Custom Made Demon King - Chapter 489 - It's Actually One and a Half

Chapter 489 - It's Actually One and a Half

Chapter 489: Its Actually One and a Half

The s.h.i.+ning Mbius Mark was two small snakes biting each others tails. They formed an 8 ring and slowly moved in this shape, looking as though they were alive. As they moved, the scales on their bodies reflected all kinds of different colors in a pattern, making the entire Mbius Mark look like a rainbow.

If you looked closely, you would find that the two small snakes actually looked a little different. One of the small snakes had a pair of slightly sharp horns on its forehead, and the other snake had a pair of immature white wings on its back. This meant that they respectively represented the Ouroboros Mark of the demons and the Ouroboros Mark of the angels.

It was the first time Roy had seen the mark manifested. He looked at it obsessively and could not help but reach out to grab it, but his palm pa.s.sed through the mark and touched nothing.

This thing was illusory. It did not actually exist in the material world, but it was real because its lights and shadows could project into anyones vision. Not only did Roy see it, but Julia and Benia saw it as well.

Its shockingly beautiful Benias infatuated eyes revealed her desire. She knew that this was what all demons dreamed of, but she also knew that this divine spark belonged to Roy, so she had no other thoughts.

With Benias reminder, Roy returned to his senses and looked around vigilantly. Jubileuss divine spark might attract the greed of other demons.

Fortunately, Roy had not approached the center of the battlefield to catch Jubileus. After her body exploded, the impact of the shock wave swept through the entire battlefield and blew everyone away. So apart from his own people, Roy could not see any other demons or angels around him for a while.

Even so, he was not careless. He sped up and began to decompose Jubileuss soul.

The Mbius Mark was a projection phenomenon of lights and shadows that could not be captured. Balder had used a divine artifact like the Right Eye of Light to carry it. If Roy wanted to preserve the Mbius Mark, he needed to use Kanais Cube. But Jubileuss soul was still in Kanais Cube, so he had to deal with it first.

Split into ten parts. No, the smaller, the better! Lets see if I can split it into fifty parts first!

Roy began to control the cube to divide up Jubileuss soul.

Dividing up the soul was, of course, for Julia. Roy planned to let her devour Jubileuss soul bit by bit, thereby reversing the roles between the main body and the clone. So for dividing her soul, the smaller, the better. This way, Julia would remain unaffected when she devoured it.

Roy did not want to waste so much effort but finally end up resurrecting Jubileus

He did not know why, but after he separated out the Mbius Mark, Jubileuss soul fell silent and no longer transmitted her souls voice. Her soul no longer struggled in the cube and completely quieted down. When he controlled Kanais Cube to divide her soul, she still remained silent.

The lid of the cube opened, and a soul fragment popped out. It was a soul fragment the size of a fingernail, and the light on it was very dim. Roy flicked his finger and threw this fragment to Julia.

Julia held this soul fragment in her hand and felt the throbbing sensation of the fragment connecting to her. She could not help gulping and looking up at Roy.

Roy nodded. Swallow it. If you find anything wrong, tell me immediately!

She no longer hesitated and swallowed the soul fragment!

As soon as the soul fragment entered her mouth, it immediately turned into countless light spots and melted into her body. Roy did not know if it was an illusion, but after she swallowed this soul fragment, he found that her eyes seemed to be a little brighter.

Everyone, including Sareth, looked at Julia curiously and waited for her reaction. But after sensing for a while, she found that there was nothing different from before.

Roy thought about it and threw another soul fragment of the same size to her.

Just like that, Julia swallowed several of Jubileuss soul fragments. When she swallowed the fifth one, she suddenly let out a low scream and hugged her head.

Seeing this abnormal reaction, Roy quickly hugged her and asked her about her situation. But she did not know what was going on. She only felt a splitting headache, and even talking was strenuous.

This situation lasted for a few minutes before Julia found that the pain was slowly dissipating.

When her head finally stopped hurting, she did not dare to continue. I feel that Ive probably reached my limit for now. Its best to continue merging with the remaining soul fragments after some time.

Roy nodded. This was the first time they were doing this soul fusion of reversing the main body and the clone, so they naturally could not rush it. Although the divided soul fragments were small, each of them contained a lot of Jubileuss memories and emotions. If Julia could not digest these memories, it was very likely that Jubileuss memories would replace her memories. This way, it would be dangerous, and Julia might end up with a personality disorder due to memory confusion or even cause Jubileus to resurrect.

