Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 860

Chapter 860

Chapter 860

Yes, I am here to form an alliance with you! I have heard that our factions have always been in good terms, and its reasonable to form an alliance based on that fact alone! When I heard that our messenger was rejected, I knew that something mustve happened here, so I decided to come here on my own. I didnt expect the Evil Spirit Race has already invaded this land too! Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Yes, I never expected the Evil Spirit Race would invade in such a way too! I found so many of our men had fainted, even though no one attacked them then! When I started investigating this matter, the problem began to occur to my own son! They want to gradually replace our Dragon Clan with their own. This is completely abhorrent! The Dragon King said aggressively.

Yi Tianyun nodded as he understood why the Evil Spirit Race wanted to do such a thing. The Dragon Clan had very high prestige in Heaven World, and they also had abundant resources, so it made sense that the Evil Spirit Race wanted to control such treasures! Their Body Possession had a clear weakness, which was the target must have a weaker cultivation base than their own! In other words, the Evil Spirit Race could only possess a weak cultivator!

I agree to form an alliance with only Sealing Heaven Divine Nation! I dont care about any other factions! Dragon King said coldly. He had no other interest to form a relations.h.i.+p with any other faction in Heaven World.

That is not a problem! We could create an alliance pact between ourselves and then send a messenger to inform each other regarding what is happening in the rest of the world. When the Evil Spirit Race invades our world, we can unite and come up with plans to drive them off our world and annihilate them! Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Alright! This is great! Dragon King nodded as he agreed to the alliance with Sealing Heaven Divine Nation.

Yi Tianyun knew that the pact that he created with the Dragon Clan would contradict his alliance pact with other factions, but he didnt care about that. If anyone wanted to criticize his decision, they were free to talk about it with him themselves! Yi Tianyun was kind and fair to everyone, but it didnt mean that he would miss the opportunity to form a pact with one of the most powerful factions in Heaven World.

Now, the only thing that we have to do is to annihilate the Evil Spirit Race that has plagued this Realm for a long time! We have to remove them from the Heaven World completely. Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

That is easy! I myself have a beef with them, and I will also do everything in my power to annihilate them! Now that I have this necklace, they wouldnt be able to escape my sight anymore! Dragon King said excitedly.

Alright, then I leave this area to you! I will head over to Heaven Abyss Forest to see if there is any remnant of any Evil Spirit Race over there. Although the previous Evil Spirit Race cultivator denied that there is any of them over there, I am still not convinced enough! Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face.

The Heaven Abyss Forest is one of the areas that the Ten Stars couldnt cover, so it would be a safe haven for the Evil Spirit Race! I also have the same idea, but I still have so many things to do here that I cant come with you! The Dragon King said in a cold manner. He was still angered that the Evil Spirit Race tried to take control of his son and thus wanted revenge, but he still had to make sure that none of his people were possessed by the Evil Spirit Race!

He couldnt wait to find the Evil Spirit Races base in the Heaven World to annihilate them all to calm his rage!

Dragon King, I will make sure that Heaven Abyss Forest would be rid of the Evil Spirit Race. There is nothing you have to worry about! Yi Tianyun said confidently. Even if the Dragon King didnt have anything to do, Yi Tianyun preferred to go alone anyway as it would be easier that way.

Little Brother Yi, I have yet to give you any rewards for saving my son! Dragon King said with a frown on his face.

That is not necessary. The Three Realms are in a troubled state, and the Dragon Clan is a great force to reckon with! It is reasonable to say that I owe you a favour by accepting the alliance, so there is no need for any rewards! As a Dragon King, I hope that you will continue to guard the Heaven World from any thread in the future! Yi Tianyun said solemnly.

Well, I cant find words to return! But if you ever need any help from this old Dragon King, all you have to do is ask! Dragon King said as he nodded his head. Yi Tianyun nodded and smiled as his goal to come to Dragon Continent was achieved.


Completed Side Quest [Save the Dragon Kings Son!]

Reward: 500 million Exp, 500.000 Cps, 100.000 Mastery Point, 100 Dragon Clan Favourability Point.

Yi Tianyun smiled as it was such a hefty reward for such an easy Quest! Yi Tianyun immediately left the palace and headed towards the gate, but he soon found a very familiar person among the Dragon Clansmen. Yi Tianyun immediately walked towards the familiar person and patted him on the back.

I am sorry, but can I ask you a question? Yi Tianyun said hurriedly.

Well, if it isnt it the benefactor of Young Master Long! Is there anything that I can help you with? The person said with a smile on his face. Yi Tianyun used his Appraisal Eye and saw that the person was at the 3rd Layer Saint King stage, definitely not a weak cultivator at all. But he also found that the man wasnt a complete Dragon Clan as Human Bloodline was the dominating force in his body.

Do you have a son and a daughter called Ren Long and Ren Zhirou? Yi Tianyun asked.

Ah, are you acquainted with Longer and Zhirou? The man said with a surprised look on his face.

Yeah, are you their father? Yi Tianyun asked curiously. The familiarity that he saw on this man was obviously the familiar face of Ren Long! They both were like two peas in a pod as their face was identical to each other. Thus, Yi Tianyun guessed that the man was Ren Longs father.

Yes, they are my children, but I dont know what happened to them now. Did they do something rude to you in the past? Ren Feilong asked curiously.

No, they are fine, but they have been worrying about you as you never returned. Yi Tianyun said casually. Yi Tianyun has already suspected that Ren Longs parents have gone to Heaven World as their cultivation was already too high for Mortal World to contain.

We also want to go down to see them again, but we cant do that as the Mortal World rejected us! Ren Feilong said helplessly.

Its alright. I will go back to Mortal World and convey that you are safe in Heaven World to Big Brother Long. Yi Tianyun said with a smile on his face. Ren Long is my big brother now, and I didnt expect to find my second father on the Dragon Clan. Yi Tianyun said excitedly.

This is an unexpected surprise for Yi Tianyun. Clearly, Ren Long would be excited to hear that his parent is alive and well in Heaven World!