Crazy Leveling System - Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032

Chapter 1032

Get down!

Yi Tianyuns violent power struck fiercely with his spear, clas.h.i.+ng against Earth Monarch Mo Tongs Raging Heaven Strike. With a boom, Earth Monarch Mo Tong was smashed into the ground, his divine spear flying out of his hand, unable to hold it properly.

Earth Monarch Mo Tong was dazed from the impact, feeling like his hand was about to break. His hand that had tightly gripped the spear was trembling; the domineering force just now was too much for his body to withstand.

Your physical quality is too poor. Even if you can learn others moves, mimicking them is too strenuous for you. Your ability is strong, but your weaknesses are just as obvious! You focus too much on mimicking others moves without building a solid foundation. Whats the use of merely learning techniques?

Yi Tianyun walked step by step toward Earth Monarch Mo Tong, pinpointing his biggest flaw with a single sentence. This wasnt a major flaw. If his body could keep up, he could crush his opponent. However, compared to Yi Tianyun, the gap was still too wide.

As Yi Tianyun slightly improved, Earth Monarch Mo Tong couldnt keep up. Yi Tianyun mainly had no weaknesses; he had both speed and strength.

If Yi Tianyun wasnt fast, Earth Monarch Mo Tong could use some speed-enhancing moves to surround him and remain undefeated. Unfortunately, he encountered Yi Tianyun.

I I can learn all your moves. As long as I master all your moves, I can overcome everything about you!

Earth Monarch Mo Tong roared, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with anger and more with humiliation. He had always played others like a fiddle, but now it was Yi Tianyuns turn to crush him, making him extremely humiliated!

In the next moment, Earth Monarch Mo Tong fiercely launched all his attacks. Several phantoms appeared in the void, not just ordinary phantoms but also giant tree phantoms and powerful giant rock phantoms!

He had mastered many powers stronger than Yi Tianyuns, such as the Kunpeng phantom, which was faster than the phoenix phantom, making him faster than Yi Tianyun!

The giant tree phantom could use flexibility to counter rigidity, entangling Yi Tianyuns attacks and rendering them ineffective.

The giant rock phantom could greatly enhance its defense, withstanding stronger forces and further strengthening its power.

This was a targeted enhancement. When he couldnt suppress his opponent, he would burst out with stronger power to attack, thus defeating his opponent with greater strength.

It was a very simple and crude method: you use incredible speed, I counter with even faster speed. Its that simple.

Futile struggle.

Yi Tianyun shook his head, tightly gripping the Tianchen Divine Spear, his eyes flas.h.i.+ng with fierce divine light. In the next moment, he transformed into a demonic G.o.d, a black light piercing through. Whether in speed or power, he far surpa.s.sed Earth Monarch Mo Tong in his full explosion!

This was his super-strong foundation. With such a strong foundation, the power he could unleash was the strongest. Otherwise, having powerful martial arts would be useless if he couldnt unleash them.


Earth Monarch Mo Tong was struck down like a meteor, falling from the sky. After cras.h.i.+ng into the ground, he rebounded several times, vomiting blood continuously.

The real power gap was immediately apparent.

Your technique is good, but your foundation is too weak. Go back and train for a few more years! Yi Tianyun still appreciated such a genius. After all, possessing amazing talent made him start higher than others.

However, having too strong a talent could easily lead to arrogance. Earth Monarch Mo Tong was too smooth, caring about nothing and never focusing too much on a single martial art. Too scattered and not proficient enough, it was meaningless.

Yi Tianyun had many martial arts, but he didnt use some of them much. He wanted high-quality martial arts, honing them to perfection, and that was enough.

As for bloodlines, the more, the better.

Hahaha Earth Monarch Mo Tong laughed wildly, standing up with a twisted face: You mortals, thinking you can teach us a lesson! It seems I have to show some real skills to stop you from thinking you can trample me underfoot!

Earth Monarch Mo Tongs eyes began to emit red light, containing the terrifying power of heaven and earth. The terrifying force layered into his body. He still used the previous moves, but this time, he fused many top-tier reincarnation-level martial arts!

Layers of phantoms appeared behind him, and it was unclear which martial arts belonged to the Motong family. Actually, it didnt matter. To him, as long as the martial arts were good, they should be used, all added to himself for enhancement!

This purpose was very effective. With the magic eyes blessing, his combat power increased rapidly, becoming stronger and stronger!

However, to Yi Tianyun, this was too chaotic. But the power was indeed amazing. If he had this ability, he would use it the same way.

Constant reinforcement could indeed gain stronger power, the simplest and most brutal method.

But he was stealing from others, meaning these martial arts had flaws! This talent didnt mean he fully comprehended everything, easily leading to internal chaos.

Mortals, prepare to die!

Earth Monarch Mo Tong roared, rus.h.i.+ng towards Yi Tianyun. Numerous phantoms emerged from his back, enveloping the dueling arena. The overwhelming phantoms looked terrifying!

Yi Tianyun raised his gaze, watching Earth Monarch Mo Tong rush at him without moving.

So many phantoms. How many martial arts did this guy learn? Its terrifying!

I see he learned many incredible clan-suppressing martial arts. It seems whoever faces him will have their moves stolen.

Yeah, its so hateful How great it would be to have this ability!

A group of spectators felt extremely envious. They previously felt disgusted and hated it. But now, they all wished to have such martial arts, as this talent was too amazing. How could they not covet it?

Extreme Point Piercer!

Yi Tianyuns eyes turned cold. He was holding the Tianchen Divine Spear, lightly aiming at a point, turning into a cold light piercing through!

A point of cold light flashed, becoming an ultimate point piercing through without any fancy moves.

Earth Monarch Mo Tong saw a cold light piercing through. Although he could see it, in the moment he saw it, it seemed too late. He felt a sharp pain in his chest, followed by his whole body being thrown back, rapidly falling from the sky.

Boom! He crashed to the ground without any buffer. And now, where he landed was outside the arena!