Cultivation Chat Group - Chapter 2807: Shuhang Is Homeless Tonight

Chapter 2807: Shuhang Is Homeless Tonight

Chapter 2807: Shuhang Is Homeless Tonight

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He put away his main bodys skull and checked that the mask on his face was secure. He also confirmed that he was wearing the ring given to him by Senior White Two to suppress his Sage Name.

Everythings fine. This way, no one can recognize me, Song Shuhang nodded, stepping out of the world of the Throne of Wealth and returning to the collapsed world of the Heavenly Emperor.

In the Celestial Emperors world, the Great Eastern Emperor smiled. He lifted the last magical treasure, the Tyrant Wild Boars Ram, and placed it into the quenching pool.

It was done!

He desperately increased his speed, and finally, before Tyrannical Songs primordial spirit returned, he upgraded the second set of the Thirty-Three Divine Beasts Combined Magical Treasure to the level of a weak Immortal divine weapon. Each magical treasure gave birth to an elementary weapon spirit.

As long as my forging speed is fast enough, Tyrannical Song wont be able to catch up with me, the Great Eastern Emperor said.

Next, it was time to bid farewell to his old friends and leave this place.

The Great Emperor turned around and looked at the members from the ancient Heavenly City: Immortal Fairy White Bones, Fairy @#%, Zither Master Fengyi, and the white-robed Golden Trigram, who had now succeeded as the new Heavenly Emperor.

After the fall of the ancient Heavenly City, he still had the opportunity to meet so many old friends, which was a joyous occasion. He had wanted to spend more time with them, but considering that Tyrannical Song could return at any time, the Great Emperor wasnt prepared to stay long.

Ive finished upgrading my magic tools. So, everyone, lets exchange contact information and get together in a few days, the Great Eastern Emperor suggested.

Contact information? Lets add each other as friends in the Cultivation Chat, Immortal Fairy White Bones suggested.

This group of members, who had added Song Shuhang as a friend before, had also downloaded a client after the Cultivation Chat came out.

However, their control interface was different from other cultivators in the universe. Not only did they have the login function, but they also retained the original cultivation interface that was directly connected to Song Shuhang.

In other words, they could use the client to log into the Cultivation Chat. They could also use the original interface to bypa.s.s the client and directly connect to Song Shuhangs main server.

This was the privilege of a veteran user.

What is that? the Great Eastern Emperor asked, puzzled. He suddenly felt a generation gap between himself and Immortal Fairy White Bones.

Didnt you see Tyrannical Songs lecture? Immortal Fairy White Bones asked.

The white-robed Golden Trigram thought of Senior Song, feeling very complicated. He replied, I just came out of isolation on the island, so I havent had time to watch Tyrannical Songs lecture.

Me too, the Great Eastern Emperor said.

Tyrannical Song Zither Master Fengyis claws softly chanted the name.

Then, the pupil on its claw gently glanced at the headless body burning in front of the Heavenly Furnace. Although this body had no head, it was still recognizable at a glance. This headless body belonged to the masked fellow daoist who had brought her out of the Heavenly Dao Prison.

The other party had an item that could suppress the Sage Name, but Zither Master Fengyi had already guessed his true ident.i.ty.

Tyrannical Song.

Therefore, Zither Master Fengyis claws were in a dilemma. The other party was the main culprit who destroyed her plan to use the Scholarly Sages resurrection array to revive the Heavenly Emperor, and he was also the one who brought her out of the Heavenly Dao Prison.

Moreover, Fairy @#% and Immortal Fairy White Bones had a close relations.h.i.+p with Tyrannical Song. Senior Great Eastern Emperor even upgraded Tyrannical Songs life-bound magical treasure.

The complicated relations.h.i.+p was like a knotted earphone cable, dragging Zither Master Fengyis claws into a swamp of troubles.

How do we add him as a friend in the Cultivation Chat? Do you want to watch Tyrannical Songs lecture? the white-robed Golden Trigram asked.

According to Immortal Fairy White Boness description, the Cultivation Chat function was very convenient. Moreover, it seemed to work even in some secret realms, so there was no need to worry about being blocked.

Why dont we just ask Tyrannical Song to add you all? Immortal Fairy White Bones suggested.

As she spoke, the s.p.a.ce Vortex of the Throne of Wealth opened. Song Shuhang, wearing a mask, stepped out of the vortex. He gently pushed the metal mask up, revealing the lower half of his face.

Im back, Senior Dongfang, Song Shuhang smiled and waved his hand.

The Great Eastern Emperor was speechless. Heavens, he was just one step away! Just one step!

Welcome back, Fellow Daoist Tyrannical Song, Zither Master Fengyi said in a low voice as her claws lightly landed on Song Shuhangs shoulder.

Song Shuhangs shoulder stiffened. The air became quiet with awkwardness. He had removed the head of his main body and hidden his main bodys Sage Name, but she still recognized him.

Could it be that they were so familiar with each other that they could recognize each other just by looking at their bodies?

Well, haha, Song Shuhang glanced at Zither Master Fengyis claws.

Let me continue to be quiet, Zither Master Fengyi said.

Alright, Song Shuhang replied straightforwardly. It was a good thing for him that Fairy Phoenix Claw was willing to look for Jing Jing at this time.

Not far away, Immortal Fairy White Bones waved her hand and said, Shuhang, add Senior Dongfang, Golden Trigram, and Fairy Fengyi as friends.

No problem. Please wait a moment. Ill return to my physical body first, Song Shuhang nodded. His body was still burning with all its might.

I have a Golden Core QR code tattoo on my back. In a while, you can scan my QR code, and Ill directly add you to my friend list. Ill also download the client, Song Shuhangs primordial spirit explained as it came to the side of his body and bent down to return to it.

Under everyones gaze, Song Shuhangs primordial spirit gradually entered his body.

Eh? Why is it a little crowded? Halfway through the process, Song Shuhang suddenly asked in puzzlement. This didnt feel right. It was like a single berth on a long-distance bus. There was already one person lying on it, and there was no way for a second person to squeeze in.

Fairy Virtue? Fairy Creation?

Fairy @#% was still floating above his head, and Fairy Creation couldnt possibly occupy his body. Her existence was very special.

Dont squeeze. If you squeeze any more, youll explode, Song Shuhangs voice came from his body.

Song Shuhang: ???

Isnt that my voice?

Just as he was thinking, a projection of Tyrannical Songs primordial spirit came out of his body. The two projections of Song Shuhangs primordial spirit looked at each other.

Song Shuhang was speechless. Projection Essence Soul B was speechless.

I think I need some time alone, Song Shuhang said.

Why is there another Essence Soul projection in my body?

Because you entered the Wielders small black room, the projection of Primordial Spirit B replied. Both the physical body and the primordial spirit in the void of the Tribulation Transcender have forgotten about you. Then, he cast a new primordial spirit projection into his physical body. Thats right, its me.

Then what about me? Song Shuhang said.

With a new primordial spirit projection in his body, what was he? Didnt he become redundant?

Xiao Hang was homeless tonight

I also want to know this question, Fairy Phoenix Claw, who was sitting quietly on his shoulder, asked. She was also troubled by this question.