Devil's Son-in-Law - Chapter 902: Outcome? Battle of Pseudo-gods

Chapter 902: Outcome? Battle of Pseudo-gods

Chapter 902: Outcome? Battle of Pseudo-G.o.ds

Satans blow seemed to be innocuous, but it was hundreds of times more terrifying than the previous high-frequency profound power. Chen Rui clearly felt that there was no room for dodging or even resisting.

Im afraid this blow has far surpa.s.sed the level of Demi-G.o.d.

It seems that Sariel is right, Satan is using the secret technique to project the real body little by little, that is to say, this is not only the avatar of Demi-G.o.d, but a soon to be Pseudo-G.o.d!

As far as law was concerned, kingdomized meant comprehending law, Demi-G.o.d was grasping a more complete law, and Pseudo-G.o.d generally had more than one law power, but the fundamental difference lay in the fusion of the law. The closer to the origin, the stronger the power.

Even if Satan suppresses his strength to the same level as Chen Rui, his might and power of time law was far better than Chen Rui.

Although Chen Rui could use Shura to touch and comprehend the origin of the destruction, because his own strength was too weak, it was like the body could not keep up with the soul and exert its real power. At the same level, he could suppress almost all opponents. Even if it was a higher level person, he could further exert stronger law power and compete with the Demi-G.o.d level using the strength of the [Pole Star Transformation]. However, in the face of Pseudo-G.o.ds, who had truly merged with law, he had no resistance. Even if he could activate the [Pole Star Transformation] now, he wouldnt be able to dodge Satans blow.

Chen Rui gave a wry smile and looked at the ma.s.sive power that was about to strike him. He didnt move. Whether he resisted it or not, there was only 1 result, death.

Just as Chen Rui was about to be annihilated under this palm, Satans power stopped instantly as if the turbulent water suddenly solidified into ice and was unable to flow It was not because of Satans mercy but because of Sariel.

Sariels imprisonment law was extremely powerful. Even Satan didnt dare to take it. His body flickered, and he had already appeared in the distance. Chen Rui took advantage of this opportunity to s.h.i.+ft away immediately.

Sariel sneered, Didnt you claim to be the strongest Pseudo-G.o.d? You actually take the initiative to attack a weak one? Are you worried that my servant will take away the silver box when you are fighting with me?


Chen Ruis eyes flashed. He knew very well that Sariel didnt really help to protect him. In Pseudo-G.o.ds eyes, let alone Kingdom level, even Demi-G.o.d was an ant that could be discarded at any time.

Sariel was well aware of Satans abilities and was on a par with him. Under normal circ.u.mstances, no one could do anything about him. At this time, an extra factor was very important. Although 1 more Kingdom level servant was impossible to defeat Satan, it might become the key to winning the silver box. At the very least, he could also distract Satan.

Satan smiled indifferently and did not explain.

Nonetheless, the ability of this human ant is indeed a bit unexpected. He has hidden from me in the Ghastly Floating Land, and now I cant feel the light physique and breath on his body. He must have obtained the s.h.i.+elding power of Sariels Evil Pupil.

Sariels breath skyrocketed, and the powerful law power firmly locked Satan. Unlike the haste just now, this time Sariels momentum was ready to release. If Satan was distracted again, he would be hit hard with all his strength and the chances of losing his silver box would naturally greatly increase Even if the ant was annihilated, the value was worthwhile.

Satan saw through Sariels plans and did not pursue Chen Rui anymore. He said lightly, Sariel, you seem confident? Then Ill let you see if the t.i.tle of the strongest Pseudo-G.o.d is self-claimed or not.

With that said, Satan pointed and shouted, Crack!

The s.p.a.ce around Sariel was suddenly distorted by a strong degree of distortion, and it actually cracked open. At the same time, Sariels body also cracked.

Even from a distance, Chen Rui could sense the powerful law. Just looking at it, his soul faintly felt a sense of cracking. If it wasnt for his firm will, he might have been severely injured. It was not an illusion, but a real feeling, so he hurriedly continued to fly backward to further pull apart up the distance.

Sariels body cracked, but Satan didnt let his guards down at all. His eyes flashed as he shouted, Cut!

Sariels cracked body was cut into countless pieces. Fortunately, Chen Rui saw the opportunity earlier and left the power range. Coupled with the interference of Sariels strength, he was not affected by the residual power, but there were countless spider web-shaped cracks that couldnt close up for a long time in the sea water below the 2 powerhouses.

The countless pieces of Sariel that were cut and cracked suddenly flashed, turning into countless strange eyes looking at Satan. Satans body trembled as if he was locked by intangible eyes.

In the name of doom, I curse you, Weak! Slow! Fear! Blind! Paralysis! Disease! Rot!

Every time he said a curse, Satans body changed accordingly, and countless marks, scars, and even decay quickly appeared on his skin. This was no longer a simple debuff magic but a curse law!

Doom Calamity 7 Chapters? Not only actions, but Satans words became slow under the power of this special rule.

In the blink of an eye, that kind of cutting and cracking went backward like a video playback, and countless eyes rea.s.sembled into Sariels body. This was obviously Satans use of time law to change the flow of time and return to the body before [Doom Calamity 7 Chapters]. However, his body had not changed at all. He was still in that terrifying curse state.

Satan flickered again, and the scene around him immediately became overlapping layers as if he was rapidly changing the s.p.a.ce, but he still couldnt get rid of the curse.

Doom cannot be transferred by time or s.p.a.ce. Sariel sneered with twinkling eyes. He further increased the power of curse, Even if you escape to another dimension and return to another time, you will still not be able to escape the doom calamity.

