Cosmic Professional Gladiator - Chapter 613 - 613 Exacting Revenge

Chapter 613 - 613 Exacting Revenge

Chapter 613 - 613 Exacting Revenge

613 Exacting Revenge

The imitation made Xu Jingmings compatibility with Master of the Abyssal Void increase. This time, he could pry on the Eyes of Abyssal Void and receive more high-dimensional information.

After a long time, the infusion of high-dimensional information became spa.r.s.e, and Xu Jingming gradually regained consciousness.


Xu Jingming opened his eyes and realized that he was sitting cross-legged in the chest of Abyssal Voids figure.

I can make Abyssal Voids figure descend into reality even while Im lucid? Xu Jingming could sense the horror of Abyssal Voids figure. It had super destructive power at a high-dimensional level, and looking at it directly dealt a super strong blow to the mind.

With a thought, the projected Abyssal Void figure instantly disappeared, and the surrounding s.p.a.ce returned to normal.

Although he restrained everything, Xu Jingming still discovered the changes in his body.

I didnt release an Abyssal Void figure, but it exists in my heart at all times. In Xu Jingmings mind and consciousness stood the towering Abyssal Void figure. Theres no need to visualize or even think; it naturally exists in my heart.

Previously, he still needed to visualize to pry on Abyssal Void. It now existed at all times.

Xu Jingmings mind constantly kept in contact with Abyssal Voids figure.

Eyes of Abyssal Void? Xu Jingming suddenly understood how to use it. He looked ahead coldly, and as far as his gaze could see, s.p.a.cetime distorted and matter was annihilated.

Through my eyes, I can make the Abyssal Void in my heart reflect reality and the enemys mind. Xu Jingming came to a realization.

He had another means at his disposalthis was a psychic attack. The eyes were a bridge that transmitted the projection of Abyssal Void to the enemy. However, Xu Jingming could transmit the Master of the Abyssal Void he understood now. It was far inferior to the true image of the Master of the Abyssal Void that Tutenmu had specially sent over to corrupt him.

The deeper Xu Jingmings understanding of Master of the Abyssal Void, the more terrifying the Abyssal Void figure his eyes could transmit.

The speed of improvement using imitation is indeed astonis.h.i.+ng. Xu Jingming exclaimed in surprise. In the blink of an eye, Ive reached this stage.

However, there are no abnormal emotions or abnormal consciousnesses yet. I can continue.

Xu Jingming knew the dangers of imitation, but he was corrupted by high-dimensional powers. He had to take the risk to have hope of creating a miracle.

I repay kindness with kindness, and I shall exact revenge on my enemies, Xu Jingming thought. Ive sorted out all the favors Ive owed over the yearsbe it during my time On Earth or in s.p.a.ce.

Of course, there were also some other friends, such as Jane, Yijiu, Sakar, Gu Shan, and so on. They had once been of help to him, and he had never returned the favor. However, he couldnt help much now. All he could do was temporarily take note.

For example, the three Paramounts were also his benefactors. Be it bestowing the No. 9 Primordial Battle Armor or refining Ice Wine to maintain his lucidity, these were all favors. But for the three Paramounts, it didnt mean much if he didnt reach the Paramount realm.

I cant repay their kindness. I can only take note of it for the time being.

Vengeance? I was the only Origin lifeform on Earth. All the enemies on Earth have been dealt with, Xu Jingming thought.

For example, Cheng Zihao had gone bankrupt even though Xu Jingming didnt target him after the virtual world became universal. Xu Jingming didnt pay attention to him amidst the torture of pain, regret, and poverty that Cheng Zihao suffered. He eventually died silently in a welfare organization.

Even Cheng Zihaos father and brother ran into obstacles because of Xu Jingming and the Pearwood Groups extensive influence.

Back when Xu Jingming and Li Miaomiao were forced into a corner, Cheng Zihao was the mastermind, but it was all thanks to his fathers tacit approval. Therefore, the Pearwood Group didnt let go of Cheng Zihaos father The Pearwood Group only let them off after the Cheng family fell into desolation and Cheng Zihaos father died.

When the Black Moon civilization infiltrated Earth, there were many traitors! Some of them targeted Xu Jingming. However, after Xu Jingming became an Origin lifeform, they had long been dealt with.

After I became an Origin lifeform, I became friends everywhere in the cosmic human race. No one is a mortal enemy, Xu Jingming thought.

His talent was too dazzling, and the three Paramount realms paid attention to him. Therefore, he had friends everywhere! Everyone welcomed him with a smile. Just as Jane had said, Xu Jingming enjoyed far greater privileges than him.

There are mortal enmities between foreign species in the universe, Xu Jingming thought. The Void Celestial, Tutenmu, made me a test subject and a stepping stone for his evolutionary path. Revenge? I cant see any hope now.

Enemies internally to the human race. Strictly speaking, theres only one: Lunardo, Xu Jingming thought.

After becoming an Origin lifeform, no human became enemies with him.

Before he became an Origin lifeform, he kept a low profile on Earth. Logically speaking, he shouldnt have any archenemies, but Lunardo had come knocking.

I didnt leave Earth back then. Who knew that Lunardo would visit Earth Even though Tejano took a stand, he still used a dirty trick to attract the cosmic pirates, Xu Jingming thought.

If Tejano hadnt sent the Yellow-s.h.i.+rted Envoy, the waves of cosmic s.p.a.ce pirates probably wouldnt have ceased.

