimating yourselves and ending up in such a state in the demon world is practically suicide. They should be the two that suddenly appeared on the leaderboard all of a sudden.'

The eyes of the young man glowed. This was definitely worth the trip. A pure strength demon and over 100 billion points waiting for him on a silver platter, what a stroke of fortune.

Just then, silvery-gold lights appeared around the demon ape corpse that made the young man raise an eyebrow before he chuckled.

"Oh? So you're still alive enough to be thinking about holding onto this corpse? How amusing Using Spatial Force in front of me should be a sin."

The young man reached out, planning to counter and twist Leonel's teleportation apart. But almost instantly, his expression changed.

The demon corpse before him vanished into thin air, leaving him stunned into silence.