Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 929: Baleful Yin Force

Chapter 929: Baleful Yin Force

Chapter 929: Baleful Yin Force

The three groups did not begin fighting. They stood at the entrance to the ninth floor at the same time, examining it before continuing onward. Each person was filled with vigilance; not only did they have to guard against the dangers from the hall, they also needed to guard against everyone else. No one dared to be careless.

They climbed the long staircase and finally arrived on the ninth floor. However, they all became dumbfounded as it was not a majestic hall like they had imagined. Instead, there were nine dark tunnels that led off to who knows where.

Everyone could not help but come to a stop. They stared at the dark tunnel with frowns, while lights flickered in their eyes. This had completely exceeded their expectations.

“Can we only reach the true ninth floor by pa.s.sing through these tunnels?” An old man from the third group guessed.

Jian Chen grimly scanned all nine tunnels, before fully expanding his presence. He wanted to see what was inside each one.

However, Jian Chen’s presence suffered even greater suppressions here. He could only expand it to a radius of less than a hundred meters of his sight.

“We’ve already come here. There’s no path back now. It doesn’t matter whether you want the legacy or you want to leave, you all need to advance past the ninth floor. Nubis, let’s choose a tunnel,” Jian Chen said gruffly.

Nubis nodded. “That’s all we can do now that everything’s like this.”

Soon afterward, Jian Chen casually chose a tunnel and left with Nubis and the three other people that followed them.

As Jian Chen’s group disappeared down a tunnel, the two other groups also chose their own. Their groups remained together without separating.

The tunnels seemed like bottlenecks—although their entrances were not very big, they contained something entirely different. Jian Chen’s group actually arrived in a huge s.p.a.ce after pa.s.sing through their tunnel. The s.p.a.ce was circular and about a kilometer wide.

Nine huge pillars stood in the surroundings. They were completely red and glowed with a demonic red light, spinning around the empty s.p.a.ce.


Suddenly, the huge stone door behind them slammed close with a rumble. The stone door was made of the same material as the door of the treasury on the second floor so it was terrifyingly tough.

Their hearts all sank, they all felt an ill omen.

Suddenly, a powerful energy began to ripple. The surrounding stone pillars began to s.h.i.+ne with dazzling streaks of light that crossed mid-air. It formed a blood-red barrier around the entire region; there was no other color except red. It made them feel like they had entered another s.p.a.ce.

“This is an extremely powerful formation and it’s a killing formation,” growled Nubis. He was extremely stern. His hands immediately became golden as he made preparations for battle.

Jian Chen also became grim. The King Armament was already in his hands. He could feel the terror of this killing formation. From its influence alone, he could tell that it had far exceeded the power of any formation on the eighth floor.

Suddenly, they heard a wave break. In the air, a red ocean descended as if it was completely composed of blood, turning the s.p.a.ce into a sea of blood.

The liquid constantly churned, tossed, and turned. It was like the tempestuous sea. Jian Chen and the others could even hear the howls of countless vengeful spirits. They formed horrendous ghostly faces, biting at the group with their b.l.o.o.d.y mouths. It was hair-raising.

A faint layer of b.l.o.o.d.y mist floated slowly toward them, quickly enveloping them. The b.l.o.o.d.y mist could injure their souls. It immediately invaded their minds as soon as they drew close and caught them off-guard.

They immediately experienced a sharp pain in their heads and their heads began to whirl. Their minds had become slightly clouded now.

“This is Baleful Yin Force!” Jian Chen cried out. He was filled with disbelief. It was actually completely the same as the Baleful Yin Force he felt from the four protectors of the Bloodsword sect.

Jian Chen had come to an understanding toward the Baleful Yin Force on the Tian Yuan Continent. Apparently, it was a special energy formed from slaughter and no one could use this energy other than the Bloodsword sect of the three great organizations.

Baleful Yin Force could affect the consciousness of people. There was no way to defend against it; the only choice a victim had was to endure it. It was said that if the Baleful Yin Force was powerful enough, it could directly disperse the souls of its victim. It was extremely powerful.

“Baleful Yin Force is only cultivated by the of the Bloodsword sect. Why would it be here?” Jian Chen constantly asked himself. He was greatly perturbed. After all, this was the Octoterra Divine Hall, the place where the Octoterra Emperor used to live. Yet, there was actually Baleful Yin Force in the formations here. Perhaps the Octoterra Emperor also possessed this power?

