Contract Marriage: Emperor CEO's Secretary Wife - Chapter 289 - Down

Chapter 289 - Down

Chapter 289 - Down

Sir Wen revealed all the information he received from that mafia friend of his. Lu Chen didn't know why this annoying man helped him out in getting this valuable information. But nonetheless, he was grateful and he was now at least considering in forgiving him for his rude actioms of trespa.s.sing last night thay scared the wits out of his wife.

After Sir Wen laid all out what he knows about Albert and the orphanage, Lu Chen half-jokingly replied, "Traveling may have probably had you gotten so bored, Sir Wen." He finally called him with his proper name. He leaned back on the sofa with crossed arms with a knowing smirk on his face.

Sir Wen chuckles at his statement before refuting, "Aiyo, you're thinking too much. I already have a booked flight to Hawaii schedule for tomorrow afternoon."

He stood up from his seat and walked over to the gla.s.s door where he could see a view of the garden.

"I've seen and experienced enough in this lifetime and I only swore loyalty to that old man. That's why I retired early and decided to travel around the world while waiting for this little life to return to earth." His voice sounded melancholic when he mentioned the late Old Yang.

Putting his hands on his pocket, his face was basked in sunlight spilling through the gla.s.s as he continued, "I only dropped by to drop some news and of course, meet the woman you chose to marry so hastily. I'm pretty sure the old man would want to hear more about that girl once we meet."

After finis.h.i.+ng his words, silence filled the room. Even Lu Chen paused for a moment. He even imagined what would his Master's reaction would be if he was still alive and he meets his wife and son? He could already imagine that Old Yang's smile would reach ear to ear and he will definitely pamper both mother and son to heavens.

His personality after all was quite interesting, and somewhat similar with Lu Chen whose cold expression softens like a marshmallow in front of his loved ones.

As silence fell momentarily between the two, the lion and tiger pair lying relaxedly on the gra.s.s in the garden saw the man that trespa.s.sed their home last night standing behind the gla.s.s door.

Lucia glanced at Sir Wen for a couple of seconds before closing her eyes again to doze off. King on the other hand was still quite apprehensive after their exchange last night. After all, Sir Wen paralyzed that poor lion that's why King was baring a grudge against the human even after knowing that its masters recognize that man.

Ignoring the shooting pain in his hind leg, he lifted his big and st.u.r.dy body and growled at Sir Wen's direction. The sound he made successfully broke the silence of the two men in the living room.

Sir Wen chuckled after receiving the threatening the glare of the lion and turned to look at the direction of the man in the sofa, "I almost forgot to congratulate you for successfully completing the Animal Training Project."

He gestured at the two animals outside, "I was quite surprised when I saw a large lion jump on me, ah. Scared me to death." He said half-jokingly.

Lu Chen merely nodded as a response.

Then after the serious atmosphere disappeared, the annoying man started to talk about his travels and rambled on a lot of things. Lu Chen didn't listen to most of his stories before finally making up his mind to leave him alone and let him be for today. After all, this annoying man would be living tomorrow.

His wife.... will probably be fine for now. He'll just probably message his son to keep a tight leash on his Uncle for tonight so that this annoying guy wouldn't annoy his wife too much.

At the office, Xiu Mei was busy as usual. Lee In following her in the shadows as usual and she was back to reviewing and signing the necessary doc.u.ments, along with meeting their important clients over for lunch and back to working on her desk as per the usual.

If it wasn't for the sudden bouts of nausea and dizziness, everything was the same as usual. She was being extremely careful with her actions though, since Albert was probably monitoring her again from somewhere and showing any signs of her current pregnancy would be extremely detrimental not only for her but for her family.

When she got off work, she was still thinking about of ordering sone take away food from Kei's restaurant. It was the first time that they had a visitor come over, aside from her family. And Sir Wen's ident.i.ty is also quite special so she wanted to prepare at least a feast for him.

She would have preferred to prepare the foods personally, but the time wasn't enough and her body couldn't stand doing too much physical work for long hours. Besides, she could always ask Kei to customise a couple of the recipes like putting less seasoning considering her situation.

After making up her mind, she texted him about it and mentioned that she will pick up the food personally.

She was extremely surprised however, to see Sir Wen inside the car that was supposed to pick her up.

He lowered the gla.s.s window on the driver's seat and waved at her, "h.e.l.lo, Ms.Xiu! I hope you had a good day at work." He vigorously greeted while being all smiles.

She was stunned for a moment before hesitating where she should climb on.

The co-pilot? Or at the back?

She usually sits at the back, ah. And it was safer to sit there because of her current const.i.tution.

But wouldn't it be disrespectful for Sir Wen if she sits at the back? It'll be really like she's treating him like her driver when he's really not.

Before she could take a step towards the opposite door, it seems that Sir Wen could read the expression on her face and exclaimed, "Don't think about it too much."

He tilted head and continued, "Sit at the back."

Xiu Mei was relieved and nodded. She sat comfortably at the back and quickly remembered that she still has to pick up the food from Kei's restaurant.

And so, after telling Sir Wen the address to her friend's restaurant, they left the company building and joined the rush hour traffic.

Sir Wen started chatting with her throughout the ride. Even Lee In joined in their conversation about some stuff which lightened up the atmosphere within the car. After picking up the packed foods, they drove back to return home.

They were still half an hour away and the traffic in the road they were taking were already light. The drive was quite smooth when Sir Wen's voice suddenly turned somber.

"Lee In." His voice sounded serious when he called out Lee In's name.

"I know." Lee In briefly replied, her gaze also changing similar to Sir Wen. Xiu Mei realized that there must be something wrong for them to suddenly turned serious so suddenly.

"1 car, Five o' clock. 2 men in masks on your one." Sir Wen said consecutively while his other hand was fixing the rear view mirror.

"Ms.Xiu, please put on your seatbelt." Lee In didn't wait for her to move because her hand quickly reached onto the other side to grab the seatbelt and swiftly locked it securely in less than a second.

She mumbled something in her communicator that she was wearing in her right ear but Xiu Mei couldn't understand her words at the moment. The atmosphere turned heavy and she was suddenly filled with anxiety.

Her hand subconsciously reached out to cover her stomach, suddenly scared what if an accident happens. She was worried over the baby she was carrying that she was almost in tears. She didn't know if it was because of her pregnancy moodswings or it was because she was being too anxious at the moment.

The car stoppee at the intersection because of the red light. The three people within the vehicle were holding their breaths and were all alert with everything happening in their surroundings.

After the light turned green, Sir Wen waited for a couple of seconds before moving the vehicle forward. But as soon as they reached the middle of the intersection, they faintly heard the sound of a honking vehicle. They whipped their heads on their right and saw an incoming large van to their direction.

It was honking frantically, warning them that the driver wasn't in control of the large vehicle.

Then Sir Wen suddenly blurted out, "Watch the back!"

Lee In looked behind her and saw a black car blocking them from driving backward. Then she saw their windows roll down and saw a gun stick out pointed at their direction.

"F.U.C.K! DOWN!" Sir Wen cursed as he screamed.