Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 3447 - 3447 Chapter 3450 ye Yuan, how are you going to deal with Liu Rushi? 1

Chapter 3447 - 3447 Chapter 3450 ye Yuan, how are you going to deal with Liu Rushi? 1

Chapter 3447 - 3447 Chapter 3450 ye Yuan, how are you going to deal with Liu Rus.h.i.+? 1

3447 Chapter 3450 ye Yuan, how are you going to deal with Liu Rus.h.i.+? 1

Xiao Ning frowned as she thought about it. There seemed to be a flash in her mind.

She was also in a daze. After listening to Fu Qingyun, she gave false testimony and caused her uncle to be sentenced. At that time, she also did something that did not match the facts.

Later on, Yun Xiaoqiao helped her recall the correct experience.

At this moment, ah Zhu seemed to be in a state similar to her past..

She blurted out, Hypnosis! Enchantment!

Ye Yi and the rest had never heard of it before, so they were naturally dumbfounded.

Thinking of this, Xiao Ning had an idea.

She no longer paid attention to ah Zhus curses and curses. Instead, she quickly contacted Yun Xiaoqiao.

However, Yun Xiaoqiaos call was only picked up after a very long time.

Furthermore, the voice on the other end of the line was so soft that it felt like water droplets were dripping down. Xiao Ning felt extremely comfortable listening to it:

Xiao Qiao?

Uh Huh, its Its me

Are you busy? Do you have something urgent to do?

Uh Huh, Im doing

Xiao Qiao, what did you say? I Cant hear you clearly.

Im doing

Xiao Qiao, I have an urgent situation to ask of you. I have a friend who seems to have been hypnotized as well. Is it convenient for you to come out and help her take a look so that she can return to normal?

Mmm MMM! When Im free

Xiao Ning was suspicious. She put the receiver away and took a look.

Suddenly, she realized what Yun Xiaoqiao was doing.

Not long ago, she and Bai Yeyuan had done the same thing.

She was 19 years old, in her boudoir in Qingcheng.

Bai Yeyuan bullied her day and night.

He would give her a bashful punishment every now and then.

Whenever Gu Qiqi called her at this time, she would endure it and not make a sound, so that Qiqi would not find out that there was a man doing bad things to her.

It was so hard to endure every time.

At this moment, Yun Xiaoqiao was also doing the same thing as she did back then.

However, Yun Xiaoqiao was really a vixen. She did not deliberately endure it. The sound of her shallow breathing, her satisfied breath, and her slightly painful moans..

Very soon, people realized how much she was in love.

Xiao Ning blushed at first, but soon, the corners of her lips curled up slightly.

She was already past the age where she could easily be shy at 19 years old.

At her current age, she could already experience how wonderful love was.

And to be able to explore the beauty of the world with the man she loved deeply was even more of a supreme happiness.

She said softly to the phone, Its okay. You Go ahead.

The moment the call ended, she heard Yun Xiaoqiaos soft scream from inside, as charming as a cat scratching the tip of a persons heart!

Who are you calling?Bai Yeyuan and Xiao Lidian finally finished trying on their gowns. When they came out and saw the mess in the yard, they frowned and quickly checked if Xiao Ning was okay.

Luckily, he had sent ye 1234 to protect Xiao Ning.

This little thing was really a troublemaker. She could not stop worrying no matter where she went.

Xiao Ning pointed at Ah Zhu. Liu Rus.h.i.+ sent her here to kill me.

Bai Yeyuan was furious. Drag her out and bury her!

Xiao Ning stopped him. The culprit is Liu Rus.h.i.+, not her. Shes just a p.a.w.n who was controlled by Liu Rus.h.i.+ with hypnosis. Just like me.

Bai Yeyuans expression turned serious and he did not say anything.

In the Night Breeze, this was the first time Xiao Ning asked him directly. This was a topic that she did not dare to ask casually in the past

Yeyuan, what do you plan to do with Liu Rus.h.i.+?

Liu Rus.h.i.+ was someone that Bai Yeyuan owed in the past.