Fortunately, the Baleful Yin Force was not powerful enough to disperse their souls directly. At most, it would only affect them slightly and cut away some of their strength.

Suddenly, the sea of blood began to churn even more violently. It slowly formed a blood-red, hundred-meter-tall giant who possessed a great, imposing manner.

The giant’s face was unclear but as it stood there, it seemed to be reaching from the earth to the heavens. It radiated with a great pressure as if it was G.o.d.

At this moment, the giant moved. He extended a finger toward Jian Chen’s finger. With that, the giant’s arm constantly grew longer while the finger itself expanded in size. It grew to several hundred meters in length, before shooting toward them.

Jian Chen’s King Armament radiated with a dark light as energy filled the entire s.p.a.ce with devastating aura. Nubis’ hands glowed with a dazzling goldenly light, while powerful energy constantly churned. Mo Ji and the other two had all pulled out their weapons as well. No one held anything back, striking the huge finger together with their most powerful attacks.


The attacks from the five collided with the giant’s finger. Violent energy erupted, wreaking havoc in the entire s.p.a.ce.

The giant’s finger paused slightly and came to a halt. Everyone flew backward without exception and became pale. Nubis and the others even vomited blood violently, now heavily injured. Meanwhile, some blood flowed from the corner of Jian Chen’s lips, he was heavily wounded as well.

The five of them shot back by several dozen meters before colliding with the edge of the barrier. Blood immediately spurted violently from their mouths again.

Jian Chen climbed to his feet with a leap and stared at the blood-red giant in astoundment. He was extremely stern.

The giant’s strength had far exceeded what they antic.i.p.ated. Jian Chen was certain that it was at least at the Fifth Heavenly Layer of Saint King or even the Sixth. It definitely was not something they could deal with.

“G.o.d dammit. This formation is too powerful. It actually materialized such a powerful thing. How do we fight it?” Nubis stood up as he swore, immediately pulling out a large handful of Cla.s.s 6 Radiant Spirit Pills and wolfing them down.

Mo Ji and the other two pulled out jade bottles from their s.p.a.ce Rings. A jade-green pill rolled out from their bottles at the same time and they took it as they winced in pain.

Their pills were clearly much more powerful than the Radiant Spirit Pills. Their complexions immediately took a turn for the better with unbelievable speed, they were actually healing much faster than Nubis.

A vast pressure appeared from ahead and the red giant began to move once again. Its finger shot toward them with a terrifying force just like before.

Despair filled the eyes of Mo Ji and the three others. The giant was just too powerful; they could not fend off a second strike right now as they were still injured.

Jian Chen stared fixedly at the giant finger as it rapidly drew closer. Suddenly, a golden streak of light shot from the center of his forehead and the saint artifact appeared in his hand. He immediately opened an entry to it and a towering sword Qi radiated from within. The Emperor Armament which was trapped inside flew out, colliding with the finger as soon as it appeared.

With a boom, the giant finger was destroyed by the Emperor Armament’s attack. It scattered into the sea of blood. However, in the next moment, most of the blood flowed toward the giant. It fused into the giant’s body.

The giant’s arm regrew. In that moment, its attention became focused on the Emperor Armament and its giant red hand directly grabbed at it.

The Emperor Armament raged. It radiated a powerful sword Qi radiated and chopped off the giant’s hand mid-air.

However, the giant was indestructible. Its missing limb immediately transformed into a pool of blood and fused with its body, allowing it to be regrown.

“I hope the Emperor Armament can destroy the blood giant.” Nubis was elated. The flames of hope seemed to be ignited within him and the others.

The Emperor Armament, however, surprised them with what it did next. It did not bother with the blood giant anymore, directly flying to the edge of the formation and chopping at the s.p.a.ce there. It carved a huge gap, before fleeing through it.

The five of them were stunned but they soon returned to their senses. They charged at the gap, pus.h.i.+ng their speeds to the utmost limits.

With the help of his secret techniques, Nubis charged in front. He was the first one to leave, followed by Mo Ji’s trio. Jian Chen had been relatively further from the gap, so he was last.