Lunardos methods indeed infuriated Xu Jingming. This was because Lunardo held the malice of destroying Earths civilization!

This was already a very tactful method of destroying a civilization. If it werent for Tejano, Lunardo wouldve been ten or a hundred times more ruthless.

Back then Lunardo apologized to me when I became an Origin lifeform. I was a new Origin lifeform, so I couldnt deal with the Primestar civilizations royal family. For the sake of Earths development, I couldnt become enemies with them back then, so I could only endure it, Xu Jingming thought.

However Im no longer the same, Xu Jingming thought.

I reached the limit of Lv. 10 in just 300 years and entered the Primordial Research Inst.i.tutes top five; a testament to my talent. Its understandable that I lose control due to the high-dimensional corruption, Xu Jingming thought.

This great karma is like a knife in my heart. I have to resolve this great karma. Xu Jingming smiled. This involves my evolutionary path. What Im doing isnt wrong in any way.

Xu Jingming tapped open the projection.


Lord Wu Ming, the Myriad Worlds Group is honored to serve you, a purple-robed man suddenly said respectfully.

I need to buy some information, Xu Jingming said. Information on the Primestar civilization royal familys descendant, Lunardo. It needs to be most detailed, including his residence in reality.

It will cost 100 billion cosmic dollars, answered the purple-robed man with a smile.

Xu Jingming nodded and gently pressed the purchase b.u.t.ton.

Information has been sent to your account, Lord Wu Ming, said the purple-robed man.

Youve already gathered the information? Xu Jingming was surprised.

Lunardo is the Primestar civilizations finance minister. He wields great power, and many customers buy his information. We have his information constantly updated, the purple-robed man said with a smile.

Xu Jingming came to a realization. Finance minister? Thats quite powerful.

Hes nothing compared to you, Lord Wu Ming, the purple-robed man flattered.

The Myriad Worlds Group had many customers, and Xu Jingming was definitely one of the top ten VIPs. Ordinary customers would pay a much higher price to buy Lunardos information.

The transmission was cut off.

Xu Jingming checked the information regarding Lunardo.

Lunardo is indeed greedy. Xu Jingming read. He lives on Planet Lulu now?


In the vast territory of the high-level cosmic civilizationthe Primestar civilizationthe Extensive Galaxy was Lunardos private galaxy. Planet Lulu was his favorite private planet.

Planet Lulu.

Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+ Whoos.h.!.+

s.p.a.ces.h.i.+ps arrived one after another to visit Lord Lunardo in reality.

In a towering palace.

Lunardo was wearing a gorgeous sleeping robe and eating a sumptuous lunch. Hundreds of exquisite dishes only occupied a small portion of the dining table.

Lord Lunardo, our Winro family was wronged, the Winro familys patriarch begged.

Wronged? Lunardo sat there slicing his meat. The special investigation team has already set off. They will provide me a detailed report. They definitely wont malign your Winro family.

The Winro family has several galaxies and territories, and the family has many businesses. How can there be no cracks if you insist on finding one? The Winro family patriarch begged, Lord Lunardo, please help. The investigation team suspects that we are paying two trillion less in taxes. We are willing to offer Lord Lunardo five trillion cosmic dollars. I only hope that Lord Lunardo

Once its confirmed you pay less, the fine is determined according to the scale of the business. Lunardo continued eating with his head lowered without looking at the Winro familys patriarch. If I dont punish you thoroughly, how can I intimidate all those families? My Primestar civilization has a long history, but there are too many parasites. They need a proper example set for them.

Yes, we have to instill fear in them. Lord Lunardo, youve worked hard. I wonder what it takes for you to be willing to save my Winro family? the family patriarch asked.

Only then did Lunardo look up and smile. 50 trillion cosmic dollars. Ill help you resolve all your troubles.

The family patriarchs face twitched.

Their family only had a few galactic territories, and the cash flow the family could squeeze out was limited. 50 trillion? They probably had to mortgage a lot of a.s.sets.

You can afford it, Lunardo said. Ill give you ten seconds to consider. Itll be useless even if you pay it after ten seconds. 10, 9, 8

Alright, alright, the family patriarch said. I agree.

Very good. Lunardo nodded.

The reason why these people met in reality was that many things werent suitable for conversation on the virtual world! There would be records of conversations on the virtual worldevidence of a crime.

As for his private planet, Lunardo was certain that n.o.body could record evidence.

I heard Princess Wenros performance previously. It was great, Lunardo said. Send her to me to be my secretary. Is that fine?

N-no problem. The family patriarch forced a smile. He knew very well what being Lunardos secretary meant.

Leave. Lunardo waved his hand.

The family patriarch immediately retreated respectfully.

Next. Lunardo raised his gla.s.s.

Guest after guest came to visit. Lunardo saw more than ten guests during lunch.

As the younger brother of the Primestar civilizations emperorwho didnt have any childrenLunardo handled many matters. He even occupied the extremely important position of finance ministerfinance minister of an advanced cosmic civilization.

Thats all for the noon meetings. Im tired. Lunardo got up.

Master, theres a small matter, the butler whispered. Weve already taken over your private planet, Planet Jila. There are hundreds of millions of natives on the planet. What should we do with them?

Lunardo thought for a moment. Choose ten million good-looking ones to stay. Get rid of the rest and send them to the mines or sell them to a biological company. Do whatever you want. In short It has to be legal.

Dont worry. Whatever you do is always legal and clean, the butler said with a smile.

Yeah. Lunardo nodded and turned to leave.