Im prepared for anything; Im intelligent, Im all-beautiful Satans hoa.r.s.e voice sounded.

All kinds of gems don on my body. Ruby gems, topaz, diamonds, aquamarine, onyx, jasper, blue gems, green gems, sapphire, and gold, and fine drums and flutes in my hand

Im proud and beautiful in my heart. Im honored by corrupted wisdom

I turn into the ashes, blaspheme the Holy Spirit, do not remain in the world, Im still me!

Satans words became smoother and his voice became increasingly loud, echoing throughout the world. Chen Rui only felt a buzzing sound in his mind, and he saw Satans body emitting a circle of intense light as 6 pairs of wings of light appeared behind him. However, the light wings were black, which actually gave Chen Rui a very sacred feeling. Those debuffs caused by the doom curse quickly faded at a speed visible to the naked eye until they disappeared completely.

The moment Satan recovered, the crack and cutting that had previously merged due to the reversal of time immediately accelerated, and Sariels body was smashed apart again.

This time Sariel did not transform into eyes, but he snorted. The fragments automatically reorganized and returned to his original figure as if he had not been injured at all, but there was a vertical eye in the middle of his eyebrows.

When Satan flicked his hands slightly, the 12 black wings spread out, and he praised, As expected of [Body of Moon Soul], it is comparable to Raphaels [Body of Light Recovery]. It actually ignores the damage of cracking and cutting.


how can it compare to your blaspheme power which can even evade doom? Sariel seemed to be sarcastically smiling. The pupil of his third eye gradually turned golden. Both sides were obviously rapidly charging power in order to prepare for a stronger blow.

Whether it was Satan or Sariel, at this time it was no longer an avatar, but a real body transferred by the projection secret technique.

These 2 were Pseudo-G.o.d at the peak stage, and the battle between them had opened Chen Ruis eyes. Satan and Sariel didnt activate the kingdom to attack like those at Kingdom level or Demi-G.o.d level, but they activated a kind of power similar to might.

This kind of power contained the infinite mysteries of law and faith. In fact, it was a more refined and effective kingdom power, which was already vaguely close to the divine deterrence which was only possessed by G.o.d.

When the golden light in Sariels third eye was about to launch an attack, he suddenly discovered something. He was shocked, and he shouted angrily, No, silver box! Satan, you actually

You finally realized it Unfortunately, its too late. Satan smiled. The silver box in his hand suddenly became larger, and the shape was also changing. More accurately, it should be 2 silver boxes merging!

If it werent for your calamity power, my might alone would not be able to merge them. Satan laughed, Over the years, I have refined the box and merged with my body. As long as these 2 pages of the Book of Destruction merged, I can keep it in my body. Unless you have the ability to kill me, otherwise you will never be able to take it away! As I said, your brain will never be as useful as mine

Only then did Sariel know that his previous power had contributed to Satans plan. He was enraged. The golden light in his third eye suddenly turned crimson, If thats the case, then die!

In an instant, 2 blood-red moons appeared in the sky. Countless incantations like ancient runes floated in the air, and small worlds appeared like a picture-in-picture in a television.

Countless sub-worlds in 1 big world.

This is that big world on the 4th floor of the Book Collection Hall!

It turns out that this is Sariels kingdom!

Chen Rui reacted immediately.

A very special kind of faith power lingers in the kingdom! Knowledge! Civilization!

Sariels body quickly began to transform into a giant eye.

Satan knew that Sariel was going all out in a rage and did not dare to put his guard down. His kingdom was still the Mountain Seckred that Chen Rui was familiar with, but it was different from the last time when he eliminated the abyss. The main part was a big tree with glittering light. This tree was full of an extremely strong life force, revealing an enormous might.

Satans body also transformed into a snake. This snake was somewhat similar to an oriental dragon filled with ancient and thick breath. It was s.h.i.+ning a gem-like brilliance.

Then Chen Rui felt like the sky and the earth were torn apart. The sea water, the island including time, s.p.a.ce everything collapsed.

If it wasnt for a special power protecting him, Chen Rui would definitely not be spared.

The next second, the 2 kingdoms disappeared, and the giant eye and the ancient snake also returned to human form. They held each others hands, and an astonis.h.i.+ng power was in a stalemate between them. A monstrous huge vortex appeared in the sea water, sometimes galloping and sometimes freezing. It was thousands of kilometers in diameter.

The silver boxes that were merging floated in the air.

Right now! Sariels voice sounded in Chen Ruis mind.

It turned out that Sariel had been trying to protect Chen Rui for this very moment. He just did his best to separate the silver boxes and Satan with the power of the Evil Pupil, but he secretly ordered Chen Rui to take it. As long as he succeeded, the 2 silver boxes would be Sariels!

Chen Ruis body flickered. He had appeared in front of the silver boxes. Satans black wings suddenly spread out, and a powerful strength erupted. Blood oozed out of ariels third, but he still controlled Satan despite the injury.

At this moment, Chen Ruis hand was close to the silver boxes, and Satan suddenly showed a strange smile. The 2 boxes that were connected to each other suddenly opened.

Sariels power of the Evil Pupil, which had wrapped the silver boxes beforehand, was instantly shattered. An incomparably huge destruction power instantly filled the entire s.p.a.ce, and the vortex of the sea suddenly collapsed. Even Satan and Sariel couldnt bear this terrifying power. Their bodies had different levels of damage.

Chen Rui was the first to bear the brunt. It seemed that he persisted for a while because of some special physique, but he still couldnt resist it in the end. His body swelled like a balloon and exploded.

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