Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 2277 2279, Man, You Are Stupid Again! 1

Chapter 2277 2279, Man, You Are Stupid Again! 1

Chapter 2277 2279, Man, You Are Stupid Again! 1

Little Tuan Zi and the Little Milk Bun stared back fearlessly!

"Don't bully my Mommy, or I'll make sure that your future children won't be able to eat exclusive children's Food!"

"Don't threaten my Mommy, my robot army is not to be trifled with!"

The Palace Master of the Medicine Palace:"... !"

A crazy child born from a crazy woman was so annoying!

Gu Qiqi looked thoughtfully at the palace master of the Medicine Palace.

Should she say that this man was too stupid or that he didn't love this Xiahou Susu Enough?

If she said that he didn't love her, then there was no need for him to go through so much trouble to find a heart that matched his and continue living.

If she said that he loved her, why couldn't he tell if the woman he loved was left-handed or right-handed?

HMM, it seemed that she was still too stupid.

A man..

Gu Qiqi sighed in her heart. She felt that this man was also a pitiful person, her tone softened slightly. "A child's words are fearless. As an adult, you won't be calculative with a child, right? Let's talk about your SUSU. To be honest, her condition isn't too good. There's something wrong with her heart."

"There's something wrong with her heart?"The palace master of the Medicine Palace frowned. "Why didn't I know?"

"Well, you know that I was the one who performed the heart transplant surgery last time. I know her physical condition best. "You... have been bullying her recently, right? "HM? "Her heart seems to be unable to take the load. Some small blood vessels are rupturing."

Gu Qiqi observed her expression and made up some nonsense.

It was impossible for this man to not have other intentions since he was so nervous about Xiahou Susu.

Xiahou Susu's heart had changed for so long, and with white jasmine being so open, there should be something going on between the two of them, right?

Unexpectedly, Gu Qiqi really guessed wrong this time.

The Palace Master of the Medicine Palace really didn't touch Xiahou Susu with a finger.


By chance, although he had never done anything shameful with Xiahou Susu, he often threatened her to be ready for his arrival.

He frowned. "I bullied her? Even threatening her counts? She's so useless. Her heart can't take a threat?"

That time, he said that he would visit her when he came back.

Could it be that those words scared her?

He pondered.

Gu Qiqi saw that his nonsense was quite reliable, she coughed lightly and continued, "Of course! You're also a great pharmacist. You should be able to feel that she's getting weaker day by day, right? "Hence, I'm preparing to perform a heart repair technique on her. Give me some time, and I'll return you a woman who's as good as new, Alright?"

The Medicine Palace's Palace Lord's face sank. "Woman, how can I be sure that you're not playing a delaying technique on me! If you want to perform a surgery on her, I have to watch from the sidelines!"

Gu Qiqi narrowed her eyes. "Look, have you made a fool of yourself again? I'm delaying for no benefit to myself. You even know that I'm Mister Ye, such a secret. What other things can I hide from you? Three days, give me three days. I'll definitely cure Xiahou Susu and return it to you!"

"What if I don't agree? !"The medicine palace lord retorted unhappily.

Gu Qiqi was nonchalant, she even smiled. "What if you insist on not agreeing? I Can't do anything about it. Then kill me. In this empire, other than Mister Ye, only Gu Qiqi had the deepest research on heart surgery. If I die, no one will be able to help you with the surgery. Oh, right, I forgot that you can do it yourself. But since you can do it yourself, why didn't you do it for her three years ago? "I know, you must be concerned about her mood. You're afraid that if you perform the surgery on her, your hand will tremble and cut off her large blood vessels... hehe..."

The Medicine Palace Master:"..."

Only this fearless woman in the world dared to say that he, the medicine palace master, was stupid!

And she even dared to mock him!

She ridiculed him in a weird way!

She really angered him to the point that he... wanted to ascend to heaven!