What Julia needed to do now was digest the memories in her soul bit by bit and maintain a clear sense of her self-awareness at all times. She had to change the role of the personality in Jubileuss memories and turn these foreign memories into her own memories so that she could complete the final conversion of primary and secondary.

Roy did not know if such a personality memory conversion had ever happened in the past, but there was likely a high chance. After all, demons had a deep understanding of souls. As long as they understood the relations.h.i.+p between the memories in the soul and the consciousness of the personality, they could logically deduce this conversion method.

Roy stored all of Jubileuss soul fragments in the system s.p.a.ce. After emptying Kanais Cube, he sealed the exposed Mbius Mark in it again and prepared to separate the Mbius Mark.

Because this Mbius Mark came from Mundus, the marks of the demons of the Demon World were also in it. Of course, Roy did not need to care about the marks of those low-level demons at all. He only needed to separate out the Ouroboros Marks of Julia, Benia, Sparda, Berial, Madama Styx, and so on.

Separating out the marks of these demons should not affect the composition of the Mbius Mark too much. At worst, the mark would be slightly less condensed, so it should be safe.

However, after Roy a.n.a.lyzed the mark with Kanais Cube, he suddenly showed an expression of surprise.

Whats wrong? Benia asked.

There are actually two Mbius Marks in this divine spark Roy looked back at Benia and said doubtfully.

Huh? Two? Benia and Julia were also surprised.

However, everyone quickly realized that there should be two!

When Sareth followed Dante and the others to find Rodin, they had a.n.a.lyzed that Balder wanted to create a divine spark mark in order to repair Julias soul and divine spark.

It had to be known that Jubileus was originally an Archangel and at the level of a G.o.d. In other words, before she fell into a deep sleep, she should have had a divine spark mark. Even though Samael had ambushed her when she descended into this world and s.n.a.t.c.hed a portion of her soul, he would not take her divine spark away.

If Jubileuss divine spark had been taken away, it would have been impossible for the angels not to notice. Otherwise, they would not have designed a trap for Mundus and synthesized the Mbius Mark to repair Jubileuss soul. With this divine spark, wouldnt it be good to create another G.o.d?

Therefore, to be precise, it was the damage to her soul that caused her divine spark to be damaged during these thousands of years. And in order to maintain her soul, it suffered further damage.

Jubileuss divine spark mark should be composed of two identical Mbius Marks. Needless to say, one of them was the Ouroboros Mark condensed by Mundus using the marks of demons, plus the mark condensed by Balder using the marks of angels. After the two combined to form a Mbius Mark, it was sent to Jubileuss body.

The other mark should be the divine spark mark that Jubileus herself had. This divine spark mark was damaged.

These two Mbius Marks were actually independent. Because of the overlap and superposition effect when they were in Jubileus, they could be considered to have repaired her divine spark. But now, if Roy wanted to use Kanais Cube to decompose it, it meant that he could actually break it down into one and a half divine sparks!

If Roy used them on himself, then one divine spark would be enough because his soul was complete and would not affect the use of the divine spark.

Then, what about the remaining half, which was the incomplete divine spark that belonged to Jubileus?

Logically speaking, this divine spark originated from Jubileus, so he could just throw it directly to Julia. Perhaps after completing the soul fusion, she could directly cross the demon lord level and promote to the demon king level.

But the problem was that this divine spark was incomplete and had lost a lot of power. If he rashly gave it to Julia, what if something went wrong?

Roy was not the only one thinking this. Julia and Benia were as well. After thinking carefully for a while, Benia suggested, I think its better to wait until Julia completes the soul fusion. This will probably take a lot of time. Maybe we can find a way to repair the divine spark in other worlds during this time.

Makes sense! Roy nodded. He did not hesitate anymore and directly separated out this half-divine spark, then separated out everyones Ouroboros Mark and sent them back to their bodies.

Finally, Roy pressed Kanais Cube into his body, pus.h.i.+ng the complete divine spark that had not changed much into his body

The next second, Roy felt his mind buzz, and he could not help but close his eyes.

When he opened his eyes again, he only felt that everything he saw was different!