Dear Commander-in-Chief - Chapter 2238 2240 Wait For My Man To Come Back And Crush You To Death! 1

Chapter 2238 2240 Wait For My Man To Come Back And Crush You To Death! 1

Chapter 2238 2240 Wait For My Man To Come Back And Crush You To Death! 1

The little dirty turtle nodded excitedly. "Of course! Lord Silver, this baby is the most loyal! This baby will go through fire and water for you, this baby will never go out with a red turtle... sob sob, Lord Silver, you're so good to this baby! Lord Silver, why don't you go back and have a good sleep with Lord Jue Tonight to replenish your vitality? Oh, no, replenish your color points. You've actually used up quite a lot today..."

Gu Qiqi glared at him."..."

Why did this 'loyal'pet of hers feel like she had taken money from Gongjue and had been encouraging her to sleep with him all day? !

Imperial Medical University Affiliated Hospital.

Intensive Care Unit.

After Gu Qiqi and the medical staff fought all night, Xiaobei's burns gradually stabilized.

Next, it was the long and delicate process of skin recovery.

Seeing Xiaobei wrapped up like a mummy but still smiling at her, Gu Qiqi could not help but feel sad.

She dragged her tired body back to MO garden and immediately went to the study room to look for the tracking website that Xiaobei mentioned.

Soon, the target's location was locked..

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows in surprise. "Xiahou Susu, you're actually hiding there!"

= =

Xiahou mansion.

Xiahou Susu ran home in a panic and locked herself in her room!

She never thought that Gu Qiqi would be able to break such a well-planned trap.

In the end, Xiaobei was only injured from the explosion, but Gu Qiqi was unharmed!

d.a.m.n it! was Gu Xiaobei's brain damaged? How could he die for his sister?

Didn't they say that the B * Tch Yun Qiao was Gu Xiaobei's lover?

HMPH, men only talk!

Xiahou Susu was fidgeting in the room.

At first, she comforted herself that even if Gu Qiqi knew that she did it, it would be useless. Other than Xiaobei's word, no one could prove that she did it, and there was no evidence left behind.

Even if Gong Jue found out about this, Gong Jue would have no reason to punish her!

This was also the reason why she had unscrupulously set up the death trap previously.

She had originally planned to let the surveillance cameras capture the wonderful scene of the water bears taking turns with Gu Qiqi and expose it to the public to stimulate gong jue!

However, through the surveillance cameras today, she saw that Gu Qiqi had brought along a few pitiful engineers and actually killed dozens of rare and fierce water bears so valiantly, that shocking scene allowed her to witness Gu Qiqi's ruthless and merciless side.

A vicious woman like Gu Qiqi would kill her in secret even if there was no evidence to testify against her, right?

When she thought of this, Xiahou Susu suddenly s.h.i.+vered.

She recalled the last time Gu Qiqi suddenly barged into Xiahou Manor in the middle of the night.

If it weren't for the man in grey leather shoes, she would be dead for sure!

However, that man hadn't been around for the past few days. What if Gu Qiqi took advantage of the situation to attack her and harm her?

With this thought in mind, Xiahou Susu found it difficult to sleep and eat.

She walked around the room a few times and suddenly pinched her palms. She made up her mind. "I'll hide from You First! When my man comes back, HMPH, I'll file a complaint and let him take care of you, a B * TCH, for me. I'll pinch you to death!"

Xiahou Susu packed a suitcase, packed it in soft clothes, and put on a large cloak. Then, she rushed out of the door.

Just as she reached the door.., xiahou Shasha held onto the door frame and waited for her. "SIS, why don't you want to see me? SIS, can you explain to me why you made things difficult for Gu Qiqi in court? I said that she's my friend, Can't you let her go?"