Chaotic Sword God - Chapter 699: Troubles of the Tianqin Clan (Two)

Chapter 699: Troubles of the Tianqin Clan (Two)

Chapter 699: Troubles of the Tianqin Clan (Two)

Jian Chen said with a smile, “Brother Qin Xiao, Jian Chen has come without any warning, so he may be interrupting you.”

“Hehe, it’s fine, it’s fine. Brother Jian Chen is a valued guest of my Tianqin clan. The welcomes you very much.” Qin Xiao’s father, the patriarch of the Tianqin clan, stood up from his chair and said kindly. He then extended his hand to gesture at a empty seat not far away, “Brother Jian Chen, please sit, please sit.”

Jian Chen clasped his hands with a smile, “Many thanks, patriarch!” Afterwards, Jian Chen did not hold back, directly walking over to the empty seat and sitting down.

With Jian Chen’s arrival, the heavy atmosphere of the hall became slightly warmer. The many high-ranking Tianqin clan members would glance at Jian Chen from time to time. They seemed to be interested in him and were thinking about something.

After sweeping his gaze around the entire hall, Jian Chen hesitated slightly before clasping his hands at the patriarch who sat at the end of the table, “Patriarch, everyone seems to be worried and heavy-hearted. Perhaps you’ve encountered a troublesome problem?”

The patriarch sighed lightly, “Brother Jian Chen is correct. My Tianqin clan currently is indeed facing a few troubles.”

“I wonder if the patriarch can tell me about it. Qin Xiao is one of the best brothers of Jian Chen. Even if you have encountered problems, Jian Chen will do his best to help out in favor of brother Qin Xiao.” What Jian Chen had said secretly raised Qin Xiao’s position in the Tianqin clan. Even though he already knew about Qin Xiao current strength and the fact that he would be the next patriarch, his action still helped Qin Xiao very much.

Hearing what Jian Chen had said, Qin Xiao who sat on the other side could not help but feel warm. He gazed at Jian Chen with grat.i.tude and secretly thought that he indeed was not in the wrong for having such a brother.

What Jian Chen had said created some unavoidable changes to many of the people in the hall in regards to Qin Xiao. The Qin-surnamed people looked at Qin Xiao delightfully, while the gazes of the Tian-surnamed member became slightly complicated, with various emotions like envy mixed in.

Meanwhile, the patriarch observed everyone’s expressions without any change in his own. He laughed aloud, “Brother Jian Chen, for Xiao’er to have such a friend like you is Xiao’er’s honor. This time, the trouble my Tianqin clan has encountered perhaps really does require brother Jian Chen’s a.s.sistance. Qin’er’s safety will completely depend on brother Jian Chen.”

Jian Chen’s interested was piqued and so he asked, “Patriarch, perhaps something has happened to miss Qin Qin?” Qin Qin was the young lady of the Tianqin clan.

The happy expression of the patriarch gradually disappeared. He nodded solemnly, “Brother Jian Chen has guessed correctly. Qin’er has indeed encountered some problems this time. Half a month ago, on an outing, she was actually kidnapped by the Flood Dragon Bandits of Coiled Dragon Mountain and she’s going to be forced into marriage with the bandit boss’s only son in two days.”

Hearing that, Jian Chen’s expression became serious. Although his relations.h.i.+p with the young lady could only be considered as acquaintances, she was still Qin Xiao’s sister, so no matter what, he could not have such a magnificent girl being forced into marriage with an unknown man by bandits.

“Are the Flood Dragon Bandits really powerful?” Jian Chen asked.

The patriarch nodded seriously, “They are really strong. They are the largest bandit group in a radius of several tens of thousand kilometers and have already existed for eight hundred years. They are so strong that they can even fight the Zhuya Kingdom just by themselves. Also, the bandit group has many experts, with four known Heaven Saint Masters.”

“And according to rumors, the number of Heaven Saint Masters in the bandit group definitely is much more than that, since many Heaven Saint Masters who were well-known several centuries ago have gone into seclusion away from worldly affairs on Coiled Dragon Mountains. If you include those people, then the number of Heaven Saint Master should reach over a dozen. Also, with their boss who is already a peak Heaven Saint Master, their strength is so powerful that even the Zhuya Kingdom has to be aware of them, not to mention the fact that we’re just the strongest clan in a city.”

The Tianqin clan member beside Jian Chen continued, “The strength of the Flood Dragon Bandits has caused the neighboring kingdoms to worry, especially how the boss of the bandits is the publicly-renowned as the strongest in this region. Not only is he a peak Heaven Saint Master, he also has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill, essentially making everyone in the radius of several tens of thousand kilometers useless if they do face off against him. Also, the boss has this extremely powerful golden soft mail. With the protection of the soft mail, even Heaven Saint Masters struggle to pose a threat to him, which has basically allowed the boss of the bandits to become the strongest person beneath Saint Rulers.”

“Our Zhuya Kingdom once formed an alliance with the other kingdoms and sent out a dozen or so Heaven Saint Masters in attempt to wipe of the Flood Dragon Bandits. But in the end, they returned with defeat. Not only did they fail to wipe them out, they even lost five Heaven Saint Masters, and all five of them died by the hands of the bandit’s boss.” Another elderly man spoke.

“Looks like the boss of the Flood Dragon Bandits is quite strong.” Jian Chen muttered quietly.

“Not just strong, he’s basically become the strongest person beneath Saint Rulers. He has a Heaven Tier Battle Skill and with his golden soft mail, basically Heaven Saint Masters can’t injure him at all.” The patriarch said with a low voice.